No reasonable identity for Elizabeth Burton aka Button/Burton-1141, b. 1645

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Elizabeth Burton aka Button/Burton-1141 is reported born 3 May 1645 in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Profile reports two sources: a GENDEX file and Ancestral File. Neither of these sources stand alone as a historical record.

  • Searching AmericanAncestors collections for vital events indexed as "Elizabeth" between 1630 and 1660, filtered for the place "Ipswich" returned nothing associated with "3 May" or "1645" that seemed reasonable to me. I have similarly been unable to associate the date with records about Button or Burton.
  • Searching the InterZones for >> Elizabeth Ipswich "3 May 1645" << returns 7 results including the subject WikiTree profile; several apparently unrelated Gates or Lincoln family files and (with a little work), a family file concerning Elizabeth Button [_sic_], m. John Kingsbury.  Latter file reports "Elizabeth Button" was born 3 May 1645 at Ipswich, to parents "Matthias Button" and "Lettyce Teagle" citing Yates Publishings "US and International Marriages" and "American Genealogical-Biographical Index (AGBI)," neither of which stand alone as historical records.  

Others are welcome to search more broadly in collections readily available to them in the hope of discovering how the mystery date and name ("Burton") came to be associated with this profile.  

WikiTree's Elizabeth Burton is associated as the daughter of Elizabeth (Wheeler) Button. This mother otherwise Elizabeth (Wheeler) (Duston) Button, bp. 1618; m1 Thomas Duston/Durston; m2 in 1663 to Matthias Button. By her first marriage, three children were born to Elizabeth--Mary, Elizabeth and Thomas. (The children's kinship is known from the will of their grandfather, John Wheeler.)

Some information about Elizabeth Wheeler is found on ID Wheeler-613. (She is not known to have married a Burton man; there were no children identified for Elizabeth's 1663 marriage to Matthias Button.)

Unless others have been able to associate an Elizabeth and/or Burton with some event on 3 May 1645/1645, etc. then what shall we do about Burton-1141?

1. Elizabeth Wheeler had a daughter, Elizabeth (Duston) (Kingsbury) Green about whom there are existing WikiTree profiles. Should Burton-1141 be merged into a profile about  the daughter Elizabeth (Dustin) (Kingsbury) Green?

2. Would folks prefer the personality Elizabeth Burton/Burton-1141 retain her LNAB, birth date and location, in which case she should be severed from the reported mother, Elizabeth Wheeler; association as a "Button" should be removed.


WikiTree profile: Elizabeth Green
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As Elizabeth didn't marry Mathias until 1663, this Elizabeth b. in 1645 wouldn't be their child, but most likely is Elizabeth Duston b. abt 1645.  Unconfirmed sources indicate Elizabeth Duston may have been b. in Haverhill, Ipswich, Kittery, ME and Dover, NH with dates specified as May 3, 1645, abt. 1645, abt 1648 etc.  

In checking some of the duplicates in these profiles, there are other 'Button' children - Mary, Thomas, etc. attributed to Elizabeth Duston Button.  It appears that their last name Button all relate to the interpretation of the  will of  John Wheeler, naming Mary, Thomas, and Elizabeth as grandchildren, and interpreted in The Earliest Descendants of Mathias Button, to have been Button children.  This is  later clarified in the Essex Institute Historical Collection Vol 46. - that the named children were  Elizabeth's children by Thomas Duston.

The Essex Inst. further indicates that  Mary Button, b. abt 1664 may have been a child of Elizabeth and Mathias Button.  This text further indicates that this second Mary Button - may have died young, but is unconfirmed.  That interpretation is based on the will of Mathias' son Daniel 1677, estate divided among Mathias four children, and does not mention Mary by name.

I would suspect this woman should be merged with the other duplicate Elizabeth Duston's and probably the same for  Mary Button (Button-193) b. 1633 should be Mary Duston; and Thomas (Button-459) should be Thomas Duston.
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Hi Chris,

Thanks for taking the time to look at this. Great overview, too, on the Button fiasco.

You wrote, "checking some of the duplicates in these profiles..." Yes. (And it is not so easy to roll these out so the conflicts about the parents get resolved before the children can be merged!)

I'm not sure why David Hoyt didn't treat Mary as he did Elizabeth and Thomas. We know second but same named surviving children are rare but sometimes found in early families. I just don't recall a series of cases like this that involved females (yet!). At least worth a note that Mary was listed before Elizabeth in the grandfather's will.

Anderson looked at the child counts a couple of times; he didn't include a second Mary in the list for Mathias.  

You wrote, "suspect this woman should be merged with the other duplicate Elizabeth Duston's and probably the same for  Mary Button (Button-193) b. 1633 should be Mary Duston; and Thomas (Button-459) should be Thomas Duston."*

I agree. :-)  

*Unmerged matches are set for Mary (Button-193) and Thomas (Button-459).
Hi Chris and others who might notice this G2G post.

Lacking other references, John Wheeler's will (1668) leaves 40 shillings to each of Elizabeth's children--they are called out by their given names. About each of the girls, the legacy is to be paid, "when they shallbe" eighteen.

While it varies from what seem the unsourced family file information sometimes reported their births, the will provides some historical justification for births "after 1650."

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