I want to add a photo from a Windows file not a URL

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The image icon only asks for URLs and not Windows file locations.

in The Tree House by Philip Smith G2G6 (8.8k points)
I don’t believe there is an option to add a photo directly from a computer. You need to use a hosting site like imgur or Flickr. Upload your image and the use the link to add your image to WikiTree.

You don't need to use a hosting service unless you want to, you can upload to a Wikitree free space page (or a profile).

Thanks Melanie.

So is there a way to add a photo directly to G2G without adding it to a profile? 

Someone said the other day that there was .. copy and paste or drag and drop or some such.  Things is, it didn't work for me when trying to bring an image from my computer; but when I copied an image already on WT it worked fine.  I'm guessing my image was (a) too big or (b) its properties were too big, because I got an error message when hitting add comment.

Let me try a smaller file.  :)


Copy and paste.

Well, that one didn't work.  :(

  Let's try kitty..  .. kitty threw up the error message, so even though the image itself is small, the properties must be large. :(

Maximum length is 12000 characters

I just use imgur and right click the photo to get the image location url. Then use the button to add a photo. I resize if need so as not to be ginormous.

@ Angela, I've been uploading to my free space page.

Trying again .. Privacy Level: Private with Public Tree (Yellow)

Ok, so copy and paste works if the image is already on WT.


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What you have to do is upload it to WikiTree first.
by Ros Haywood G2G6 Pilot (614k points)
selected by Rubén Hernández

Hello Phillip.

Just click on the tab "Images" on the profile you want to add the photo, then look for the link "Click here to upload it". You'll be asked to select the file you want to upload.

Ok, thanks.

There are times an image may not warrant adding to a profile, so using imgur or Flickr or Free Space page etc is the way to go.

And I meant to reply to Melanie. Sorry about that.
I use a freespace page for my collection of images.

Yeah, like Ros says .. free space page keeps it all here.  When I upload elsewhere, I generally use postimage.org (I used to use imageshack, but they changed how they did stuff and all my links borked).

If you have the image on WT already, it becomes a link ..  (testing if that works if I downsize after pasting).


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When you want to add a photo in G2G that isn't in a profile or space page, you can use this method (assuming the photo isn't already online somewhere else):

1. Go to this site: https://imgbb.com/

2. Upload your photo.

3. Copy the link.

4. Open the link in a new window.

5. Right click the photo "Open image in new tab/window."

6. Copy the URL of the photo once it opens.

7. Paste the URL to your post using the "Image" button in the toolbar (looks like a sun over two mountain peaks).
by SJ Baty G2G6 Pilot (484k points)
edited by SJ Baty

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