can I get a little help with a merge? update! merge complete!

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Someone added a wife for joseph harper Harper-205  as MiriamThomson. This is not wrong just not consistant with the usage so now we have two wives the same with different spellings. I tried to edit but couldnt get it edited..  the names should be Miriam (Thompson) Harper aka Thomson since I only found one instance as thomson.
Also this profile should be THOM  P SON -8540 after this merge NOT THOM  SON-42
I have been merging and editing this line all day and maybe I have gotten jus worn out need help on this one hope these are looking better.


Thank you wikitreers for the help. Once a human did what the bot wouldn't allow, Bonnie approved the merge and I finished it. Now to add all the data!!!
WikiTree profile: Joseph Harper
asked in WikiTree Tech by Gloria Lange G2G6 (7.9k points)
edited by Gloria Lange
Gloria, while you're working on these profiles, could you please add estimated birth years? Thank you.
I guess you didnt look at the second profile for miriam thomPson harper? This has dates and graveyard photo and more  as do almost 100 % of the profiles I  manage/ add. If  you look at Joseph, I have him listed but I do not manage the profile nor do I manage  the other mariam thomson harper, and I am trying to get help to make consistant profiles, merge the dupes and clean them up.. I was told to not make new profiles if there were exsisting ones, but to merge... so far what happens is alot of headaches instead of an easy copying of my files docs certs citations etc to my family lines because of wholesale gedcoms with no sourcework. I realize you all know this, but what you may not realize is the total volume of ancestry with lots of common everyday references, stories, sources , photos etc that I am adding. I cant see editing junk profiles , no effort from managers, no credit for my work, and still to be told to add dates to someone elses profiles when I have that info on my own which require merging... I see why some people make new profiles almost automatically... how can we edit and add when we cant correct mistakes?  And I wont edit untill the merge is done and then, as always I will add everything I have to the shared profile which in Josephs case is alot, because this line is quite well known, and being mine twice over through two cousins marrying two siblings twice in two generations I have a very strange Harper and Montgomery lineage, and more, I know exactly who, what years and how it happened. It is rare I need est birth years  on rhis parricular line because I have good skills and luck too. If the data is available I more often than not  find it. So yes Jillaine, I will be happy to add all my data as soon as the Miriams are merged and I can hook Joseph to his parents properly.  By the way, my plan is to finish all my lines possible back to the mother countries but that is probably as far as I go. Others may continue but my interest only lies in american history lineage.. I havent felt comfortable doing alot of merging and profiling of people that I dont relate to, unless I am 90%  sure of my sources, because I dont want ro cause errors for others,as happened recently trying to help my silaw... she said yes merge but then said no dont but it was too late someone else stepped in and did it so we had a huge mess.... I dont want that to happen with joseph because I need that profile spotless because his wife and her neice and another neice all have same exact name, and location, only parents and dates are different. That is why I asked for help setting it up and why I am waiting for the profile managers response. btw.. the whole reason I needed help is because of the letter 'p' in thompson . I used 'p' in thompson because that is the commonest for this line, and its on her memorial monument. The other miriam profile manager used thomson, so the bot didnt even suggest it could be a match, so I only found it when mine was already created. That was why I asked... im still new you know, not very good with the tech, although im trying to learn. But more than anything I want to  leave nice work... please see some of my other profiles or edits and see what you think. We arent fancy people, but some are interesting. Col John Harper Jr is pretty good, and  so is his dad. I worked on them from gedcoms.... only ancestry cited by the managers, but they were error free so I added stuff, and have more too. Anyway ive gone on enuff thanks for the reminder .
Thank you, Gloria.

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Lol Iv been doing to many merges on family tree my eyes are seeing nothing but merges, but I set up a potential merge  for it.
answered by Matt Pryber G2G6 Mach 4 (48.1k points)
selected by Doug Lockwood
Thank you so much Matt, I hope this works out I have so much to do and dont want to continue til this is straight.


It worked  Thanks again!
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I would try the following steps: First; Make a printout of  the following people (to make sure you don't forget some minor detail) Harper-205, Thompson-8540, & Thomson-42. Mark (write on the printout) each profile as "Starting" or somthing like this. Second; Go to Matches & Merges under the "Add" tab.  Enter 'Thompson-8540' in the ID 1: box. Enter 'Thomson-42' in the ID 2: box. Select "Merge". Since you are the Manager of both, you should be allowed to do this. If it will let you merge them, refer to your printouts and select the most correct info, then complete the merge. Third; Go to Thomson-42, Click the Edit tab and make any corrections that need to be done like fixing the names to read "Miriam (Thompson) Harper aka Thomson". Fourth; go to Harper-205 and Edit. Go to the right and edit the Marriages ; if Thompson-8540 is still there, remove her (as she is now covered under Thomson-42). It should let you detach -8540 (if it is still there).

If any of these steps fail, Go to 'Contact a mentor' under the Help tab, and beg for guidance.

If all of this is sucessful, I would then go back to Harper-205 and Thomson-42 and make a new printout. Doublecheck that all is well, Trash the "Starting" printouts, and go get some sleep.


answered by John Epperson G2G1 (1.1k points)
edited by John Epperson
Thank you but it wouldnt allow me to continue which is why I needed help. Now I just have to wait and see :)

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