Perfect example of Find A Grave and bad information [closed]

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Just a reminder to check any information on Find a Grave

Question asked on profile of a well documented US President

Is this erroneous? married Clarissa Pike and had a daughter?

Yes, doing a quick search, incorrect information on Find A Grave.

I have already sent a correction suggestion to FAG.

WikiTree profile: William Harrison
closed with the note: Memorial on Find a Grave has been corrected
in Genealogy Help by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (679k points)
closed by Robin Lee
Looks like its been fixed? don't see any suggestions pending.
NO, the data on FindAGrave is still wrong.....
Clarissa Pike and William Henry Harrison are not linked there as spouses or the parents of Clara. It is only stated in the blurb on the bio and you're right it needs to be fixed. Clara was his daughter. Clarissa was the spouse of his brother, John.
It's not just find a grave, but the headstones are not accurate  a lot also. I have a couple of grandmothers  that their names/ dates are off and even though you send better proof like a birth cert /ask f-a-g to fix it.  they say,  "only what is on the headstone" ....first names instead of initials or NOT!
@ Deb, if you look at the parents attached to the FAG memorial, they are wrong....Her parents are John Harrison, shown as her brother on this memorial and Clarissa Pike.
Ahh, yes, I see now.
There is a lot of data on FAG, that has one or more conflicting information on various records, like grave marker does not match the death certificate. It is my regard that all information that has backup should be noted with a statement about the discrepancy.

 And, since I am a contributor to FAG, I know that everyone I encounter there gives the best and most accurate info possible. They put a lot of work into it, most of them do. Just a thought.

If you see an error, contact FAG to remedy it.
I requested a correction on this and it was fixed within 30 minutes.
I agree that there are some "creators" on f-a-g, like us,  that add sources to back up and make the memorial as accurate as we can.  But I have asked to have a note of the source of the mischisel  and have been quoted the rules/regs of f-a-g,  very well,  shall we say  firm....which says basically, as the headstone reads  only.........yes there are some that are Researchers and not just ____
All I can say is that there are a good many errors on WikiTree. Some profiles are beautifully sourced and relationships confirmed, others are pure myth. We don't dismiss the value of WikiTree due to these errors,  we simply do our best to correct them. I think FAG gets a bad rap. Should it be the only source of a profile without even a photo of a headstone or any other corroborating documentation? Probably not, but it can be a tool and while not all memorial managers are as amenable to correction as others, in my experience, most are more than willing to make changes, especially when you can provide a source for the change.

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I have found so many FAG errors that I only use it as a last resort.

That's my grandmother, I have no idea where that person got the obit but it's flat out phony. My grandmother didn't die in a hospital after an illness. Her and my grandfather were going out to dinner and she wanted to take a nap before they went out. She went upstairs, laid down and died in her sleep, in her own bed. I asked 3 time for that to be removed and was ignored each time.
by Jim Tareco G2G6 Mach 2 (29.7k points)
edited by Jim Tareco
That appears to have come from the Buffalo News.

I could see where the obit might have been carefully worded around those circumstances by either your aunts and uncles (or even your parents), or by the funeral home. I suspect she was transported to the hospital where she was declared dead there, perhaps. So, even though inaccurate, I wouldn't exactly call it "phony".

How is her death certificate worded?
You have to worry that a death in the house might affect the value.  Some people might not want to sleep in a bedroom where somebody died.
This sounds like a more interesting bio than so many that are, well, boring ;-)
The obit may be using the place of death on the death cert...often the hospital where a doctor pronounced the death.   This is often not the death place.   My father-in-law died while fishing at his favorite lake but was pronounced at the hospital in a nearby city.  His wife died in her sleep at my suburban home and was pronounced at the hospital in the nearby city.  Both death certificates show the hospital as the place of death.   The biography is a great place to tell any family stories you would like to share.  My husband told the story about his dad loving to fish and died doing what he loved... he had caught a big fish just before he passed.
While the memorial manager should probably accommodate your information with a caveat on the memorial, the obit is legitimate as that is exactly what was printed in the papers.
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Oh, I have even more egregious examples.

I have one relative where his daughter is listed on his death certificate as his mother. She most likely should have been listed as the informant.

As a result, there are duplicate profiles where he is his own father, and as his own father is "married" to his mother.

I've been unable to convince the mangers to make the corrections.
by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (536k points)

We have still some examples of those on WikiTree.

201 Father is self 44 38 6


We started with 300 back in 2016

cryinglaughcrying  LOL

So many good examples. . . .

I have one relative where his daughter is listed on his death certificate as his mother. She most likely should have been listed as the informant.

 answered by Dennis Wheeler


I have a rellie where the informant is the guy's mother, who had pre-deceased him.   Spooky.  surprise

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Yes, I have ancestors linked on FindAGrave to a guy with the same name who had no children.

On the other hand.... I contacted a FindAGrave manager who had posted a bunch of family turns out she posted it there to share as she had a notebook written in 1894 relating information about the woman’s aunts, uncles and grandparents. What a treasure trove. She would have been ny ggg aunt.
by Kay Knight G2G6 Pilot (393k points)
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I have continued to ask for a correction on some of the same Find A Graves. The headstone is on the site with the correct date and I have sent a copy of the obituary, yet the managers refuse to make the correction.

I have also sent information to Find A Grave itself, but get no response.

You have to wonder what is going on with some of the managers out there.
by Cheryl Hess G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
I have had similar experiences!
Too bad that there is no process for a non responsive manager
Perhaps they are deceased? Or, at least, no longer active? Every source contains some errors, even census records, so I usually have to piece together a profile from all available sources and toss out that which makes no sense at all.
D Armistead - that would be simple if they were deceased. There are a couple of people in my area that have control of the five cemeteries. They took pictures of all of the headstones and set them up in Find-A-Grave. This increases their number of contributions. So, for example, if the husband dies and the wife is on the headstone, they set the wife up also. Her name only. But when it comes time to add additional information, they do not want to do more work, so they ignore requests. I have reported them to FAG, but receive no response
Each person has to have their own memorial, on FAG, much like Wikitree.  Even if both names are on one headstone.  i have a family that all the headstones were destroyed in the family farm cemetery, and they erected a huge memorial stone on the property listing eight of people buried there.  Impossible to put all eight on one FAG memorial,or on WikiTree, each has their own.  just have them add the photo to her memorial also, or if you belong to FAG you can upload your own photo.
I understand, Sandra. What they do is create a FAG for the wife if her name is on the headstone, even if she is still alive. When she dies, I have tried to add the additional information, but they are too lazy to add it for me. Since the initial name and FAG have already been created, it is impossible for me to create another FAG as it will be a duplicate.

I have tried to create a complete FAG and they have told me to delete mine as it was a duplicate even though mine was complete, with all the information necessary, including pictures, and theirs had nothing but a picture of the headstone.  According to FAG rules, the lowest number FAG is the original and the other FAG has to be deleted as duplicate if you are asked.

Thanks for responding though. Have a blessed day.
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The best news, the memorial has been corrected!!!!
by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (679k points)
Glad for you!

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