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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: Another supper Chat! Thanks to all for your participation!
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
closed by Pip Sheppard
Thanks for hosting Pip, and I love your summary.  Thank you for your encouragement, dedication and just general good guy stuff.
Howdy, Pip! Thanks for hosting chat again this week! And thanks for all the other stuff you do on WikiTree! Best wishes with the yard work! Someone told me we may get a few non-rainy days this coming week (your weather follows mine pretty closely), so maybe you can get your soil and plantings done without Mother Nature trying to wash it all away.
@Nicole: You’re welcome! Hosting is a privilege and a pleasure, talkative as I am!

@Nelda: THat’s right, you are pretty close, aren’t you? Looking forward to warmer and sunnier weather. Come on springtime!

Thak you for hosting Pip!  

On the genealogy front, I agree with you 100% the ==Research Notes== are a big part of the reason I joined WikiTree.

On the home front, just a consideration when raising your flower beds is to make sure the end result still drains everything away from the foundation. We have clay too, and one year we did some lovely work to raise things up, as you describe. The next spring I found myself in the middle of a yarn involving aquarium pipes, a drill, the basement sink and a cork.  Lets just say there was more work to be done after that.
That last project of yours sounds like how mine turn out. I’d just as well call someone who knows what they’re doing!

Yeah, we’re going to slope that ground away from the foundation. Everything we planted has struggled to grow. We’re going to redo the whole sections. Other work will be away from the house.
Laurie, don't you just love clay? We are in the middle of bentonite clay. When they were building our house they got two Bobcat's and a pickup stuck and had to bring in a tow truck that could pull them out without getting into the clay.

 have one leak I need to fix this summer. We've known about it for years but since I plan to landscape in that area I need to fix it. When the house was built there is a square hole in the foundation in the basement that is just below grade. It was framed inside with 2x4s. We didn't have a problem until the evil rabbits burrowed and found it. Now water comes in if we get too much rain all at once or the downspout drain gets disconnected. We found it when the cats chased a full grown rabbit through the house. It was hidden behind insulation.
haha, I don't have a word for the type of clay, but my house in Ottawa is built on clay and I come out to BC to find, guess what, a bed of clay.  So I'm surrounded.

But I'm trying to puzzle out your leak, framed with 2x4s.  Aside from the evil rabbits, it sounds planned.  Is the house old enough for a coal chute?

Yes Thank you Pip for hosting the St. Patrick's  WikiTree Weekend Chat.

Welcome everyone to the St. Patrick's  WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

Thanks! I love it!

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Today is......



March 15th is National Pears Hélène Day.  This food holiday is about the delicious smooth French dessert combining warm poached pears, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Pears Hélène is a dessert made from pears poached in sugar syrup and served with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and crystallized violets. It was created around 1864 by Auguste Escoffier and named after the operetta La belle Hélène by Jacques Offenbach. 

Over time, Pears Hélène simpler versions have been developed by substituting poached pears with canned pears and the delicate crystallized violets have been replaced with sliced almonds. These modifications have made it easier for more cooks to prepare this must-have dessert. 


  • There are more than 3,000 varieties of pears grown in the world.
  • Washington, Oregon and Northern California grow more than 95% of the pears sold in the United States.
  • California grows 60% of all Bartlett pears in the United States.
  • Pears ripen best off of the tree.
  • Pears are an excellent source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C as well as copper, fiber and potassium.
  • Pears are less allergenic than many other fruits.


Enjoy this delicious recipe: Pears Belle Helene recipe.

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2m points)
Hey, Dorothy! Another great “Today is...!!” Copper in Lear’s, who woulda thunk! We had a pear tree in the fence line between Grandps’s property and ours. It was the very last survivor of an orchard that once grew in the pasture. I think I was the only who enjoyed pears off of that tree.

Saving the recipe for the wife. She loves stuff like this!
Dorothy - that sounds and looks delicious!! Thanks for keeping us informed on these designated under reported days!
Pears Hélène is a great dessert.
Thank you Dorothy for sharing this one.  We used to make the "fake" one all the time, then fell away from it.  Perhaps it is time to do it again.
Great choice!  I do love pears, and chocolate goes with everything
MMMM good! Pears and chocolate...pears and wine...served with cheese on a cheese platter. So delicious and versatile. Thanks, Dorothy!

Dorothy or you could put cottage cheese and shredded cheese or put just shredded cheese or cottage cheese by themselves on top of the pears is good. Or even putting the cottage cheese and shredded cheese on top of the cottage cheese on the side of the pear is good even.

Welcome everyone to the St. Patrick's  WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

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Hi Pip, hope all is well.

We have been touching 60 degrees F the last 2 day, with sun peeking through. Feels good. Soon time to take some walks through the cemeteries.

Working on finding sources and getting a list of people together to add some profiles. My cousin had a list of all my GGGF brothers and sisters on my maternal side, so now looking for all those sources as well.

Yes, thoughts for all people around the world suffering today.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and stay safe.
by Rodney Long G2G6 Pilot (346k points)
Great to hear from you, Rodney. Yes, warmer temps mean hitting those cemeteries. I’ve got a list of those nearby I need to get to.

I live and pass by every day cemeteries in Jonesborough when I go to the Jonesborough Senior Citizen Center to do activities in the morning and till about 2:00 p.m. and eat lunch their during the week. I can some times stop and take a walk and take pictures of gravestones of my relatives in the cemeteries and right down the information on the gravestone and add here to WikiTree my self and some time when I go to church by myself because of my sister being out of town and I can go to my Leonard's Family Cemetery which is just above the church we go to since it is near East Tennessee State University where my mother home was above the college. I can get some pictures of some new headstones that been add to some new graves there also and write down the information on them also. Then I can add that information to my Leonard Family Cemetery free space page since I moved up here in November 6th, 2018.

Welcome everyone to the St. Patrick's  WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

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Hails and horns, Wikipeeps!

I know I'm early. I was just in g2g surfing around and I saw Pip posted. Soooooo.....Here I am. How are we all doing? I'm good here. On the genealogy front I've found a way to look into the Thrulines and see if they are accurate. I have Ancestry open and then I have another tab with Familysearch. If the sources add up, you're golden. I added a few siblings for my 3x great-grandmother. I might add some more later. She had a few siblings. Not as many as other branches in my family mind you. 

And that brings me to this week's #52Ancestors prompt. That was pretty cool typing about the large families. Pip said I should write a book. I probably could. =) 

On the non genealogy front, the Avengers Endgame trailer dropped. So going to see that. Looks good! Won't be spoiling anything!

Before I go, here are two things genealogy peeps should check out:

Amy Johnson Crow's newest podcast: https://www.amyjohnsoncrow.com/new-dna-tools-announcement/

Blaine Bettinger's newest series of lectures about adoption angels. Check them out!  https://dna-central.com/webinars?fbclid=IwAR2vt8WYAewKFm3MHohOq6aqO0wYhPTKk4Nd3vks9lYG3epWkYPnCoRmgrg

by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (285k points)
Chris, knowing how much your researched your family, that’ll be a huge tome if you ever get done with it!
Might be best to have a YouTube channel dedicated to it. =)
How about a Kindle version?
That could work. =)

Welcome everyone to the St. Patrick's  WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

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Hey, Pip!  Thanks for hosting!  The countdown continues.  wink

Greetings WikiCousins!

Crazy nasty week.  Lots of rain, then a little snow and a whack load of wind.  I think we caught the edge of the storm that brutalized our neighbors to the north and east.  Did this qualify as an equinoctial gale?  The wind tipped over one of my piñon trees, which seems to be leaning on relatives for support.  Although it seems pretty stable, right underneath it is my dog's favorite place to stop for a piddle.  I step away at leash length and tell him to linger at his own risk.  I haven't fired up the chainsaw in a while.  Hope it works.

No major genealogical events for me, mostly just fooling around over morning coffee and breaks between tax emergencies.



by Herbert Tardy G2G6 Pilot (521k points)

Pip I have no idea what you mean by that.  angel

I bet you don’t!
Good doggo. =D
Okay - you made me laugh, "whack load"!!!!  I'm surprised no one else caught it.  Must be usual lingo now hahahahaha.

Cute little puppy too.  Daddy Herbert must be teaching him (or her) how to plan a whack load of mischief, that's why he/she is smiling a lot...  can you teach your puppy to laugh after the deed is done?   arh,arh arh (pirate laugh)
Nicole, he has practiced and mastered the post-deed guilty face, the little manipulator.
Stay safe!  Being new to the land of the trees, I'm told to watch the ground beneath the tree when the wind blows.  If it heaves, thats when to give the dog another pine to pee on.
Sound advice!  I'd be the guy standing there watching the ground move, saying "That's interesting."
So you understand how I learned this interesting tip!

Welcome everyone to the St. Patrick's  WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

I also like the picture of your cute dog Herb.

Ditto to what Linda said about your cute dog Herb!
+13 votes

Good Morning Pip and Gang!!

Beautiful sunny but cool morning in North-Central Texas! We will be wishing for this in another month or two!

On the Genealogy front - I am still adding profiles on my husband's line and began entering some on one of my son-in-laws. Having to research that one as I go. Doing that for the grandsons.

Also will be in the April Clean-A-Thon on the wonderful Super Sweepers team. Should be fun and not as frantic as the Scan-A-Thon!!!

Was so sorry about the travesty in New Zealand - heard it late last night on the news. Prayers for all down there.

Another funny from my file - Do you ever wonder why your family is missing in the census records or the information is wrong and you think it must be the census taker? Well, here is another viewpoint.

1850 Census Panola County, Texas  (exact copy as on the original)


H. Swearingen, Asst. Marshal

And now you know!!!

Have a great week-end and Wiki-On!!

by Virginia Fields G2G6 Pilot (279k points)
Aiiiee, one of WikiTree’s Texas Mafia checks in! Howdy, Ginny!

I laughed out loud over that last one about the census taker. He must have worked my area too!
Just need to wonder... if "the people was hard to get a long with''  how much lying did "the people" do just to get rid of him or tee him off?   Thank you for sharing this Virginia.

Ditto to what everyone said on this chat here.

Welcome everyone to the St. Patrick's  WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

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hi pip thank you for hosting we are still on Tenerife enjoy ourselves and visit a lot of great places.

Yesterday we visit Teide Vulcan we went 2300 meter op.

Today we went to Santa Cruz

We enjoy the wonderful weather her

Wish you all a sunshine grating from Tenerife
by Susan Laursen G2G Astronaut (2.5m points)
edited by Susan Laursen
Hey Susan!!! Thanks for visiting us during your fabulous holiday! It’s just beautiful. You and Paol keep in having a blast!
Thank You Pip for always being a great friend
Thank you for visiting the chat Susan.  Nice to hear you are having a great time and good weather as well.  Take care my friend.
Thank you for the grating of sunshine, we appreciate it!
Hi Nicole how are you thank you, yes we are enjoying our holidays but it is empossible to keep away from wikitree with all your wonderful people have a wonderful day
You are welcome Laurie I gladly share.

Wish you a great day

Welcome everyone to the St. Patrick's  WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

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Hi Pip I se you are almost a astronaut, I will be waiting for you, and fly you to the moon. I will look out for you. You really has work like a horse since you start on Wikitree a years a go helping everyone with your wonderful way you are. So shall we se tomorrow
by Susan Laursen G2G Astronaut (2.5m points)
You’re a sweetheart, Susan! I just a very verbal person. Love a good conversation!
Yes, I have been watching for the outer space entry as well. I am no where near being an astronaut but it sure is fun watching Pip fly.  Pip, Pip, Hooray !!  in advance, cause it is only a matter of minutes now.

Ditto to what Nicole, and Susan said here Pip.

Welcome everyone to the St. Patrick's  WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

+13 votes

The weekend is here and the weather has improved. I got home from my class on Monday before the storm hit. We had more than a half inch of rain before the temperature dropped below freezing and then a couple inches of snow on top of that wonderful ice. Oh, and the winds were mostly in 20-40 mph range (32-64 kph) but occasionally a bit higher. Some places were much higher. The ice on the driveway looked like frozen waves. So happy to have sunshine and slightly warmer temps.

Genealogically, making headway on the project for next year's reunion. This has lead to finding a number of duplicate profiles and bad data on WT for some of my lines that I hadn't been paying attention to. Those will get merged/fixed. Some of the information is so obviously impossible that it make my head hurt. Of course, none of these have any sources.

On the food/garden end of things, more seedlings sprouted and more seeds to be planted this weekend. To add to the onions and leaks, we now have peppers sprouting (plus some flowers for my part of the garden). We did have a couple days work on the vegetable beds that were finally dry enough to work on before the storm hit. Still some more work but mostly need to wait on soil tests to see what amendments are needed. We've also started watching the Great British Baking Show. Makes me want to bake. Pip, you shouldn't watch that one. It would undo everything you did to fit your suit for the wedding.smiley

by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (341k points)
Heehee! Wedding’s over, free to eat. Kinda...
Your reunion sounds like fun!  Sometimes I consider making a tree of the wishful thinking mistakes I've encountered.  You could do a "before" and "after"

Welcome everyone to the St. Patrick's  WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

+12 votes
Thanks for hosting Pip.

We finally got our truck, and the weather is great in Florida. We are missing cable TV, however, since it’s still basketball season. No WiFi and only a limited data plan, so not much genealogy. I see that I have some follow up to do with a couple of contributors (one of whom is new) about citing sources. Since I’ve done descendants of ggg grandparents there are cousins finding and connecting with them, and adding on the spouse lines.

Okay, time to visit the hot tub. Have a great weekend.
by Kay Sands G2G6 Pilot (263k points)
Finally is right! You’ve been waiting on that truck for a minute!

March Madness: Go Heels!
Enjoy your overdue vacation, Kay. You don't want to be using the computer in the hot tub anyway!
If only we had cable we would be watching the game tonight. We did listen to our women’s team in the tournament on the radio, streaming over the internet.

Getting a campground with cable next year.
haha, maybe if its not too dry, you can kindle a campfire

Welcome everyone to the St. Patrick's  WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

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Hi Pip,

It's been awhile since I hit up the old Weekend Chat!

And look, the sun just came out and it's above 55 degrees! So, I'm going to head out for a walk to take it in!  Come on Spring!

Have a great weekend, WT'ers and a Happy St. Patrick's Day!
by Natalie Trott G2G6 Pilot (585k points)
We got to 59 today so I know the feeling! Ready for winter to be done with! Thanks for posting, Nat! Great to hear from you.

Welcome everyone to the St. Patrick's  WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

Finally started to hear the Spring peepers!  Winter is on the way out. With the over fifty mile per hour winds we had this week, I need to have some shingles replaced on my roof.
Michelle, I am soooo ready for spring! We’ll still get some frosts before we’re clear of the cold. Daffodils and crocuses blooming are a good sign!
+15 votes

Yay! Thanks for hosting Pip!

First, I want to send out my deepest condolences to those affected by the tragedy in Christchurch, New Zealand. If you haven't seen it yet, Cartoonist Shaun Yeo has captured the sentiment beautifully in his rendition of the national bird. Hearts across the world are breaking because of this senseless, horrendous tragedy. Sending prayers from Texas.


On a lighter note, I officially "logged off" from work at Noon and I am now fully engrossed in fixing template errors. Oops, I think I just broke Aleš' new server for WikiTree+... It's not responding! (Whew! Back up now. I had a mild heart attack). Have you seen the new speeds yet? Reports are loading with lightning speed! Three cheers for Aleš!

Natalie posted a Categorization update to the group this morning and I am happy to announce that in less than three months, the Categorization Project has managed to whittle down over 8,000 category errors! I'll throw out a little shameless promotion...

Speaking of Nat, I have to toss out a recipe: Instant Pot Salted Caramel Cheesecake! Yes please!

One the Global front, Cemeteries that is, we recently finalized and launched the new Elements Team. With Susie's supreme guidance, all I can say is 'Watch out FindAGrave! WikiTree will be replacing you shortly!' Is it too soon for another promotion?

I am taking off the rest of the weekend (well, in a few more hours at least) to work at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. This is the last weeked, so we are hoping to finish out a strong season!

Pip recently pointed out that I was missing glasses and a pocket protector, so I guess I will wok on finding a new picture to upload...

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

by Steve Harris G2G6 Pilot (336k points)

And don't step in anything at the rodeo!

That Yeo cartoon though. I'm so sad for New Zealand.  I heard the news report describing the murderer as a "normal" guy. Um, there is nothing normal about murdering innocent people just trying to live their lives. Nothing normal at all.

I see smoke somewhere in the neighborhood of your computer, Steven! All those circuits, I think. 

Very pleased to see the whittling down of all those category errors. How many categories do we have now? 684747384738474838?

Oh, and make that really thick glasses! laugh

Thanks Steven and Natalie!

237,804 as of 2:54 pm CDT, but it surely feels like 684747384738474838 at times!

A few interesting stats:

  • Categories are used on 1,382,777 total profiles.
  • Categories are used 3,706,245 total times.
  • On profiles, categories are used 3,424,128 times.
  • Unsourced_Profiles categories, are used 1,101,866 times.
  • United States Cemeteries accounts for roughly 18.5% of the total categories in WikiTree, clocking in just under 50,000 categories (at only 3 levels deep) and contains roughly 280,000 profiles.
Thanks, Steven. It has been a very sad day for New Zealand. You have to remember that our population is not yet 5 million. To lose 49 people in one event is bad enough, but some of those were tiny children. It’s a big wake up call to look really hard at our core values.

Welcome everyone to the St. Patrick's  WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

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Nothing much out of the ordinary going on here in my north Georgia neck of the woods. My husband is taking physical therapy. While we were inside, someone outside was spraying for bugs and the spray got all over our car so I immediately drove over to the automatic car wash to get it off. The driver of the car behind the car which was behind us lost control of his car just after he'd paid for his wash. He hit the car behind us, veered up over the curb, and started down an embankment. A chain link fence brought his car to a stop. No one was hurt, thank goodness. The driver was an older guy and we figure he hit the gas a little too hard or hit the gas rather than the brake. Anyway, that's about the most exciting thing that we were witness to this week.

My genealogical research is going pretty well. I managed to accidentally create another duplicate, though, drat! This week I was continuing to add, source, and write brief profiles for children of ancestors (my aunts and uncles.) I did work on the DataDoctors challenge one day.
by Nelda Spires G2G6 Pilot (150k points)

I think I’ll never go to the car wash again! surprise laugh

Welcome everyone to the St. Patrick's  WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

+12 votes
Hello all - thank you for hosting Pip.

The weekend is here all ready ??  I am just shy of 1000 contributions again this month thanks to Gail Morin Volume 2.   For the clean-a-thon this year I signed up with the Canada Clean up Crew; my first time working in my home country.  Sorry Dorothy and Loretta for changing teams.

Looking forward to wishing Pip congrats on attaining Astronaut !!!  And if I missed it already .... Yeah Pip !!

We went 1 hour south today from home where it was raining and when we got home we were having snow.  Huh, how does that happen?

Have a great weekend all.
by Nicole Duchesne G2G6 Pilot (768k points)

Nicole, if you lived where I do, you could drive one hour and be in rain and return home to.... rain. frown 

I’m working with the Southern Sweepers for the thon. When the Source-a-thon comes back around, I might jump back to the Sandringham Strollers! Love my England buddies.

We're happy to have you home Nicole.

I'm travelling that weekend, so have to keep doing my clean up without a tho, but you might be able to feel my pompoms shaking from time to time!
Hi Nicole congratulation with the 1000 contributions well done, snow wow Nicole sound very cold

Wish you a great day

Ditto to what everyone said here. I am going to be the captain of Team Tennessee Volunteers for the 2019 Spring Clean - A - Thon.

Welcome everyone to the St. Patrick's  WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

+11 votes
Hello fellow chatterrers!  

Its hard to tell you about the weather, today its been changing every 10 minutes, which must mean Spring is Around the Corner.  My thumbs are getting greener in anticipation.

On the WT front I'm trying to categorize my people into locations, so the first step is to help with the clean-up of New Brunswick. Learning is always fun, and @Steven Harris just gave me the link I needed - the DataDoctors lists make a good checklist.

On the personal front I'm thinking about summer, and road trips. It wasn't so long ago that road trips were synonymous with vacation, and I can feel the horizon calling ... just one question: do you think its still possible to find a campsite without a reservation, or am I destined for Walmart parking lots?
by Laurie Giffin G2G6 Mach 6 (66.5k points)
hi Laurie I hope th spring are around the corner that would be Awesome

In Denmark it is rain and cold wish you a wonderful day
Laurie, if you head to Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina, you’ll be able to get a campsite without a reservation. Harder in the summer, especially on weekends, but it is a lovely place near the beach.
Sounds perfect Pip!

Ditto to what Pip said.

Welcome everyone to the St. Patrick's  WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

@Laurie, I have heard that it’s harder to get campsites. For popular destinations you definitely need advance reservations. Weekends can also be difficult, especially for state and COE parks. Traveling, I usually try by noon to find a stop for the night.  On the way to Florida I got the last site in a very popular RV resort on I95 in Georgia at about 10 am. The northeast has such a short season that weekends can be difficult. I am planning to find a campground for a few days in the Finger Lakes, close enough to visit the library at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York which has the only copy of a church record (for my Mayflower connection). That, of course, might also involve visiting some wineries.

I use an app called RVParky.
Excellent suggestions Kay.  I'm an early riser, so I like the idea of stopping early.  And wineries.  I think you may have convinced me!
We like finding trails...Wine trails, the NC barbecue trail, the Bourbon trail in Kentucky, a food trail in northeast Iowa.... I also plan visits to archive libraries, local historical societies and cemeteries. Disappointed last summer to find a cemetery that was just a grassy field and a historical marker.
+12 votes
Hi there Pip and peeps,

It's been a while since I last posted in these chats - mostly because it was too cold - but finally the weather is improving and temps are now staying above 0 degrees (Celclus!!).

Anyway I have a couple of new and interesting items relating to my mothers search for her biological family. So far the new cousins that my mother has met have been from her fathers side. he died back in 1996, so clearly they can never meet. So mum has met one first cousin and one second cousin. and they all got along just fine.

This week, mum finally met a half first cousin from her mothers side.  and he knew her mother - his aunt - and had lots of pictures.

My mothers original birth certificate had indicated that she was born in 1937 but was adopted in 1940. We have ben wondering what happened during the years in between. This week we finally discovred that mum was put into foster care when she was 1 week old, and finally adopted  when she was 3.

For the last 20 years I have been thinking that my grandmother tried to do right by her daughter and raise her himself, because my mother remembers visiting these people every summer holidays and I thought that my grandmother "threw" my mother away when she was 3 years old. It turns out that is not true at all. My mother was actually fostered out from 1 week of age and adopted when she was 3 years old.

I am very busy with other projects so I have not been here as much as usual. This may continue for several months  - at least until the summer.
by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (702k points)
I’m so very glad you stopped in, Robynne! What a story about your grandmother and mom.

Ditto to what Pip said.

Welcome everyone to the St. Patrick's  WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

+9 votes
Happy weekend!  Though for me it's the end of spring break, which means this weekend I'll need to panic and do all the work stuff I've been ignoring for the past week.  Saw Captain Marvel last weekend (but picked the wrong theater... if we had gone to the other nearby theater we might have gotten to see Brie Larson in person!).  Wednesday we got to see Fleetwood Mac (not the same without Lindsey Buckingham, but still awesome), and I've been doing lots of skating.  And genealogy!

On the genealogy front, I've been doing lots of work with clusters of Ancestry matches (clustered by DNAGedcom's CLM tool).  Still haven't figured out Elizabeth Savage's parents, but I have some more leads.  And I have a huge cluster that I thought was Lavenders but has turned out to be associated with David Lavender's wife Nancy Goin.  If I can sort it out I may be able to identify her mother's family; right now I only have her first name.

I've also added in more DNA confirmation on WikiTree using third cousins of my uncle.  Between that and the third cousins of my mom, I've got DNA confirmation done for 7 of 8 sets of maternal great great great grandparents, and 4 of 8 sets of paternal great great great grandparents.  I've now done everything I can do until more matches show up or I can do actual segment triangulation (which I'm slowly working on).

Next up... not sure.  Whatever grabs my interest, I guess.  I keep bouncing around.  So much to do!
by Lisa Hazard G2G6 Mach 8 (82k points)

Hi, Lisa! You got to see Fleetwood Mac!?! One of my favorite bands of all time!! (Am I dating myself?) I bet Dale has an original album amongst all those in his collection,

I was pretty much raised on Rumours.  Plus the Eagles and Linda Ronstadt and Jackson Browne.  This was the second time I'd seen Fleetwood Mac (the first was many many years ago in California).  Missed the Eagles this time around (they were here in the fall) but it just isn't the same without Glenn Frey.
Ah, the Eagles! Another of my favorites. Great stuff.

Welcome everyone to the St. Patrick's  WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

Wow, so apparently I'm going to spend my weekend figuring out a new cousin who just showed up on Ancestry.  1238 cM match to my mom, and shared matches on her paternal side.  Definitely a descendant of my mom's paternal grandparents, but no idea how yet.
So cool, Lisa!! Keep us informed. Inquiring WikiTreer minds want to know.
Working through the data... Almost certainly either 1C or half niece to my mom.  Half niece would be really cool, because it would mean we've found a half sibling.  1C seems more likely, though, because her father had 10 siblings... wish this match's tree had more info in it, but I'll sort it out eventually.
Go for it, and keep us posted. How exciting!
Some progress... based on her tiny tree (just parents) and some serious sleuthing (Google, Newspapers.com (yay for gossipy local papers), Facebook), I'm pretty sure I've figured out who she is.  If I'm right about her she's likely a first cousin and definitely not a half niece.  But I still can't see how she links to us so I suspect an adoption or NPE somewhere.  I contacted her and we'll see if I hear back.
+12 votes
Hi mr astronaut congratulation wow I am open the door for you and show you around in your racket what a joy it has been follow you all the way
by Susan Laursen G2G Astronaut (2.5m points)
You sure have, Susan! Every step of the way!

Welcome everyone to the St. Patrick's  WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

+12 votes

Happy St Patty's Day Weekend to All!

by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)
The cat doesn’t look very happy... We’re you the decorator?

Ditto to what Pip said here..

Welcome everyone to the St. Patrick's  WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

I love it, reminds me of my two black cats I had.
+12 votes
Greetings from a very subdued New Zealand. Thanks for hosting Pip and for your kind words. I had planned to tell you that we finally have had some rain in the top of the South and that my husband had considered mowing the lawn, but I’m just too sad. I don’t even fancy taking my mind off this tragedy by doing genealogy. I think I’ll just go and bake some Anzac biscuits.
by Fiona McMichael G2G6 Pilot (133k points)
Our hearts go out to you and your fellow Kiwis. We know what it’s like here in the US. Seems we have these all the time. And for a small country like yours... It’s all too sad. You hang in there. Your WikiTree community cares about you.
Thanks, Pip. I have had surgery in Christchurch Hospital within walking distance of one of the mosques. I know my surgical team and the staff who nursed me will have worked long into the night, so I’m very much there in spirit.

Ditto to what everyone said here.

Welcome everyone to the St. Patrick's  WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

+13 votes
by Nicole Duchesne G2G6 Pilot (768k points)
Thanks so much, Nicole! Much appreciated!

Wow!  I close up my office, do my grocery shopping, get home and feed my dog and myself, get back on G2G, and Pip's an Astronaut!  Raw newb to Astronaut in just under eleven months!  Pippen, you are the Man.  We are not worthy! 

I had little statues made up so you can set up a little shrine. Only $49.95.
Hahaha!  I hope the statue is wearing a Project Mercury-style spacesuit.

I will add it to my already existing shrine.
When I think of astronauts, I’m carried back to all those guys in the 60s Mercury and Gemini programs. The stuff dreams were made of. Where did all our heroes go?

Ditto to what everyone said here.

Welcome everyone to the St. Patrick's  WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

We are not allowed to have heroes any more, Pip, because sooner or later they all commit a thought crime or violate someone's double standard.  We're stuck with fantasy human-looking aliens or radiation-affected humans in spandex as our only approved heroes.  And even they have to tread carefully.

But never mind that!  You are the WikiHero of the day!  I raise my glass to you, sir!  yes

Thankee, kind sir! A high honor coming from you.
Congrats, man. I will get there soon. Just need to post a lot.....

Pip - I have all kinds of funny money, can I purchase a  whack load of your statues for my shrine???

I am waiting for the Integrators to give you your proper accolades. And this is so much fun doing it here first.

Monopoly money is accepted at this store! laugh

I'll try to upvote your posts Chris when I see them to get you there.
Thanks! =D

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