Seriously? Really? As in important?

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in Genealogy Help by Edison Williams G2G6 Pilot (179k points)
Do you have a DNA question Edison?

I never thought I'd see a day when you were speechless . . .  What, dear soul, has caused this to happen?!  surprise

As Shrek would say, "Really, really".
We have something in common, Edison! I asked for an Oxford dictionary from Santa Claus when I was a kid and got it!
Why would Maggie's reply be flagged?
Someone unflag Maggie's comment.  It is not inappropriate.

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by Gillian Causier G2G6 Pilot (182k points)
selected by Mike Guzzetta

Gillian, I 100% agree with this conclusion. laugh

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I'm stumped. I simply have no answers for you even though I am posting one. cheeky

by Deb Durham G2G6 Pilot (869k points)
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by Paul Chisarik G2G6 Mach 1 (11.3k points)
See Edison, one can be rewarded for brevity!
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I'm sure it's important to someone.  indecision

by Herbert Tardy G2G6 Pilot (448k points)
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Most definitely.  EveryEve is seriously important.  Really it takes all of us working together to make WT a seriously great site.  You help in understanding DNA intricacies is very important.  I for one am glad you are here.
by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (512k points)
This is why answers from my phone are generally a mistake...  I picked everyone from the prompt so no idea where that came from and on my screen when I did it I saw everyone....  see what happens this time...

laugh  I thought you had some special insight as to the subject of this thread!

My life is such a mess I doubt I have any special or even not so special insight right now.  Existence mode at best
Hang in there, Laura!
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Edison, after due consideration, although admittedly not a lot of research, I conclude that the answer to your question is a resounding yes, absolutely.
by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (605k points)
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Edison has only posted twice in 6 weeks, and the other post was also very short.

I'm starting to get worried.

Could it be that fast-mutating mitochondria have absorbed him and assumed his identity?
by RJ Horace G2G6 Pilot (458k points)

RJ, That brings up a whole new issue with how would we input that into WikiTree?

I think we would need to request a new set of fields similar to the marriage fields -

* Mutant Mitochondrial Human Possession Date:

* Mutant Mitochondrial Human Possession Location:

* Mutant Mitochondrial Human Possession End Date:

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42 (although Douglas Adams should have used 46 as the meaning of like, unless mice have 21 chromosomes...)
by Jeff Andle G2G6 (7.5k points)
Sorry Jeff, I know it's just a typo, but I think the 'meaning of like' is very apt for this question.
I tend to believe the theory behind "42" is that 42 is the ASCII code for the asterisk.  When searching a database the asterisk is commonly used as wild card character for anything.  So 42 can mean anything you want it to be.  Beautifully subtle.

Possibly he was listening to Vogon poetry????

"Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy" tangent...  since the question was nu comprehensible, I reached out to an equally incomprehensible answer from a  SciFi comedy.  In it, hyperintelligent mice built a computer to determine the meaning of life.  The answer was 42, but nobody knew what the answer meant.  

The original question being flagged as DNA and human DNA having 23 pairs of chromosomes (so 46 sequences of DNA) and DNA being the stuff of life, I thought maybe 46 was a better answer than 42.  However, since mice built the computer in the book, I wondered, johingly, if mice had 21 pairs of DNA.  Nope: "Mice have 20 chromosomes in their haploid genome (thus 40 chromosomes in all). The haploid genome is about 3 picograms, similar to humans. The gene order of the genomes of mice and humans are conserved (synteny) although there are rearrangements, several per chromosome."

It went down hill from there...

I believe the secret is to bang the rocks together.
Thank you for the explanation. I am enlightened.
Most people run in horror after I explain the herd of cats that is my logic... :)

Jeff - I have learned the secret to herding cats, Use the vacuum like a sheep dog. smiley

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Has anyone ever really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
by Rob Judd G2G6 Mach 4 (49.4k points)
Rob, You are speaking the language of my people. Are you from my home planet?
Throw the cow over the fence some hay.
Mike, It's entirely possible, but we won't know until the DNA test results come back. Stay tuned. ;)

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