Why does the parent marriage data appear in the bio info for their children?

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It's confusing, IMHO.  Can I delete it by editing the bio?  Or is there a reason for it?  If so, how about a Bio heading that says 'Parent's Marriage'?
in Policy and Style by Martha Lawlor G2G3 (3.3k points)
Why would you want to delete it?  That kind of thing can be helpful to some without having to switch profiles to check.

It doesn't even need a header saying it's for the parents, if it's properly explained in the text.  Or '''bold''' can be used to make it stand out that it is for the parents.
I don't like it and I personally think it adds no value to the profile but detracts from it because, as you say, it's confusing. I prefer to just add parental links to the bio, with a line in the narrative biography to say X was the daughter/son of Y and Z. The only marriage that should be there in my opinion is the marriage (or marriages) of the person whose profile it is. If it turned up in one of mine, I'd delete it.

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When I’m reading through a profile and I see the header ‘Marriage ‘, I anticipate that it will describe the subject’s marriage.    Eventually I figure out that it’s about the Subjects’s parents, but it is confusing, especially if it’s not someone in my direct line.

I guess I can add a header in the profiles I manage ...maybe no one else finds it confusing
Seems to be a Gedcom import thing. Not sure if still happening or just older profiles. I personally think parent marriage information should logically be ... in the parents profiles.
I think it should be removed because its a GEDCOM thing of yore.  Just make sure it's in the parents' profiles
I agree, it's confusing while you try and work out just whose marriage it is.  That's why, whenever I find that situation, I do something about it by changing the heading to ===Parents' Marriage===
I've been told .. and have read on G2G ..that the more information you have in a profile, the better it can help others who are either working on that same profile, or who are looking for a person/information .. and that it's not a good thing to delete information.

If it is distracting you, why not MOVE IT to underneath a == Research == header .. or make a header for === Other notes === (or just use bold for '''Other Notes''').  That way the information is still there, but it's not a distraction.


Another point about why it is good to leave it on the profile/s .. IF the parents have not yet been added to Wikitree, having their marriage information available makes it easier for whomever decides to add the extra profiles.
Great idea...i’m going to start doing this.  Thanks for the best response!
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If I come to add a source to a profile and I find this I may clarify the possible confusion by adding to the Biography so everyone can tell it is his or her parents marriage shown, add the profile subject's marriage and children and children also if they have that - but leave it in there, especially if there is a good primary source that goes with it as that is good proof for their lines up the tree!
by Navarro Mariott G2G6 Pilot (145k points)

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