The McBride One Name Study

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I recently added more than a few McBrides to WikiTree and wondered if there was a One Name Study for this name, of which there is: McBride Name Study.  However, it seems this ONS needs a little help as I sent a PM to the apparent Project Manager and the One Name Studies group a week ago and have received no replies.There are only 3 Profiles attached to this study as well, one Pre-1700 and 2 Unlisted.

I was wondering if someone else should manage this and get it running full steam?  The McBrides I added are either distant cousins in law or totally unrelated to me so I am not interested in taking on this Project. Just really wanted to know if and how I should add these McBrides who are mostly in the United States and a few from Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Thanks in advance.

in The Tree House by LJ Russell G2G6 Pilot (179k points)
I would like to join The McBride  Name Study because some of my relatives are connected to The McBride  name -  but would need some advice on how to go about this

You contact the Profile Manager of the McBride Name Study.

Adding you McBride is as simple as this One Name Study Template

{{One Name Study|name=McBride}} 

This will place their names in the McBride One Name Study Category. 

Not trying to be rude to the McBride Project Manager, but as I said, the vision of this Study needs a bit of help.  Maybe you and or other McBrides may give it the little boost it needs.  Below is some data on the One Name Study Project to familiarize yourself with this Project..

Project:One Name Studies. Genealogical research project to investigate the origins of a family name and sort out the various family lines.

One Name Studies FAQ Page  Details of what a One Name Study is and how it is set up.

One Name Studies Index Lists Names Currently With a One Name Study Project.

Unfortunately, you have made a typo.  It should be:

{{One Name Study|name=McBride}}
I need new glasses and new fingers Ros.  Thanks!!!!
I did a copy & Paste - - is it correct now ? do not know what else to do ??


As I mentioned earlier - you need to contact the manager of the McBride Name Study (it's so you can discuss what you are going to do and how you are going to collaborate).

Also, LJ has given you three links to check out.  You should probably be quite familiar with them already, since you are a Name Study manager yourself. smiley

yes, I  am one from a while back but I can no longer retain much of what I once did because of my age so that is why I am asking these questions - thanks for answering me - I did go to the Profile manager  but have not heard from him - so I may just have to give it up - I was only trying to see if I could  contact a McBride from past years- I just found a new cousin whose mother was A McBride & the Daughter of my aunt but all of these are now dead & I know of no one else to contact

thanks for your help ,

So you are relation? If so can u tell me what relation we are? Thank you.
I do not know if I am related to you or not - that is what I am trying to find out --& why I wanted to join the McBride one name study & was asking for your help or any one who is a McBride or connected in any way to the MvBride family

My mother`s brother , Eddie Richard  was married to  Douvy McBride & my mom`s sister , Lela was married to Perry Richard so I am related to their children - just trying to find out more information on their children & my cousins - the ones I know have died & so I have no one else to ask - so was  hoping that by joining the  McBride Study I would find someone who could break down the Brick walls - any help would be appreciated

          thank you , Martha Beaugh-15 Leger
Hi Martha, I just wanted to correct something, its Perry McBride, not Perry Richard.

Love Sissy

Jacquelyn Burns  Burns-10782
thanks for checking & correcting - I knew that but just was not thinking ! those mistakes happen more often as I get older LOL
Hello Martha,

I am running a one name profile for Macbryde - includes mcBride spelling and many derivatives.

Contact mean if you would like to have access.

Bruce Macbryde

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The One Name Studies Project does not monitor ONS managers and tell them to 'get a move on'.  Once they are the manager of a particular Study, it is entirely up to them how (or if) they develop that Study.  If they have not been on WT for over a year, they are moved to the Trusted List and the Study becomes up for adoption. But that is not the case here.

The manager of the McBride Name Study is very active.  Perhaps your PM landed in his spam folder?  It might be an idea to contact him via public comment on the McBride Name Study page.

You can add the profiles you mentioned by putting the category McBride Name Study at the top of their bio boxes.

by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
OK, Ros.  Will do about adding the McBride One Study to their Profiles.  You are the boss on these. ;)

I forgot to add that the Manager appears to be active which is why I threw it up on G2G. Thought it might get their attention as well if they are following the McBride tag.

If it isn't your position to contact them about the depth or progress of their Study, I guess it isn't mine either as I have no horse in the race on a personal level.
Hey Ros,

Found where the present PM of the McBride One Name Study is presently asking a question on the G2G Forum and asked him to get back to me there.  If he is asking and answering questions, I should reach him through there.

And yes Martha, you Profile is showing up in the McBride One Name Study Category.  Wish I could be of further help.
thank you so much for your help

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First of all, I appreciate trying to contact me. I have not been ignoring anyone. I don't always have time available to be on here. As I've said on my profile, "My priority is my degree, having said that, I will attempt to be as active as time allows"

Having said, joining the study? Honestly, in my eyes, merely contributing to the study is enough to be part of it. 

by Richard Shelley G2G6 Pilot (220k points)
No problem Richard,  Just like to touch base on Projects before I do anything as a courtesy, but please understand my time and efforts are important to me as well.

Well, I added about 20 McBrides and will be adding some more later on.  All the best with your degree.
Not a problem! I have noticed that, and thank .

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