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I have a complaint about the new corrections lists or suggestions reports or whatever they're called.  Apparently they're going to be a weekly thing and frankly, I've just about had enough already!

Some of the citations and other additions on profiles where I'm the only manager listed were NOT entered by me.  I don't know how to correct them and I don't appreciate being the only person responsible for the overwhelming number of corrections.

Don't get me wrong...I want my the profiles of my ancestors to be as correct as possible and will happily fix any errors which I have created.  But it this is going to be a shared family tree, then we need to find a way to track who has editied the profiles.  In some cases, I have looked up the changes to the profile and have sent messages to the people who added to the profiles, but I have no guarantee that they will follow through.  I have deleted myself as profile manager on at least 3 profiles, leaving them orphaned, simply out of frustration!

We have been advised to be careful of information on Find a Grave because usually there are no sources listed for the memorials, but several of the comments I received were due to information on Find a Grave being different than on my ancestor's profile.  Really!  I've checked several of them with my sourced profiles and have refused to change the information that I have researched myself.

Please, please, please discontinue this practice!!  I love this website and it will be very difficult for me if I have to choose between my sanity and my membership!

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For find a grave errors - if the information at FAG is incorrect and you have a sourced profile that has the correct information - simply hit the status button on the right and where it has that list of possible corrections you find the one that says "false error" because there is nothing wrong with the profile

for other errors if you can not figure out what to do come to G2G and ask - someone will always help you - I know I was so confused when I started looking at my suggestions but now it is easy - just have to find out how, many will turn out to be little things with quick fixes
There is no requirement to review the suggestions report every week. If it makes you feel OCD, feel free to ignore it. Or maybe it would be less daunting if you decided to only look at one type of error every week, and ignore the others.
I can't thank you enough for all of your helpful comments.  It really means a lot to know that this group is so supportive of other members.  Several members have pitched in to help me with the more tricky corrections and many members have sent me private messages offering tips and tricks.  I had to laugh at the OCD comment...you nailed it!  I'm OCD!  But usually that works in my favor, except when I'm overwhelmed.

I guess the first question I should have asked is, is there a page for directions that goes along with the suggestion list?  One of the members who looked at my list noticed that several of the profiles had been corrected, but that I hadn't "cleared" them.  I have no idea what this means.

Many of my problems arose when I joined the Quaker Project and put the wrong sticker on all of my family profiles.  My father's family goes back about 6 or 7 generations as members of the Society of Friends, so that was a lot of profiles to correct!  Now I know that the correct sticker is Quakers Stickers.  I found out how to clean up the Scottish Clan stickers that another member had incorrectly put on some of my profiles, so hopefully those won't come back to haunt me.

Again, thanks so much for everything.  I really love being a member of this group.  And I really love the new pop-up windows that show up when I hover over a list of ancestors.  I frequently use the search feature for a surname and that new window saves me from loading multiple profiles until I get to the correct one!


In general, I think it's advisable to skip over those data suggestions that you don't understand. Very few of these suggestions are critically important to resolve, and even though a suggestion shows up on your report, you are not the only person who can resolve it -- and that same suggestion probably is appearing on other members' reports, too.

In V's case, it looks like a number of the suggestions on her report were due to edits by another member who apparently likes to do complex custom formatting, and sometimes made complex formatting mistakes in the process, or applied an HTML format that isn't supposed to be used on WikiTree. V shouldn't feel personally obligated to clean up those kinds of situations.

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There is a method to track all changes made to each Profile.  On the Profile in question where someone else has added data, at the top of the Profile page you'll see CHANGES tab. Select that and it will list all of the changes made to that Profile and most importantly, WHO.

You can then send them a Private Message asking why this change was made if you question it's validity.  You can also reset the Profile back to the way it was before that data was added with the simple click of a button.

Find A Grave suggestions are a pain to me as well.  I only use them as a Source for where the person is buried and not for birth/death dates or location unless the memorial is sourced.  Even then, I still get an suggestion when the FaG is incorrect according to my researched data and the memorial manager won't change it.  Navarro is right on that!  In those cases mark suggestion as false error and in the reason box state FaG manager won't change data!  That is about all you can do there.

There is a cheat for Find A Grave templates as well.  Use this on problem Profiles where the FaG manager won't change the data.

{{FindAGrave| ###### |sameas=no}}

This tells WikiTree+ to disregard the Find A Grave memorial data and bypass any suggestion for that Profile.  Again, only use this only on the real problematic Profiles.
answered by L J Russell G2G6 Pilot (105k points)
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Thanks Martha. ;)
V Coombs said that she had looked at the Changes log and sent messages to the person that had made the changes.  

I reviewed her suggestions and fixed most of them, so hopefully, she is feeling less stressed now!!  I also sent her a little explanation of some of the common errors that she had.    Unfortunately, when many people merge 2 records together, they don't do the 'clean up' that is supposed to be done, ie remove the 2nd biography, sources, and references lines.  

For Find a Grave suggestions where wiki is correct and FAG is incorrect, it is better to mark the suggestion as False error, than 'comment' or 'not corrected', to state that the FAG is incorrect.  Marking it as a False error should stop the suggestion from re-appearing.

Thanks for helping her, Linda! heart

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When I first was made aware of the suggestions list the number on it was daunting. Little by little I got them down. Now it is a simple job to check once a week and do some pruning. Any problems you can post a ‘helpl’ here in the forum tagged ‘Data Doctor’. There is always someone hovering around that would be willing to help.
answered by Marion Poole G2G6 Pilot (288k points)
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There are plenty of people, like myself, that go through the Data Doctor Error suggestions constantly.  YOU are not the only one that has to make changes to your suggestions.  There are lots of other people that are making corrections to other people's Suggestion list.
answered by Linda Peterson G2G6 Mach 3 (33k points)
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I’ll help you with your list. Give me a few days, and I’ll see what I can do.
answered by Alex Stronach G2G6 Mach 7 (79.7k points)
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I check the suggestions list under My Wikitree which lists only profiles on my watch list and make sure those get cleared promptly.   The larger list under my ID, I check and take  care of the easy things, take a deep breath and move on.  Many of them are added by inactive members on lines or extended family that I haven't worked on yet.  Others are currently active newer members who repeat the same error over and over.  Some are the "external sources " error.  Another is the unusual spelling error.  Maybe a mentor should give them some instructions but I am just glad to see the good and correct things being added.  I don't want to discourage them or waste my time arguing.
answered by Cherry Duve G2G6 Mach 1 (19.1k points)
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If you want help in getting your suggestions list cleaned up you can contact the Data Doctors project (or respond here and one of us can post it to the group).  We area always looking for errors to correct and when there are a number in a family line it can go more quickly because often there is a pattern to them.  

On April 26 the Clean A Thon begins and a lot of folks are going to be looking for suggestions to clean.  So you might find a significant drop after that even which runs through the following Monday.  

If you click on the suggestions name it will take you to a screen that explains the suggestion and how to clear it.
answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (492k points)

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