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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: Super participation! Thanks for joining the Chat this weekend.
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
closed by Pip Sheppard

Greetings my fellow WikiChatterers from SUNNY, SUNNY, SUNNY Cathey’s Creek Township. I think this is the first Chat in a very long time that I haven’t put “rainy” in my intro! And, boy am I happy!!

On the home front: With the warmer weather comes that looong list of outside chores that the wintery weather prevented me from getting to. I’m starting slow since I’ve done any work for such a long time. No exercise, either. The only problem is a heavy dose of bursitis in my left shoulder limits movement, but for the most part, I wear a good heat patch and keep on trucking’. Gotta get ‘r done!

On the WikiTree front: Did everyone see that our Robynne Lozier, Jerry Baraboo, and Ros Haywood passed 500,000 G2G points this month?!? And… our own Anne B made Astronaut, 1,000,000 G2G points, less than a month ago!! How cool is that! We are proud of all four of you for your achievements.

On the genealogy front: I passed 3200 contributions for the month yesterday. A lot of that comes from greeting and the Integrators challenge, but I’ll tell one thing that always raises my count: working on a biography. I finished my gg-uncle, Matthew D. Underwood (1848-1932). I have a penchant for picking out an ancestor who seemed like an underdog when it came to life and writing up their biography. Matthew spent a long time on his father’s farm before he struck out on his own. He farmed and was a carpenter, but he never appeared to have ever owned a house. He rented a place or lived with his younger brother, Henry. When his father died intestate, he should have received 1/12 of the property like my g-grandfather did. I have this sinking feeling he might have been taken advantage of. According to one census, Matthew could read but not write. His death certificate indicated that he was buried the day he died. How sad. He never married, but there is a possibility that he might have had one child.

Just so y’all know, I’ll be in Tennessee just about all day on Saturday, so if you don’t get a response from me hang in there. I’ll catch back up when I get home.

Be blessed, everyone. Spring is finally here!

Congrats to Anne, Ros and Jerry!

Interesting bio. Did you see my write-up for my great-grandfather for the #52 ancestors?
Add my congrats to Anne, Ros and Jerry.

Thanks for hosting again, Pip. Enjoy your time in Tennessee.

Have a safe trip to and from East Tennessee. Weather looks to be nicelaugh

Yes, and we’ll done, Chris!
Thank you for your guidance.

My wife and I were in Tennesee a couple of months ago. Nashville was awesome and is it growing. We had a great time. My Fathers parents were from Roane County so I checked at the city library there to try to find out their history to no avail.

I've been on board for about a month and a half and I'm still learning about Wiki. It's awesome I'm so glad I found it. I uploaded data from my Ancestry account and plan on doing it again. I still don't fully understand the GEDCOM.
Welcome everyone to Spring WikiTree weekend chat.

I love this GEDCOM it is better than the one they had when I joined. It is easier to do than the old one.

I am happy Pip on being the host this weekend.
Tennessee records can be difficult, Darell. My problem comes from he missing census records for the early 1800s. How about posting a query to G2G about your dad’s parents? I’ve always gotten fantastic results there.
Thank you. I will try that.
Thanks for hosting Pip.  Have a great trip to Tennessee... you going to visit Dorothy?  And very warm congratulations to Anne B and Pip - astronauts and Robin, Jerry and Ros for reaching 500,000. That is pretty darn awesome!
I wish I could visit with Dorothy! Kingsport is a bit too far, and I’ll be tied up the whole time.
Dorothy lives in Nashville. I live in Jonesborough.

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Hi Pip, first I want to congratulate you on reaching the Astronaut level. Job well done.

The snow geese are flying North over Central Pennsylvania, the flower bulbs are peeking through the ground, the robins are scratching in the garden for worms, and there is activity at the bald eagle nest North of town. LIFE IS GOOD.

Still working on going through my watch list again, and helping my niece get an outline together on her mothers side of the family. She is young enough that she has some older people on that side of the family to get information from.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, stay safe, and enjoy life to the fullest.
by Rodney Long G2G6 Pilot (346k points)
Hi Rodney! Welcome back! Somehow, we’ve missed seeing the geese fly over here. Must be going ‘round about. Flower coming up and trees starting to leaf, though. I’m glad of it. It’s been a long winter,

Welcome everyone to Spring WikiTree weekend chat.

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Today is.....



March 22nd marks the annual observation of National Bavarian Crepes Day.

Crepes are a delicious, very thin pancake-like dessert, typically made from wheat flour or buckwheat flour, then filled, rolled and then often topped with a glaze, fruit, chocolate or whipped cream.


A Bavarian crepe from Bavaria is called a palatschinke. Not a true crepe but a crepe-like thin pancake common in Central and Eastern Europe. The main difference between this variation and the classic French crepe is that the batter is use right away rather than letting it rest before using. Though typically sweet, there are savory versions.

But this is not National Palatschinke Day, so perhaps it means the crepe is filled or topped with a Bavarian cream. Several recipes for “Bavarian Crepes” also include adding a fruit jam or pie filling.

Now Bavarian cream is a pastry cream thickened with gelatin rather than cornstarch which is then lightened with whipped cream just before it sets up.


Enjoy the following recipe and have a wonderful day:

Bavarian Crepes from iFood.TV


See also: 


by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2m points)
That looks so yummy!! I am sure there are almost noooo calories!

Of course there are no calories, Ginny. WikiTree members are exempt! laugh

Thanks for this Dorothy you always have good National Day stuff.

Welcome everyone to Spring WikiTree weekend chat.

Yum - I love your "Today is" @ Virginia - nope no calories in those crepes,
Look good enough to eat, wish I had some Crepes right now. Thank you, Dorothy for your great “Today Is” post.
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Hail, Wikipeeps!

First up, I need your help getting the Greek Roots project off of the ground. Details here: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/794440/the-greek-roots-project-needs-you

Check that out!

Secondly, we are one week away from Wikitree being the topic of discussion in the hashtag genchat on Twitter. Look for details on that soon as Debi Hoag will be there hosting and asking questions. If you don't have a Twitter account, you can still join in on the fun by searching on Twitter for #genchat. Relax and enjoy the nonsense we get up to. It's about the same nonsense we get up to here in the Weekend Chat. Let's be honest.

Thirdly because these things DO come in threes. I recently found out that a DNA match passed away. It sucks. I offered my condolences. And that was about all I could do. I updated her entry on my main tree on Ancestry and removed the DNA double helix I had for her. I have her on the Treetag for DNA Match Dad. So, that should be good enough. If you don't have the tree tags, get 'em. They are pretty cool and basically turn your tree into a mini version of this website.

Whew. That is a lot to get into on this rainy Friday. At least spring is here! I hope everyone has a great weekend. I am off to create some tags!
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (285k points)
Chris, sorry for the loss. Also, wish I could help with Greek Roots. Got too much on my plate, plus not knowing the territory. Hang in there!

Ditto to what Pip said Chris.

Welcome everyone to Spring WikiTree weekend chat.

Thanks, guys. What stings is that she was actually at my parents' wedding. She was in her 90s and is a little bit older than my great-aunt. My great-aunt's birthday is tomorrow. Should be fun. Will be sending an e-mail to her daughter. My dad sent flowers.

I also need to set up a time to go with my other great-aunt to the Walnut cemetery in Haverhill so she can show me where the family is. I'll be sure to document everything and report it. =)
Chris, make a video event of it. You won't regret it!
Don't worry. I have a camera. =D And it reacts okay to wind surprisingly enough.
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Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.angel

Last Sunday was not a good day for mom and dad. Dad wouldn't cooperate with mom and so mom decide to go back to her house about 4:00 p.m. and she called my sister and my sister went over to Brookdale to visit with him and then feed him supper at 5:00 p.m. so we missed church Sunday night. Then I saw him and mother on Tuesday he was a sleep most of the time I visited with him that afternoon so I visited with my mom until she went to order a cake and get ice cream so she could celebrate her and dad's 62nd anniversary yesterday with the patients in memory care and the staff in the memory care at Brookdale. My sister and brother - in - law, sister - in - law and brother, and me are going today at 3:00 p.m. to celebrate with them. My sister got for us kids to go in together a big and small frame with the same pictures collage on picture paper so my Mom can have the big frame one for her house and the small one for my dad in his room at Brookdale. Then she got another one with a collage type frames on it to put separate pictures in. She put pictures in all of the frames that was of just them since it was for their 62nd anniversary. Then I made spring wreath that some of componets can be swapped out for different times in the year instead of getting different wreaths for different times of the year and I was thinking about keeping for myself than I thought since I made it a day before their annivesary that I can give to them to use on my dad's door into his room at Brookdale. Then I had made a rotrographic card for valentines that had two hearts that I did so I decide to finish it and give to them for their anniversary. Then I brought a card and also my sister did also so we are going to give all that to them today at 3:00 p.m. Because this is special anniversary because alot of couples do not even make after or before their 50th anniversary. Mom told my sister that Dad had a good day no matter even he had dialysis and was alert so that was good yesterday on their anniversary.

Here a picture of the wreath and also the anniversary card that I made at the Jonesborough Senior Citizen Center. 


by Anonymous Barnett G2G6 Pilot (454k points)
edited by Anonymous Barnett

Here are the 11 pictures that I took of us kids celebrating my parents 52 anniversary which was last Friday March 15 at Brookdale memory care unit in Greeneville, Tennessee. But they celebrated on last Friday with the staff and fellow patients with coconut cake and vanilla ice cream which is my dad's favorite cake and ice cream. So since they did that and he had diaylsis yesterday that we thought he would be tired but mother said that he had a good day and was alert yesterday. That is why we did it last Saturday. He had a good day with us we did for about an hour before he was starting to get agitated because his behind was sore. Which that was a good day and he did pretty well with us as you see in the pictures.


Linda, your pics didn’t come through. I don’t know how you hang in there with so much on your plate, but I’m glad you do!
Linda, thank you for sharing about your Mom and Dad. And, congratulations on their 62nd anniversary. It is so difficult when a parent has to be in Memory Care but thank goodness we now have those. We had my Mom's 90th birthday in her Memory Care Unit with birthday cake and ice cream. It was enjoyed by all. Sadly, she died soon after. Memory loss is hard for the whole family.

Blessings to you and your loved ones.
Pip go to last weekends Wikitree weekend chat to see the pictures then.
So far I haven't  heard alot about my dad but my mom called me last night and said that he and her played basketball then later the got the other patients in on that. So it sounds like my dad doing a little better for what now. Us kids has a cousin on my dad side that is my brother age 62 this year that has the same type of cancer that a cousin on my mother side that was the same age of me had and died of . Also the cousin mother which is my dad sister - in - law has alhzemiers too and she not doing good she doesn't recognize her kids any more and someone has to live with her that how bad it is for them since their dad is dead. The cousin almost died during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays with complications from the cancer. But he is doing much better now.
Pip can you see the pictures now or can anyone see the pictures I put on my chat. I can see everyone of them
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Greetings, WikiCousins!

AstroPip, thanks for hosting!

Still grinding through tax season, although this year has been fun giving most people good news.

Another damp cold week here in NM, to be followed by several gloriously sunny days.  Yay!  Maybe the ground will dry up enough for me to do some work outside.

Laura Bozzay sent me a note saying she won't be able to log in this weekend, still dealing with life.  She asked me to say Hi for her, and says she expects improvements next week.


by Herbert Tardy G2G6 Pilot (521k points)
I was wondering about Laura. Keep us updated!
182 feet of snow and you expect the ground to be dry? Will the tax season end for in 4/15 or do you get a lot of latecomers?

laugh  Most of the snow is gone.  I got a little more this week - graupel not conducive to knerping - and some rain. 

I have ten people and one corporation I haven't seen yet, and I'm sure at least eight of them will be calling.  Round up the usual suspects.  I will be neither totally idle nor super busy the rest of the year.

In my former life as a civil servant I was a slave to the tax calendar. Now I'm a slave to my child's potty training shenanigans. I'm not sure which I prefer.

I’ll take potty training over taxes any day of the year! laugh

I'll take the tax calendar over twenty-plus years of servitude any time, Patricia!

I carry the yoke about four months a year, with occasional bouts of captivity the other eight.  Monthly bookkeeping, and especially payroll, was a real ball and chain, but I don't do that any more.

Welcome everyone to Spring WikiTree weekend chat.

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Greetings Weekend Chatterers!!

As always, thank you Pip for hosting. I do not envy you the massive yard work. In our older years, we have treated ourselves to a yard person. In fact he is coming by in a bit to talk about replacing some dying shrubbery.

On my genealogy front - I have achieved over 1300 entries for this month. Most of that is from Greeting but I have entered quite a few new profiles, sourced more and have been working on updating biographies. I have also achieved the Mach 1 status - Yeah!!!

Congratulations also to those super achievers who have passed the 500,000 and one million marks. I should live so long!!

Pip, I am envious about Tennessee. Such a beautiful state. I lived there for 5 years with my parents oh so many years ago. Just loved it!

A happy and safe week-end to all from TEXAS!
by Virginia Fields G2G6 Pilot (279k points)
You’re a busy one, Ginny! We’re you born in Tennessee, or was this a “stopover” for your fam?
This was a five year stop-over for my Dad's job. I was born in Louisiana but got to Texas as soon as I could get my parent's to move - when I was 6. Then to Tennessee for five years and then back to Texas. Was able to stay in Texas until I had been out of college for two years and got married. Guess where his job was - back to Louisiana for 27 years!! Then he was transferred to San Francisco. I had never lived out of the South!! Stayed there for 7 years, he retired and I finally made it back to Texas where our first grandchild was living - that did the trick!!
I was born just over the Red River and immediately demanded my family relocate to Texas. My husband still hasn't let me live down those first 6 months of my life, referring to me as an Okie from time to time. hahaha

Now that’s funny!

I guess another tidbit is called for here. I would have gotten to Texas when I was 5 instead of 6; however, my Mom wanted me to start school that year. In Texas, I would not have started until the following year. Biggest mistake ! Started in Louisiana at 5 in first grade. In Texas I was almost a year younger than classmates. Went to college at 17, graduated at 21. Was substitute teaching in the high school where I had graduated at 21. The kids who were freshmen when I was a senior were then seniors! You can imagine how much respect I got. They were good kids and it was funny!

Welcome everyone to Spring WikiTree weekend chat.

I was born in Tennessee and lived here all of my 59 years here.

You are blessed. Tennessee is a great state, but then I’m partial to any Southern state. Beauty everywhere in Tennessee.
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Its been both a long and short week. Long in that it was nice outside so all those outside chores for getting the garden ready for planting have started and short in that I didn't get everything done I needed to.

Have cleaned up all the existing veggie beds and sent soil samples in for what might be deficient in the soil so that part is done. Started preparing new beds. Have one waiting on amendments and a second that I dug down  to to remove a lot of clay. That one needs good soil added. Will do that today. Will have to start a third new bed today as well. My wife will be planting more seeds this weekend if the trays arrive. Those will be tomatoes. A few more flowers will get started as well.

On the genealogical front, I was contacted by someone (an adoptee) who saw that I had information on an aunt and uncle of mine. I spent a fair amount of time with him working through the DNA results and family lines. Ends up that he is a half brother to one of my cousins. Also talked with one of my cousin's daughters who had also been contacted. This wasn't a family I expected to find a misattributed parentage in. Also spent time working on Categorization errors.
by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (341k points)
Welcome to the Chat, Doug! Even when you’re not working outside, you seem to have a lot in your plate. Busy is better than existing, right? You not worried about a late frost?
I like busy. I did finish my art class this week. Still need to finish the painting but I now understand "yellow".

We won't actually plant anything outside that is frost sensitive until mid-May. We have racks with lights on them for starting plants indoors. They also get a lot of sun on sunny days. Starting from seeds is quite satisfying. Also a lot less expensive if you plant a lot. We usually plant at least a dozen varieties of tomato, I think we will pass that for beans this year and then other things.  The garlic has sprouted (planted last fall). This year we will put in the first of the fruit plants (raspberries, strawberries and maybe a couple other things). Anyway, the new beds are for the perennial fruits and vegetables (asparagus, rhubarb, herbs, etc.)

I don't think I would be able to NOT do things.

Welcome everyone to Spring WikiTree weekend chat.

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Happy Weekend Everyone!

Thanks Pip for hosting! Hope you enjoy your sunshine! I know I've enjoyed seeing the sun start poking out here in NW Oregon the past few days. So have my garden starts. 

Lately, I have been focusing on filling out biographies of relatives. I've been working on my grandparents & their siblings, mostly. I've also been cleaning up random errors when I get bored of that. 

Biggest thing for me this week was finally getting a full life-story together with my great aunt, Willie Gertrude Edwards. I did not have much information on her early life when I started researching about 15 years ago. A few years later, I found a random death certificate with a last name I didn't know about, but the dates & parents matched so I knew it was her. At some point, someone had linked an erroneous FindAGrave entry to her (which actually may be her, but that's another long story), and this threw off much of the research for folks. 

Go take a look! She lived a short, rough life. 

Beyond that, I've been enjoying the spring-ish weather and looking forward to getting my plants in the ground at the community garden so I can see how long before I kill everything! Now taking bets. hahaha

by Patricia Ferdig G2G6 Mach 2 (28k points)
Wait, in Oklahoma you could get married at the age of 15? Wow!
Welcome to the Chat, Patricia! Looks like you’ve had to wade through a lot of varying data to work on Willie’s profile, a death certificate, burial, a gravestone. On 22 when she died, very sad. Good work on your part, though!
Absolutely! Currently, female child marriage is legal at any age if she is pregnant or delivered a baby and her guardian signs for her. Otherwise, child marriage starts at age 16 for both males and females, but needs guardian signature.

It may be 100 years later, but we haven't come that far.
Many states were that young or younger. Oklahoma is now 18 in general but 16 with parental consent. I have friend who married at 16 in Oklahoma. Still married almost 50 years later. In Mississippi a female may marry at 15 without parental consent today a boy at 17.
In Germany (I'm talking about nowadays laws) men are already for decades only allowed to marry when they are adults (so older than 18 or 21 until mid 1970s). Women were allowed to marry at the age of 16 if a guardian gives his written permission. That was up to 2 or 3 years ago. Then this was changed that now also women have to be of adult age to be legally allowed to marry.

My German grandmother was 20 when she married my granddad and she needed the permission of her parents. I also see in some older marriage certificates of my ancestors written that "the bride is of adult age" (which was in the mid 1800s for marriages AFAIK 24 years).

Welcome everyone to Spring WikiTree weekend chat.

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Hello Pip thank You for hosting. I like to congratulation you being a astronaut in only 11 month, what and achievement wow Pip do you ever sleep?
You really are a superstar.
I am so proud of you.
I am still in Tenerife enjoying my holiday travel around the country to se so many wonderful places. The bus are so easy to get around.
And we are enjoying the warm weather.
I wish all on weekend chat a wonderful weekend and send lots of sunshine to you all from Tenerife
by Susan Laursen G2G Astronaut (2.5m points)
Susan, you’re still there?? A nice looong holiday for you and Paol. I’m loving all the photos!

Welcome everyone to Spring WikiTree weekend chat.

Hello Susan, nice to see you keep in touch and glad you are enjoying a very nice holiday.
Thank You Nicole how sweet of you, it is really wonderful here in Tenerife

Wish you a great weekend
Hi Susan, From the photos you and Poul are havvig a wonderful adventure and time.
Thank you my lovely friend you always are so sweet, we are enjoying our self very much Monday evening we are flying back to cold Copenhagen

We have walk between 13. And 17 km every day op downs the hills nothing is street here, there are so many wonderful places here and the sunshine are wonderful
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I really have not done much on WikiTree this last week but to keep Pip happy I created profiles for two rock stars who passed. The most recently passed one is for Bernard Joseph (Tormey) Tormé, https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Tormey-120. He played guitar for Ozzy Osbourne after Randy Rhoads died. I have not been able to do much with him because he was born in Ireland  and died in London. The other profile is for Glenn Schwartz, Schwartz-3431. He died a few months ago. He was in the James Gang group and was replaced by Joe Walsh. I might fare better with him because he was born, lived, and died not to far from me. I did want to create another profile but my information is very thin and I am having problems finding sources. The mans name was Daniel Blankenship. He was a treasure hunter on Oak Island Nova Scotia for over 50 years. He does not have a Wikipedia article so would not be a Notable but he appeared on many episodes to the History channel show " The Curse of Oak Island". I could estimate his birth from his age at death but the locations for either event I am unsure of. I will keep digging into him and hopefully sometime in the near future.....

by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Dale, you’re a WikiTree after my own heart. Good for you for taking care of those rockers. You started to thaw out yet?
It was actually snowing this morning Pip. It was funny watching the puppy trying to catch the snow flakes.
Oh, how I miss having a dog!

I know what you mean Pip. So when I look after my nephew Ollie the dog it helps alot. I took care for him yesterday and today.

Welcome everyone to Spring WikiTree weekend chat.

I did start the profile for Dan Blankenship, I did find that he lived in Florida in 1965.

Our puppy is almost housebroken, he has had a couple of accidents but for the most part when he needs to go he rings a bell we hung on the door handle to tell us. He had a visit Monday with his brother and another puppy and I have to say ours was the best trained of the three.
I am going to be offline for a bit, We have a double birthday dinner starting.
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Speaking of running up contribution numbers, Pip, I was working to clear out some top level notables categories the day before yesterday, and noticed a couple of things:

First, a lot of profiles have a category applied to their profile which places them somewhere down the notables category hierarchy, but they also show up in [[Category:Notables]], which should have no profiles in it at all, only subcategories.

(Remember that one of the principles of adding categories is to use the lowest level category that applies. So, for example, Pierre Abélard [whose profile I can't edit because I don't have the Pre-1500 badge] should be in the French Notables category, or even have a category created for French Philosophers and/or French Theologians and placed in there instead. [Actually, probably both, since there are plenty of other French Philosophers and French Theologians who should be placed in those categories as well.])

The reason for profiles to show up in both places is because, in addition to the more specific category, those profiles have either the Notables Template or the Notables Sticker. If either one of those is added to a profile, then it automatically shows up in [[Category:Notables]]. The way to fix that is to add the category where they should be using a parameter:

For profiles managed by the Notables Project, that would be the Notables Template, with a pipe (|), and then the category to use. Thus, for Abélard, it might be:

{{Notables|French Philosophers}}


{{Notables|French Theologians}}

or even just:

{{Notables|French Notables}}

if his profile was managed by the Notables Project, but it isn't, so instead it should be:

{{Notables Sticker|French Philosophers}}


{{Notables Sticker|French Theologians}}


{{Notables Sticker|French Notables}}

I have even seen cases where a profile had both a Notables Template (or Sticker) and [[Category:Notables]] applied, so apparently there are people out there who don't understand that the one automatically counts as the other, at least as far as adding categories goes (or that nobody should be listed directly within [[Category:Notables]].)

There are way too many cases like this for anybody to tackle on their own, but if a whole bunch of people chip in, we should be able to move all the notables at least down to the country level (or into the Living Notables category) without taking forever about it. And that means that there are lots of contributions that people can rack up. (And, when I fix one of those profiles, I usually clean up a few other issues, if I see them.)

by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (303k points)
I gotta remember this, Greg. Categorisation doesn’t come easy to me (like it does my wife). I think created a few Notables where I didn’t identify hem well enough.

Welcome everyone to Spring WikiTree weekend chat.

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Greetings from Mukilteo, Washington! As I write this I am at the hair salon waiting for the color in my hair to set. Outside it is beautifully warm and clear. Cherry trees are turning pink all over town. The shamrocks in our front yard are just poking through.  The azalea is dead, however. In the back yard the old plum tree is still down. I think it will give all the life it has left to this spring. That's what our old apricot tree in Los Angeles did the year my mother died.  Shoots all over the rose garden and then goodbye.

Have fun in Tennessee, Pip. More later.
by Margaret Summitt G2G6 Mach 7 (77.1k points)
Glad to hear from you, Margaret! You’ll have to update us later about all the stuff you’ve been doing this past week.

Welcome everyone to Spring WikiTree weekend chat.

Yesterday I received an email from a researcher who is looking for Boyd ancestors in Chester County, PA in the 1740s and who asked me what I know about a connection between Boyds and Robbs.  He found the connection through an Ancestry DNA ThruLine hint.  I was happy to have a surname to add to the Robb F.A.N. (friends, associates, neighbors) club. So today he asked me if I have any images of Chester County land records.  I haven't seen any dating back that far although I have scattered references to Robb land ownership.

I decided to balance Wikitree time with quilting time so as to clear out more space upstairs and send excess fabric out the door.  My daughter is enthusiastic about spring cleaning but I haven't the energy to keep up with her every day.  Yesterday she reorganized one level of kitchen cupboards and made me buy a step stool to reach the upper shelves (I'm about 5' 2" so a stool is necessary).

I finished a baby quilt top this morning.  This summer is the guild's garden and quilt tour and if I want to enter my Bee and Rose Civil War Quilt I've got to get the form in.
I just added a bunch of Sweetens in Tennessee and connected one in Texas to help inch up towards 20 million profiles.
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Thanks for hosting Pip.

Sounds like everyone is having good weather. It’s nice in Florida, and we really like the new truck and RV. The campground WiFi is pretty much nonexistent, however.

Not much genealogy wise. We have been visiting with my husband’s cousins and his aunt who is 94. We did visit my Aunt Nellie’s grave. I have a mystery to investigate when I return home. My grandfather was living in Deland, Florida when he died and was buried there, rather than in New York where his name is on the headstone with his wife.  Using his FindAGrave for Florida, I called the cemetery to locate his grave, and they could not find a record for him. My next step is to order his death certificate and call the funeral home. So even if you’re not working on much genealogy, you can still find rabbit holes to explore.
by Kay Sands G2G6 Pilot (263k points)
Kay, I’m really gonna want to know how this one turns out!

Ditto to what Pip said here.

Welcome everyone to Spring WikiTree weekend chat.

+12 votes
Kia Ora, and thanks for hosting, Pip. As you can imagine, it’s been quite a week in New Zealand; a week of both sorrow and pride. I wasn’t really in the right frame of mind to work on WikiTree, and by the end of the week I was back in the classroom covering for a young mother who had been hospitalised.

The highlight of the week was discussing Larnach’s Castle near Dunedin with a group of tourism students aged about 16. (I can’t find Sir William Larnach here, which is surprisingly. That’s a job for this afternoon.) It became a discussion about family history, and I commented that I had done some research on one of the girl’s ancestors (a distant aunt who was childless) who had died in 1893 in very mysterious circumstances probably in the same street where the girl lived. I emailed a link to that WikiTree profile which doesn’t state the circumstances of the death, but just links to the newspaper articles. I’d like to think I’ve sown the seeds of interest in family history for another generation.
by Fiona McMichael G2G6 Pilot (133k points)

Good for you, Fiona. Get ‘em while they’re young! We will need the replacements.laugh

Ditto to what everyone said here especially Pip.

Welcome everyone to Spring WikiTree weekend chat.

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Happy Weekend and congrats on being an Astronaut! Does that mean you drink Tang with breakfast?
by Natalie Trott G2G6 Pilot (585k points)

Hahaha! You remember that? I do, and you just dated both of us! surprise

LOL. I saw it at the store today, right next to Crystal Light! And, yep, I'm 61.

You are a age of my brother but this December he will be 62 like my parents has been married 62 years long, Natalie.

Welcome everyone to Spring WikiTree weekend chat.

Now that’s funny! I didn’t know they still made it. Wow!
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Happy weekend!  Not much scheduled for this weekend, so I'm hoping to get caught up on this and that.  I have a pile of exams to grade (essay exam... what was I thinking?) and some other work stuff to do, and plenty to do around the house.  

On the genealogy side... still hoping to sort out our new close mystery cousin, but I think I've done all I can unless I hear back from her.  So I'm distracting myself by getting back to the Delaware Killingsworths.  I previously tentatively determined that Annie Killingsworth's parents were probably Manlove Killingsworth and Mary Ann Cloward.  Manlove is also a surname in Delaware, so I've been guessing that Annie's father could have that family somewhere in his history.  This week I took another look at DNA matches now that I've done DNA clustering for matches down to 20 cM.  I have several known cousins who are descendants of Annie K and William Bangs, but all but one are double cousins through another line as well.  So I focused on the one who wasn't.  In his shared matches I found someone with a pretty deep but unsourced tree, including a William Manlove who moved from Delaware to the Midwest.  Certainly not proof, but it's giving me reason to research the Manlove family in Delaware.  I had already found a 1700s land sale between a Manlove and a Killingsworth, so that's something.  We'll see if this actually goes anyplace... slogging thorough ~1700s records is going to be a pain.  Might go back to Savage DNA matches instead... got sidetracked from that by the new cousin last weekend.
by Lisa Hazard G2G6 Mach 8 (82k points)

Welcome everyone to Spring WikiTree weekend chat.

Well you are having a busy weekend Lisa, what grade do you teach? Hope it was an interesting assignment for both the student and teacher!!
It's a graduate course in physiological ecology.  Lots of fun, actually.  I just hate grading and will do all sorts of stuff to avoid it.
No more essay questions on these exams, right?
It might be time to rethink it!  Now I'm not even procrastinating... I've been hit with several urgent tasks that legitimately have to take priority.  Aargh.  Never rains but it pours...
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Good morning everybody,

first of all (and that I can close the tab on my computer) here is a very interesting webinar about how the FAN-club can help solving a genealogical mystery. https://familytreewebinars.com/download.php?webinar_id=959&fbclid=IwAR1qziBRaaRTQ8jJn9cq2he1Ndo7VZjXywLgULmfL1tFb7pj4Fsh6dsNya8. It's only free through 26 Mar, so take about 90 minutes this weekend to watch it. It's really worth it. 

On the homefront it's been a calm week. On the genealogical front I worked on several projects. FamilySearch offered me some "documents where your relative could be inside", and that way I made significant progress in the project: "Who is the maternal grandfather of my greatgrandfather?" I found out that his grandmother not only got his mother illegitimately, but that there were five or six children of her baptised and all of them had the marker "illegitimate". I suspect she lived with a man, only that she didn't marry him. Now, how to find out who the elusive father is? I looked at the sponsors, and yes, there were relatives of my greatgrandfather's grandmother, but there was in every baptism but one a woman with a surname that I (still) don't know. I think that she could be a link to the father... I'm not there yet, but I'm getting nearer for sure. smiley

On the Wikitree-front I finally finished listing the names on the vital records of the British churches and consulate on Madeira. Now I "only" have to find profiles for the folks who have them and create profiles for the rest. Secondly, I orphaned most of the people I created profiles for only to source relatives of them. That way my watchlist is now about 200 people less. And 3. I added some contributions by adding the {{Died Young}} sticker to the kids of my family who could get them. And Lord, that was quite a bunch. I'm so happy to live in a time when the child mortality is as small as it is. 

Have a nice weekend all!

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (344k points)

Another busy WikiTreer!! Some families have interesting stories that might make one blush blush if they knew the grandparent's descendants.  

Hope your weekend is nice as well. Sunny here in Nashville !!

Welcome everyone to Spring WikiTree weekend chat.

+7 votes

After a lot of research and adding profiles I finally got Goldy McJohn, the keyboard player for Steppenwolf connected. It will show him as connected tomorrow after the update. I will confess I had to go to Geni to find the information I needed but our profiles are sourced better than theirs are for this line. There is still a lot that can be done for his family but I am moving on to other profiles for now.


by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)

Yeap, sometimes that all we can do, but it may just help out later to compare any new sources that might come along later on like on Ancestry or FAG etc. Thanks for all you do Daleyes. PS: nice photos on Goadsby-2 especially the electric organ!! 

Welcome everyone to Spring WikiTree weekend chat.

Dorothy, I did not add any of the images to that profile. I stick to the genealogy and/or their notability and leave the "pretty" stuff for others. I actually find all backgrounds distracting.
I still have another member of Steppenwolf to connect, https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/McCrohan-17 , Jerry Edmonton, but I am not sure about him right now.
The world of Rick oughta appreciate your work as much as he genealogical community, Dale.
+9 votes
hello fellow wikitree-ers,

Had a Buzzy week. We had national elections this week for the provincial councils who - in their turn - will  choose the " eerste kamer" . comparable to the house of congres (US) House of Lords(GB).

I have been working a night and a day putting the lists of cast votes of the inhabitants inmy municipality into a highly secured computer programm. Very precise work. Done in couples of two people. Done again by a second couple of people. Differences checked and changed by a special committee. So every vote is accounted for. That way I spent wendnesday on Thursday night (22.00 till 02.00) starting again the next day (10.00 till 15.00) Afterwards I assisted in teaching Geneology for absolute beginners. It was really fun to do but I was very exhausted afterwards.

On the wikitree front I just created some profiles on my husbands side of the tree. His mothers side of the tree is done till the 1800's now but is fathers side is more difficult. Due to the privacy laws I can't find the sources about his father. His birth registration must become public soon so I probably just have to wait. I don't have the exact dates of his birth or death. (husband passed away, so can't help me) I could probably ask his brothers or sister but they are sooooooo not interested in family history....
by Eef van Hout G2G6 Mach 5 (51.1k points)

I feel your pain Eef, some folks just can't get into family history until maybe they are in their 60's or so, then maybe they will take an interest. At least you tried. 

PS: Hope your election results turned out the way you hoped for... smiley

My brothers and sister in law are int their sixties. First one urned seventie last month so not much hope.

The elections didn't exactly go the way I hoped for, but Ican live with it. The European Elections will be in June and I probably will do the same than as I did now.

Welcome everyone to Spring WikiTree weekend chat.

I have the same response of my family members, Eef. They figure that if I’m taking care of it, they don’t need to offer input.
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"Good Morning WikiTreers", Today is....


               NATIONAL CORN DOG DAY

In March every year, a popular food of sports fans, concert and fairgoers alike are enjoyed with ketchup, mustard or even plain.  It’s National Corn Dog Day.

The corn dog started out as a sausage or hot dog baked or deep fried in a cornmeal breading and served as a sandwich.  In the late 1930s or early 1940s, this sandwich became a convenient fair food when the whole meal was put on a stick before being deep fried.  Fairgoers could then eat their corn dog while taking in the exhibits.

The convenience of the corn dog and other fried foods on a stick continues today. From sports arenas to amusement parks, state fairs and concerts, Americans can get their corn dogs and dipping sauces to go and not miss out on a moment of the game.


Created in 1992 by Brady Sahnow and Henry Otley in honor of the saving grace of corn dogs and the March Madness that is basketball. 


Grab a corn dog and get back to the game. Let us know if your team(s) won!!wink

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2m points)
Another of your wonderful inputs...This is one of my favorite things to eat when we go to a fair. It reminds me of being a kid again, the only way to eat it is with mustard.
Dean nails it on the mustard connection.  A NM State Fair variation puts the hot dog inside a roasted green chile before battering and frying it:  the chile relleno dog!

Yes, easy to walk around with them at the fair with the long sticks the dogs are on!!smiley

Welcome everyone to Spring WikiTree weekend chat.

Oh, how my wife and I love a good corn dog! Thanks for posting this, Dorothy.

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