Quest for Great-Grandparents: Orbital Edition (Part 1)

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For this week's great-grandparent challenge, I have chosen space travellers. And, yes, I've already posted "Can you help connect a space traveller?", and thank you very much to all of you who have gotten so many of them connected to the main tree. All of these astronauts are connected to the main tree now (thanks to you), but none of them have a full set of great-grandparents listed on WikiTree. In order for us to add a list to the Relationship Finder Quick Links page, each person on it needs to have at least one line going back as far as their great-grandparents (and preferably all eight great-grandparents). (If you're wondering why Neil Armstrong and Gus Grissom aren't on this list, they both already have full sets of great-grandparents listed on WikiTree.)

The task is to seek out, source, and add profiles for as many missing great-grandparents as you can find. As you take on an astronaut, and add a new great-grandparent, please post a message here, so we can keep track of how we're doing.

If you can add sources, photos, or biographies, add siblings, children, aunts, uncles, etc., or improve the profiles of these astronauts or their family members in other ways, so much the better!

If you run across an unsourced profile which is already on WikiTree and add one or more sources to it, you can count that source towards Sourcerers Challenge, if you're taking part in that. (And, if you happen to find an additional connection path for an astronaut whose family you're working on, that makes them all the better as a relationship finder!)

Name Great-grandparents Working on
Alan Bean 8! Karen Tobo
Charles Brady 2
David M. Brown 2
Scott Carpenter 5
Sonny Carter 1
Laurel Clark 2
Pete Conrad 2
Gordo Cooper 4
Donn Eisele 4
Ronald Evans 4
C. Gordon Fullerton 1
John Glenn 8! Margaret Summitt
Dick Gordon Jr.  2
Stanley David Griggs 1

in Requests for Project Volunteers by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (303k points)
edited by Greg Slade

P.S. I'm not a WikiTree Leader, and have no authority to assign points, credit, or anything like that. My intent with these challenges is for them to be a fun little break from whatever you're doing regularly. (Well, that, and preparing lists of different kinds of notables for the Relationship Finder Quick Links page.) There's no time limit, there are no prizes, and if you have fun finding and adding relatives, then you win. (And WikiTree wins in any case, because the more connected profiles we have, the better the tree is for everybody.)

P.P.S. If this challenge intrigues you, and you think you might like to try finding great-grandparents for other notable people so they can be added to the Relationship Finder Quick Links page, you can find other threads in this series on the How to increase a country's presence on WikiTree page.

Donne Eisele's great grand-parents should not be private. Their Child was born in 1880, they must have been born before 1869.
Their profiles have been opened up.

2 Answers

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John Glenn has his maternal ancestors ready to be connected; it's just that his mother's profile needs to be opened.  I have tried to contact the PM numerous times and gotten no response. 

by Margaret Summitt G2G6 Mach 7 (77.1k points)

Thank you for putting in that effort, Margaret. yes

Have you gone through the Unresponsive Profile Managers procedure? 

I have submitted the Unresponsive Profile Manager request today.
John Glenn now has all 8 great-grandparents.  I adopted his mother's profile.

Excellent! That moves this challenge up to fourth place in terms of percentage completed. (I put up a free-space profile with a chart so I could track them.)

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Alan Bean has eight great-grandparents now.
by Karen Lowe G2G6 Pilot (117k points)
Cool beans! (If you'll pardon the pun.) Thank you.

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