I just uploaded my gedcom file and discovered that some of the people are still living, how to delete them

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Can I delete the upload and how?
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You can't delete profiles but you can (and must) change the privacy level.  On each profile of a living person, click the tab alone above the name/date fields marked "Privacy." to "Unlisted" or "Private."  Only you will see the unlisted.  The date of death must be marked "still living."
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Thank you for the answer. The next question is how I now access the gedcom file that I uploaded? I also will need to change the point person to me and not my nephew. I have the reference number, but the question is how to access and change the gedcom file.

Update: I found out how to delete the uploaded gedcom file and will now learn a bit more before uploading again.

Thank you
I would never use a GEDCOM.  I always re-enter and re-check everything to ensure accuracy.  Your mileage may vary, but many here regret using a GEDCOM because it requires an enormous amount of work to clean up.
Thank you for your reply. It is good to know that GEDCOM has problems. I will see if I can transfer the data to another database.

Hi A, I believe you have to be a full member to import a GEDCOM.  You will have to choose some research tags, have your membership confirmed, and sign the Honor Code before you can use GEDCOM to create profiles.

Start Here.

Thank you. I will consider the ways to move forward.
Yes A,  Kathy is correct,  advice IF you are doing an upload start with about only 50 of your most sourced profiles.  Make sure that they all have dates and places. Use the lowest branches of your tree.  Otherwise you will regret it, as you will spend all your time matching and merging profiles with others who have already created that ancestor.  Unlike other sites our goal is one profile for each person that lived. It's a true collaboration.  Welcome ! There are tutorials and videos to help guide you !!

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