Notables April 2019

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye

If you are interested in people who are famous, notable, noted, significant, important, historic, heroic, or otherwise fascinating, then the Notables Project might be for you! 

The idea behind this post is for anyone who needs help with connecting Notables to the tree to post to this thread and ask for help, or if you want to tell us whom you have successfully connected up, or if you want to join the Notables Project and get a badge.

Besides checking out the Notables Project page, don't forget to take a look at the Notables List page, where you can find lists of Notables who have profiles which aren't yet connected to the main tree. (For ideas on way to connect unconnected people and branches, see the Hints and Tips on the Connectors Chat page.)

Please remember to concentrate on those Notables who have already passed (died), so that we can see their profiles. If you create a profile for a living Notable, that profile WILL GO UNLISTED and noone can see it except for the PM and anyone on the trusted list!

And remember - Notables should have a Wikipedia page at the very least to qualify. And they should be DEAD! If you manage a profile for any living notable, would you please replace any Notables categories on that profile with [[Category:Living Notables]]? That could clear out a lot of profiles that people can't work on from the various Notables categories, and also keep all the living notables in one place to make them easy to find, should the need arise.

Wikipedia has a list of those who died Last month. March 2019

asked in The Tree House by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (538k points)
I added a couple of notables recently, related to me - to my surprise!

Now I am interested in other notables, and especially from the 1960s. I noticed that "activists" are also sometimes given the "black sheep" category. I donʻt agree that activists are black sheep, am I too politically inclined? I read a comment something like "well, in their time activists were considered black sheep".........hmmmm - by whom? For what it is worth, if I am adding to the profile of an activist who has the black sheep category just because of being an activist - I will remove it. Activists with a political view different from yours (the general ʻyoursʻ) are not black sheep.

This is actually a non-political opinion because it applies to any activist for any cause.

I've put up a new page to help find people to connect, including a table of those "Can you help connect a...?" threads, most of which involve notables.

Places to find unconnected profiles

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I will try this for this month
answered by Linda Barnett G2G6 Pilot (310k points)
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I pulled off a Motley Crue "two-fer": I connected Nikki Sixx yesterday, and Vince Neil today.
answered by Jessica Key G2G6 Mach 8 (81.3k points)
Good for you Jessica!!!!
My brother's favorite band! Thanks Jessica!
I'm more of a WASP/Def Leppard fan myself, but their book 'The Dirt' is one of the greatest (and most disgusting) works of literature ever written.
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I am having trouble connecting Capt Rosemary Bryant Mariner (Merims) aka Conaster because she is has a project box without a project account, whatever that means. I'm still working to connect her to the World Family Tree (Merims-1)

answered by Judy Bramlage G2G6 Mach 6 (61.1k points)

Found her - had to hunt for her profile.

I get in the habit of just throwing the link into these G2G's as it makes it very easy to hop in and help. :)

Judy, I believe that her mother is currently listed as "living" and as such is set as private (black) privacy, but she passed away in 2000. Can we open her profile?

Here's her Find A Grave:


Also - her LNAB was Bryant - not Merims - we'll want to fix that.
Whoops - saw the note on the profile - hmm... probably should fix Wikipedia then...
AHA! Mystery solved (I think).

Her actual parents were Cecil James Bryant and Constance Estelle Boylan. Cecil and Constance were both in the military, and Cecil was killed in 1956 due to a crash during an emergency landing. Her mother remarried soon after to Harold Gregory Merims, also in the military, and he officially adopted her children, which caused the original birth certificates to be changed due to the legal adoption as well as their young age.

So while the birth certificates read today"Merims" as father, they show "Bryant" as their LNAB and it seems clear now that their stepfather was written in as father on the official records.

So I believe we'll need to change the parent on the record, keep Merims as Stepfather, and then we should be heading in the right direction. We'll also need to change her LNAB to reflect the correct original name she was given.
Corrects made as much as I can. OK?
Looks good now. I think she'll be connected through her father's maternal side tomorrow - although I got it connected late, so hopefully I made the deadline for link's updating.
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I adopted a couple of Notables, so now I'm getting an error message.  Since they are definitely notable, I'm hoping that if I join the project and get the badge, that will solve the problem.  Thanks!
answered by JL Brasel G2G Crew (440 points)
Wikitree does not work that way. I do not believe that there are any error messages for Notables.

What exactly are the error messages?

What are the profile IDs?
JL, try removing the project box and adding the sticker instead. You should only use {{Notables Sticker}} unless the project is a manager and for deceased notables the project does not need to manage them as long as the privacy is set to Open.
Robynne, The unconnected notables still shows up, the integrators asked for it and you will get the project box error if the project is not a manager and you are not using the sticker.
Thanks for the advice, Dale.  I will just removed Notables from the profiles.
Gotcha. Thanks Dale.
Generally it's better to keep Notables on the profile even if it throws an error. If you put the {{Notables Sticker}} on the profile, it should not give an error. The rule of thumb is - Open Privacy - no Notables Project as manager - Notables Sticker on the profile. But, non-Open Privacy (Yellow, Green, Orange, Black - basically it doesn't matter) - Notables Project as manager or co-manager - Notables "template" on the profile.

But removing Notables from the profile actually causes issues, as it will show up in a different error report (Notables without a template).

Highly recommend adding Notables Sticker back onto these profiles and publishing which profiles they are so that others can get an eye on them and see if they can help resolve the error.
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Been busy trying to connect additional Academy Award Winners:

Just finished with Albert E. Smith, who received an Honorary award in 1948 for his efforts with founding Vitagraph Studios around 1896 and pioneering in the film industry. His connection should show up tonight.

I ran into multiple brick walls with actor James Baskett, who won his award for his role as Uncle Remus in Disney's the Song of the South. But I've put in as much of his family as I could and if anyone wants to assist, his profile is here:

He really should have received more fame for this as he was the first black man to win an Academy Award for any role and it was only through the efforts of many people that he even won any award. Sadly, he won the award in 1948 and died in that same year from complications with diabetes, so it was a bittersweet win.

Moving on to the next one in the list, so Thomas Arnat will be the next project.

answered by Scott Fulkerson G2G6 Pilot (360k points)
I found the 1910 census for Susie (McNary) Basket. According to that, she married Frank in 1906. Wrote a research note in her profile, will copy that into Frank's profile too.
I think that marriage date was a bit odd, as they showed up on the 1910 Census as married, but then there was another marriage record that showed up with them marrying in 1911. It's conceivable they got divorced, then remarried right away between 1910-1911. My initial theory was that they weren't married at all and just claimed it, then made it official in 1911, but your record proves they definitely were married prior to 1910.

Curiouser and Curiouser said Alice...
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Thomas Kinkade, the "Painter of Light" has been added to Wikitree, I was surprised that he wasn't on here already.

answered by C. Bake G2G6 Mach 2 (24.9k points)
You'd be surprised how many Notables are still missing out there. Thanks for adding him!
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answered by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (538k points)
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I posted a thread asking, "Are we ready to set up an 'official' structure for Notables categories within countries?" I made a few suggestions for principles that we might want to establish. Please read through my (admittedly long) post, and comment as you see fit.

answered by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (216k points)
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I'm currently working on the paternal ancestry of explorer and politician John Charles Fremont.  While working on this, I happened to notice that some of his maternal ancestors are unsourced.  As I am not very familiar with sourcing early profiles from the American South, I would appreciate any assistance with that side of his family tree.

answered by Greg Lavoie G2G6 Pilot (164k points)
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Robert Smith of The Cure should be connected once the database updates, and I propose we all wear smeared lipstick and put our hair in an artfully tattered mess to celebrate.
answered by Jessica Key G2G6 Mach 8 (81.3k points)
Um - I might be able to manage the messy hair, but I doubt I'll manage the lipstick - LOL! You're doing a great job on the rockers out there Jessica! Did you happen to start one for that Who drummer who died recently? I was just thinking about him and while he's not part of the classic "4", he was one of the first in the band. If you haven't got to him, I might give him a shot.
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I recently connected H E Bates, the author of The Darling Buds of May, to the main tree. His great aunt by marriage had a niece who was the wife of my great great grandfather's cousin and a nephew who was the husband of my great great uncle's sister-in-law.
answered by Samantha Thomson G2G Crew (640 points)
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I am one of the profile managers for Israel Boone as my husband is a direct descendent. I am also a descendent of a bunch of Mayflower pilgrims that might be 'notable'!
answered by Kelly Stamper G2G3 (3.1k points)
There's the Mayflower project, obviously, but not every member would be notable, IMO.
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I'm gradually putting Notable Ross's on the Ross Name Study Page. I would like to get William Ross (Ross-18380 the long time Piper to Queen Victoria) added as a Notable.

answered by Douglas Ross G2G1 (1.1k points)
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Actress Georgia Engel has died

I posted the news here
answered by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (538k points)
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We connected two more obscure French presidents this past week - Albert Lebrun, last president of the 3rd Republic, and Félix Faure, the one who famously died at the Elysée in charming company.

Also connected recently, French-American artist Niki de Saint Phalle

answered by I R G2G6 Pilot (253k points)
Nicely done, Isabelle! I feel we're moving towards having a solid Notable-base with the French Notables with your guidance, which is an awesome thing! You're going to break me down at some point to learn how to research records from France one of these days...

Thank you Scott! However though these French notable profiles exist, many of them are in dire need of improvement with my being such a pathetic biography writer. I did write a few notes to help someone along the Paris archives, if you are interested, I would be happy to forward them to you.

In other news, French composer Gabriel Fauré (profile created following a previous Weekend Chat) is now connected.

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Notables I connected to the global wikitree in April 2019 ...
2019/04/09 Markham-1200 PA governor
2019/04/18 Gibbs-2815    OR governor
answered by N. Gauthier G2G6 Mach 4 (46.3k points)
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I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I recently put an unsourced template on Bob Younger who rode with the Jesse James gang and has his own wikipedia page.  His bio should be easy pickings for improvement, I would think.

answered by Rob Neff G2G6 Mach 1 (18k points)
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I've been working on Sid Grauman, the man who opened several theatres including Grauman's Chinese Theatre and Grauman's Egyptian Theatre. He's also the guy who instituted the whole movie star handprints/footprints thing in the concrete outside his establishments.

Still working to find a connection to the global tree for him, but I've at least got his parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts/uncles added. Now working on adding extended family.

answered by Scott Fulkerson G2G6 Pilot (360k points)
Sid should be connected tonight.

Also finished with Thomas J. Armat who is already connected.

Moving on to Adolph Zukor, founder of Paramount.
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Found an abandoned Notable (Dawes-440) and added his mother and father. Now I'm hooked on finding more.
answered by Mic Merritt G2G Crew (480 points)
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Hello, I've worked on several notables recently, added one a few days ago for Fay McKenzie McKenzie-6616 (an actress who recently died at age 101), and also I'm the manager for a few notables, including Edvard Grieg Grieg-45. I also answered the request to improve Liberace's profile. Liberace-1 I was wondering how to get the Notables Badge on my page? I've already added the tag awhile ago, so I'm getting the notifications. Thanks! David Pierce

answered by David Pierce G2G Crew (940 points)
I've added the badge to your profile. Welcome to the Notables Team!
Thank you! I appreciate it!

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