"The new Worldconnect Beta"

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For any users of RootsWeb's WorldConnect, "The new Worldconnect Beta is available" but:

a) it doesn't display sources and/or doesn't display them correctly (ex.: displays page #s but not source titles, quoted text, etc);

b) doesn't display notes; and, most importantly,

c) it doesn't respect privacy settings previously available (ex.: the default was hiding all information for people born after 1920?, I believe); all of which means

d) it's not ready for beta, perhaps not even pre-beta.

I would advise anyone considering uploading new GEDCOMs against it for the time being.

in The Tree House by Patrick Griffith G2G3 (3.6k points)
The world connect beta is a mess.  An particular data base is very hard to find.  You can find an individual person; but, finding a particular data base is tantamount to impossible.  If you happen to find it, you have to bookmark it.  And, Ancestry has not been able to include, notes, sources or documents.  A data base has names only.  At the rate that Ancestry is going, it will take a long time for Ancestry to get it right.  I suspect that Ancestry has only a few people ( if that many) working on it.

The old World connect remains on line.

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I think you may be mistaken about privacy.

I went to check it out and found this for a post-1920 profile.


Now, if people are marking individuals as deceased who were born after 1920, then it is unlikely to matter to privacy. Deceased people have always been visible as far as I am aware.

by Deb Durham G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)

Now, if people are marking individuals as deceased who were born after 1920, then it is unlikely to matter to privacy.

You may be of that opinion, but I do not share it.

Deceased people have always been visible...

Incorrect. I always used the Advanced upload tool which showed those settings, and my WorldConnect tree(s) always had all data for persons born after 1920 (even if there was a date of death) scrubbed. Not so in the new beta.

I did make the mistake once of sharing a GEDCOM with someone where is it was NOT scrubbed. How that was uploaded I do not know.

Perhaps I'm mistaken, but ancestry does not have the option of hiding deceased individuals unless you deliberately mark them as living, and Rootsweb is now owned by ancestry. I would suggest the solution is to simply remove them from the Gedcom prior to uploading. Although I am really not certain why it's necessary since any living individuals attached to deceased persons will not show and if I want to find information on these individuals, whether they are shown on Rootsweb or not, I no doubt can.
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It is early days for World Connect  Beta  Right now, it s bare bones.

It will take time for them to finish uploading; and, it will take time to combine old World Connect with World Connect Beta.

We uploaded a GEDCOM to .Beta; right now, it is just names.  But, the data base is there.

Our old one is still there.

by Howard Waldrop G2G6 (7.0k points)

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