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WikiTree's New Netherland Settlers Project is our collaborative effort to develop and maintain high-quality genealogy information for the people of New Netherland and their descendants.

New Netherland was the 17th-century Dutch colony in eastern North America (mostly in the modern states of New York and New Jersey) controlled by the Dutch West India Company.  Many New Netherland settlers were Dutch, but quite a few of them came from other European places such as Germany, Scandinavia, France, England, Scotland, and the Mediterranean region; some were enslaved Africans; and indigenous Native Americans were part of their community. The scope of the New Netherland Settlers Project currently includes New Netherland descendants born as late as 1776, if they were part of a community where the Dutch culture of New Netherland was prevalent.

If you are interested in participating with this project, please answer this post to join us. In your answer, please tell us about why you are interested in New Netherland (include names of any specific ancestors or New Netherland surnames you are interested in) and tell us how you expect to contribute to the project.

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If you have questions about New Netherland or the project, you may find answers on the FAQ page or the New Netherland Settlers Project page. See our advice on reliable sources on the New Netherland Settlers Reliable Sources page and see additional project resources and sourcing advice on our New Netherland Genealogy Resources category. You may even find your ancestors on our Progenitors and Immigrants of the New Netherlands Settlers (though it is quite incomplete!)

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Alas, my ancestry is not exotic enough to qualify, but the history major in me loves that we even have this project.
I would like to join this group as i have ancestors who came to New Amsterdam and settled in Bushwick. Claes (Cornellison) van Cats b. 1641 in Schoonhoven, Zuid Holland d. 1692 in Bushwick, he was married to Catalyn Jans b. 1641 in Amsterdam and d. after 1700 in Bushwick.

Then with the British taking over it became Van Cott.I also have Meserole, der Kerk and a number of others.
Hi - I'd like to join the group, I am finding many relatives who emigrated to New York and New Jersey as I'm doing my genealogy. I just adopted an orphaned profile (Ten_Eyk-2) that is related, so I thought I should make it official! But I have folks scattered throughout my family tree, including one of the original land grantees of Newtown, Queens. Thanks :)

Hi, John and Tami. My apologies for not replying sooner. I usually look for new ANSWERS to this question, so I'm afraid I overlooked your COMMENTS. Anyway, you have the badge now. Please get acquainted with the content on the project page -- particularly the naming conventions (which may surprise you) -- and Reliable Sources page and the resource pages it links to.

I am interested in joining this group.  In terms of relevant ancestors my grandfather was Van Wyck Ferris, my great-grandmother was Mary Lanman Douw Ferris who descended from the Douws of Albany.  She wrote several books about early Dutch settlers.  Her husband was Morris Patterson Ferris who was the son of Letitia Storm who descended from Dirck Storm.  I also have Van Rensselaers, Gansevoorts, Brinckerhoffs, DePeysters, and Adriances in my line as well.

I am interested in joining this group. Joos Van Hoorenbeke was my 11th great grandfather born 1425 in Ghent, Netherlands. His son Warnaar Joost Hoornbeeck aka Hornbeck may have been orphaned after coming to America due to his mother's death presumably while giving birth to him. He was the ninth child and only one to come to America and settled in NY. Also, my 4th great grandfather, Jacob Youngker was Dutch. 

Hello  my name is Lynsey Riddle, I have traced my ancestors back to Cornelius Van Schaick that settled in New York in 1600's. My family line ended up in CT, where my granda Sterling Van Scoy was born, he immigrated to Ireland. I'm new to this site but I have a lot of information that I would like to share and would also like to find out more info if possible. Thank you
My 6th great grandfather is Pieter Cornelis Breyandt (VanSteenwyck), my 5th, Cornelis Breyandt, etc.

I have spent time doing research at the Holland Society, and my Aunt has written a book available there called "The Ancestors of Simeon Alfred and Adrianna (Green) Bryant."

I would love to see if we can get our people back to the Netherlands, and would love to join this group.
Ben, you'll need to copy your post and click on the ANSWER button this time. This will bring your request to the attention of the project leaders. Thanks!
My name is Melanie Willis Taylor.  Willis-10104. I have been working with another relative from to find our Green ancestry. Some of the names we have uncovered Groot, Van Der Williger (Terwilliger), Van Petten, Schermerhorn, Visscher from Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Netherland, and all originally settled around Albany in places such as Rensselaerwich, Schenectady, Beverwych. One, in particular, was Catalyntje Andries Devos, 1628-1712.

Thank you so much. Very glad someone is here to help with these who came here with very very strange names if you compare them with English versions.
I am a likely descendent of at least two settlers of New Netherlands: Lubbert Gijsbertzse and Divertje "Dieber" Cornelis. Also likely descendent of Hendrick Jansen Oostrum. All were resident in New Netherlands before 1674.

Please post your join requests as ANSWERS to the original question (do not hit comment or reply). Here are my responses to some join requests that got overlooked in this comment area:

Joan Conklin: Welcome to the project. Hornback is one of the New Netherland families that seems to have been very fertile, with  numerous living descendants. Your immigrant ancestor has a profile at The profile exists, but there is plenty of opportunity to add details to his life, add your ancestors who do not already have provides, etc., etc.

Lynsey Riddle: Welcome! I think there were a couple of different Van Schaick families in New Netherland. Your earliest New Netherland ancestor is likely to be the man represented by profiles and (yes, we get duplicates sometimes, due to the confusing plethora of names that a single ancestor might have used). Please look around here and see the content that has been developed, and do share your data (but please try not to duplicate what is already here).

Melanie Willis Taylor: You are hardly alone in feeling a bit overwhelmed by New Netherland names. These names can be more complicated than the names in a Russian novel. Not only did our New Netherland ancestors have unfamiliar-sounding first names with multiple variants and nicknames, patronymic names that had different endings for males and females, and family surnames, but (unlike the situation of a Russian novel we read in translation), we cannot even depend on the authors of their stories (the clerks who kept records) to spell their various names consistently. It takes time (a lot of time!) to get comfortable with these names, but you are now in the company of other people who are in various stages of learning the lingo of New Netherland, so at least you will know where to ask...

Many of us share some of the ancestral names you list. I have Groot (also spelled Groat), Schermerhorn, Van Petten, and Visscher, but no Terwilligers.

Your ancestor Cathalyntje Devos has a profile at De_Vos-366.

And Rensselaerswyck was a very large region encircling Albany; Schenectady is northwest of Albany and still findable on maps; and Beverwyck was a early village that later became part of Albany (I think Beverwyck was outside the walls of Fort Orange, but I am not real sure).

Cheri Campbell:  Welcome to this project. smiley  Your ancestor with first name Lubbert is profiled at Gysbertsen-1.  And the progenitor of the New Netherland clan of Oostrum/Oosteroom/Ostrom is at Janszen-27.  It looks like you have more generations to add onto your tree before you will encounter the ancestors who are in WikiTree.

I would like to join the group. I am trying to work out the ancestry of my 5G grandfather Joseph Staats, 1740-1826, Staats-201 on Wiki. He is a descendant of either the Gowanus or Albany Staats line, and there are plausible sequences to support either origin. He was either born in or passed through New Castle County, DE, on his way to West Virginia in the later 1700s. I'm currently studying the Staats family in New Castle.

Thanks, John Diefenbach

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Hi, I would like to join! I am a member of the Van Voorhees family, which is supposedly the largest Dutch family in America. I'm interested in learning more and connecting with people who can help me find out more about these folks and what they did when they came to America!
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Hello - I'm researching the Van Winkle family, my paternal line, and am interested in the patriarch of the family, Jacob Walichs. I'm also interested in honing my research skills and learning research techniques related to this time period as well as learning more about Dutch culture in colonial America.
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I am interested in joining this project, I’m trying to find info about the ship or points of departure and arrival of my Dutch ancestor who immigrated from the Netherlands to New Netherlands in the early to mid 1600s.  His name is variously spelled John/Jan Winans/Wynants/Wijnants, and he is believed to be the son of the landscape painter Jan Wynants II and his first wife (Luytgen?) I have read that Winans was born in Haarlem, NL in 1640, came to New Netherlands in or before 1653, and was subsequently involved in the establishment of Elizabethtown, NJ, but can’t find any details about his transit. He married Susannah Melyn, daughter of Cornelis Melyn, in 1643, and there is much information easily discovered about her family’s transit(s) due to Cornelis Melyn’s patroonship at Staten Island.
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