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WikiTree's New Netherland Settlers Project is our collaborative effort to develop and maintain high-quality genealogy information for the people of New Netherland and their descendants.

New Netherland was the 17th-century Dutch colony in eastern North America (mostly in the modern states of New York and New Jersey) controlled by the Dutch West India Company.  Many New Netherland settlers were Dutch, but quite a few of them came from other European places such as Germany, Scandinavia, France, England, Scotland, and the Mediterranean region; some were enslaved Africans; and indigenous Native Americans were part of their community. The scope of the New Netherland Settlers Project currently includes New Netherland descendants born as late as 1776, if they were part of a community where the Dutch culture of New Netherland was prevalent.

If you are interested in participating with this project, please answer this post to join us. In your answer, please tell us about why you are interested in New Netherland (include names of any specific ancestors or New Netherland surnames you are interested in) and tell us how you expect to contribute to the project.

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If you have questions about New Netherland or the project, you may find answers on the FAQ page or the New Netherland Settlers Project page. See our advice on reliable sources on the New Netherland Settlers Reliable Sources page and see additional project resources and sourcing advice on our New Netherland Genealogy Resources category. You may even find your ancestors on our Progenitors and Immigrants of the New Netherlands Settlers (though it is quite incomplete!)

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in Requests for Project Volunteers by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
edited by Ellen Smith
I would like to join the New Netherlands project to learn more about the history of this era and its people.  I descend from the Van Woggelum ancestry from For Orange.

I also do genealogy for a living and historical research and hope to dig into finding some information on my ancestors and others as well as history in this era/location.

Noreen Kruzich
Hi, I’d like to join.  I’m a descendant of Andries MacKans, MacKansch-1 from Scotland, who was the forefather of the McCance family in America.  I believe his wife was Gertrude Pickard Pickard-660, who was the daughter of Bartholomew Pickard Pickard-647.  I’d would just like to know more about this part of my family tree.
I am interested in joining the New Netherlands project. I am Landsman-55. My Grandmother was Edna Jane Van Benschoten. I found a lot of my Dutch ancestors back to the Vignes due to the efforts of many of you who traced the Van Benschoten (Bunschoten) line and the first boy born in New Netherlands. I would love to learn more and be part of this project. — L Landsman (Landsman-55)
Hello! I would like to join. My New Netherland family that I am researching currently are: Burghardt, Van Hoesen, Van Wie, Van Valkenburg, Klauw, Slingerland, Santvoord, Middaugh, Bergen, and Rapalje. I would like to contribute in helping research not only my families but others as well. I love tying things together and digging into things to solve mysteries and make connections. I am a mom, so I research in bits here and there, but I do love focusing on chunks at a time and am working hard to go back through my chart and document and re-verify everything that I have found or have been given by the previous generation of researchers in my family. I also recently found a New Netherlands connection in my husband's family. ~Sharman Rice (Lutz-3115)
Hello!  I am so excited to see this group and would love to join.  I have only recently found out that our family history reaches back this far, and I have become obsessed learning as much as I can about our roots.  My name is Julena Johnson Doudt, and my ancestors include the Crankheyte, Syboutzen, Ryder, deLint, Pieters, etc.  I have even found out that one of them was included in the 60 or so people who managed to escape the Massacre at Naarden.  (I am humbled by knowing that I would not exist if he hadn't escaped!)
Me please if you don't mind ,
Hello! I’m Laurie Cable Olsson, Cable-115. I was fascinated to discover my Dutch ancestors while researching several years ago. Some of them include Romeyn, Van Dyke, Wyckoff, Haegen, Dirckse, Janse.

I would love to collaborate with others on improving our ancestors profiles.

I am working on processing the backlog of requests that were posted as comments. [Folks: Please post your request by using the Answer this post button.]

A hearty welcome to the New Netherland Settlers project to John Diefenbach, Nathaniel Eaton, Kristin Robinson, Mitchell Wilcox.

You all have the badge now. smiley

More welcomes to new project members Jan Wink, Jared Crayk, Julena Doudt, and Laurie (Cable) Olsson. heart We look forward to your contributions.

Thank you very much, Ellen! Looking forward to participating in this project!

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My name is Nicholas Long. I do the heavy lifting for my wife's family history. Her great grandfather was James Madison Norris.  His obituary stated he was a "descendant of pioneer settlers who came to this country from Holland during the 17th century". So far I have been unable to find those pioneer settlers.
by Nicholas Long G2G Crew (350 points)
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Hi everyone, my name is Sue Covert and I am, of course, descended from Teunis Covert/Coeveres through, Hans/John, Bragon, then Lucas. Then the rest of my direct line includes Brokaw, Cornelius, Durieu/Duryea, LaFevere, Selover, Van Zandt, and Waldron. I have been researching for many years, but I am new to this site. I am fascinated by the early history and reading the stories of all these kin.
by Sue Covert G2G3 (3.7k points)
Just saw this post too. Sorry it took a month to get to your request.
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Greetings- my interest in finding my New Netherlands ancestry started with a French man (then briefly Canadian). Actually, it was his grandson, a veteran of the Revolutionary War, but that’s jumping ahead too far. I learned that the area he came to had a lot of Dutch settlers already, and he blended in. Some Family names- Philips, Hendricks, van Blarcum, Oosteroom, Lubberts, and either Roelofs or van Schalckwynk. Not sure yet about that.

The French, briefly- LeRoy and Relyea, both spelled various ways. Well, a lot of these were loosely spelled, so those are the ones I’ve found most often.

My purpose is to learn more about the individuals, and make my tree as error-free as possible. I find blatant errors all the time, even with current or recent facts. I try to get those corrected, too.

Well that enough, now you know. I’m having a lot of fun!

Regards, and good luck
by Mark Stein G2G Crew (350 points)
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I am working on Stout profiles and would like to join the group. Most recent are those who married Thomas Burroughs e.g. Zebulon Stout-172 Sr who married Charity.  There are four Charity's that married New Netherland Stouts--children of Jonathan and David Jr.

Sharon Hardman-759
by Sharon West G2G6 Mach 1 (17.6k points)

Sharon, you are already a member of this project (check your badges page to see -- you may need to scroll way down the page!).

It is wonderful to know that you are working on the Stout family. smiley That family seems to have quite a few interested descendants, and it is associated with some intriguing stories, some of which appear to be mythology, I am sure your input will be beneficial.

It was PPP and would not let me make the correction.  Thanks to you for fixing it.  The twelve patentees intermarried and just found info on the Burroughs/Burrowes/Burrows family who married Stouts.  

Relationship connections on a PPP profile can be edited by Project Leaders, Project Coordinators, and profile managers of the profile.

The project is not interested in monopolizing all editing activity on the profiles for which it is a manager. A project member who is actively researching an ancestral family may want to ask to be added as a profile manager on profiles of interest. This can be done by submitting a Trusted List request (in your request, explain what you are aiming to do) or (this is usually easier) send a private message to a Project Leader, including your email address.
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I would very much like to join the New Netherlands Project.  I descend from Jacobus James Van Winkle and Dorothy Thomas, through their son Alexander Van Winkle and Phoebe Coy.  Their son Simeon and wife Berlinda Hinton Van Winkle were my gg grandparents.  The old Van Winkle history doesn't list their daughter Rebecca, but she is enumerated with Simeon and Berlinda (Malinda) in Butler County, MO in 1860.  Simeon died before 1870, and Berlinda and Rebecca are in Alexander Co., IL.  In 1871, Rebecca married George Washington Bryant, my gg grandfather.
by William Powers G2G Crew (570 points)
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My name is Richard Bowman and my father is a decendent of Van Dykes (Dyck) of The Netherlands Settlers.  I would like to be part of your group. My Father was an only child and his father died when he was 5 years old so he doesnt know much about his family histroy. So i started to worki on our family tree at Ancestry retracing his ancesters. I have been using Wikitrtree to verify some of the profiles on Ancestry. I have now came to a point where it gets confusing with the names. I have two grandfathers that just vanish. I want to have my ancestery profille be correct as well.  My mother is also a decendent of John Taylor and I am hopeing I can get her information here as welI.  I think that this site will allow me to weed out the misinformation with some family trees.  Thank you for your time

Richard Bowman
by Richard Bowman G2G Crew (350 points)
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I would love to join the New Netherlands Settlers.  I am a new member of WikiTree and have recently broken through a brick wall to find that I have family in the Rhinebeck area who are descendants of New Netherland Settlers.  My New Netherland line starts with John W Welch, b. 1776, and Hannah Van Ette, b. 1779.  They had eleven daughters and three sons many of who had children living to adulthood! Their family trees include Van Ette, Van Wagener, Van Vredenberg, de Duytscher, and many more.  It has been interesting learning the history of New Amsterdam and its settlers.
by Karen St. Jean G2G1 (1.2k points)
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I don't know how many of my ancestors lived in the Colonies, but there were quite a few. The earliest one I found so far was Peter Buckelew in the 1600's. He came from Scotland, bought land in New Jersey and New York. This sticker was  on his biography which gave me the idea to join. I'm not very experienced with genealogy yet but I'm really enjoying learning and will do what I can to help if you'll have me!

Thank you!
by Robyn Forgy G2G5 (5.8k points)
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My name is Bob Dolsay. I’m connected to Krom, Roosa, Van Rosenfelt in New Amsterdam.
by Bob Dolsay G2G Crew (350 points)
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I did not know about my dutch heritage until only a few months ago. I am from the Darland family formerly known as the Dorlandt family and my ancestors were settlers in new Netherlands as early as 1640. I was born and raised in Texas so I was very surprised to see we migrated from New Jersey down south. I know very little of my dutch ancestors other than their names in the colony, Abraham Dorlandt, and his father Johanes Dorlandt, and then his father Jans. I do feel a very strong connection with my dutch heritage now and would love to learn more the culture and the story of my people.
by Tyler Darland G2G Crew (350 points)
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My New Netherland ancestors are Hans Keirstede and Sarah Roeloffson and probably many more.  I am hoping to research these.
by Karen Johnson G2G Crew (720 points)
+5 votes
Hello- I'd like to join the New Netherlands project, having ancestors who settled there.

Tilton-291 for example.

I'm updating my research sources, and have data to add to these profiles.  Thanks.
by Ronald Abarquez G2G1 (1.7k points)
+5 votes
I would like to join. My Dad's side is full of New Netherland settlers and my mom has a line that goes back to them as well. I'm still new on Wiki tree and still working on my tree and connecting with existing profiles.
by Sandy Burton G2G Crew (450 points)
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Hello! My name is Tracy Beauregard and I am excited to join the New Netherland Project group. Surnames I am researching are Ammerman/Amerman, Ouke, Brouwer, Van Aumack, Shaddle/Shaddel/Shadwel. I am trying to get more involved and active with WikiTree, and in this area of my research!
by Tracy Beauregard G2G Crew (350 points)
+5 votes
I would like to join this project since I've noticed several profiles for ancestors that I've done research on that could use a little bit of work to add citations and clear up ambiguities, etc.  A few of my ancestors were New Netherlands settlers who were either born in the Netherlands, or were Germans or Englishmen who happened to live in New Netherlands before the English took over.  Surnames include Dey (also called Duytz, Laurenszen, Lorrison, Lawrence, etc), Jans, Molenar, Hendricks, van Voorhees, van Couwenhoven, Kool, Luyster, Applegate, and Sawtell.  

Specifically I want to start by cleaning up the profile to correct the identity of his wife as well as his mother, and clear up the sources.

I have extensive research on this profile, and I have many original sources that I would like to be able to document.
by Patrick Murphy G2G Crew (480 points)
edited by Patrick Murphy
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If my internet research and Wikitree are correct, I have a veritable small town of New Netherland settlers, all ancestors leading back from the Meeker (my grandma's maiden name) branch of my tree -- a very explosive line. Most were very early settlers of New Amsterdam (NYC), some settled in or near Wiltwyck (Kingston). Surnames and Anglicized surnames include Van Etten, Westbroek, Roosa, Pels, Kool, Conrelissen, DeWitt, Van Keuren/Keulen, Ten Eyck, Jacobsen, Vernooy and a few others.

I'm mainly here to confirm the last 20-ish years of research. i doubt I have much new to contribute.



by Joe Smith G2G Crew (350 points)
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I would very much like to join this group. My adoptive mother, Bonnie Elaine (Abel) Munn, was the 3rd great-granddaughter of Oliver Abel (1773-1848) [Abel-3188], and I have reason to believe that Oliver's wife was Anna Vermilyea. The couple's son was known as John Vermillion Abel (or more likely as John V. Abel), and I think that John's middle name most likely is his mother's maiden name, or a corruption of it. The 1810 U.S. Federal Census for Unadilla, Otsego, New York has an "O. Abel" on the same page as a two "Vermiller" familes, headed by B. and G. Vermiller, respectively. It's tempting to believe that these are the families of Oliver and Anna with some of Anna's relatives nearby. My Oliver Abel, his wife Anna, and their children moved to Livingston County, Michigan from Wheeler, Steuben County, New York, in 1838. I would very much like to find the parents of both Oliver and Anna. There are many documents for both Abel and Vermilyea families, but I'm having a difficult time proving  a connection of these families to my Oliver and Anna. If I am able to prove the Vermilyea connection, I am eager to continue researching these lines as far back as possible.
by Debra Munn G2G1 (1.3k points)
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Hi,  I would like to join this group.  My family includes Laurens Duyts, Marritje Satyrs, Hendricke Schoonmaker, Hendricke Gerritse Van Ness, Teunis Cray, Maken VanDenBurchgraeff, Jan Delamater, johannes & Resolved Waldron, Jans Wouters Vanderbosch, Cornelius Wynkoop.  Looking forward to learning more about them and their life.  E.Davis
by Anonymous Davis G2G Crew (380 points)
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Being a descendant of New Netherland Settlers, frustration sometimes overwhelms my sense of accomplishment spanning the centuries. With like-minded folks who are interested in doing quality searches and sharing discoveries would be a joy worth celebrating!

Stillwell and Britton, are two of my New Netherland families. Binghelli/Binkley, Fiske, Rhodes, Crawford, Hungerford, Chilton, Gray, McMurdock, DeWathe/Wattes, Chapman, Moody, and many others make my research intriguing.

I've been a family genealogist for 50+ years, first bit by the bug at age 12 when my Great Grand Uncle visited with his plethora of family history. That was in the 1950's. History has been one of my passions, so I tickle my imagination with facts and data about the times and places involving my ancestors.

Writing family stories is one thing. Making them intriguing and fun to read requires more than mere dates and names. New Netherland Settlers is such a grand name! Combining my background in law, project management and communications degrees with my zeal to leave something for others drives my thirst to do better.

It seems this project could be a win-win for all concerned! Thank you,

Britton Bell from SW FL

by Britton Bell G2G Crew (660 points)
+3 votes
I would greatly appreciate being added to this group. I have become intrigued by all the Old Dutch ancestors that I have discovered since 2019. My family was completely unaware of their Dutch connection. Ever since, I've been researching them and learning about their lives and the history of their Colony. There are so many families that appear in my tree including Waldron, van Tassel, Syboutszen, van Wicklen, Storm, van Lent, Oosterhout, Mynderse, Hoogland, Dalsen, van De Water among them.
by Daniel Masters G2G Crew (300 points)

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