Shortcut for posting stickers and templates on profiles using <nowiki>

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I've run into this problem a few times and I just found a new shortcut, completely by accident.

The issue is when you want to post the text of a sticker or template on a page and you don't want the code to be recognized and turned into a sticker.

For example, lets say you want to post instructions of how to code a succession box on your free space page.

If you just put this in the space page bio text:

{{Succession box

|title = Very Important Person

|years = 2000 - 2010

|preceded-text = Following

|before = Previous Important Person

|succeeded-text = Followed by

|after = Next Important Person


It will appear like this:

The workaround is to add <nowiki>before the start of the code, and </nowiki> at the end of the code.

This will prevent the code from formatting but does not keep the lines straight and you end up with this:

{{Succession box |title = Very Important Person |years = 2000 - 2010 |preceded-text = Following |before = Previous Important Person |succeeded-text = Followed by |after = Next Important Person}}

The solution offered to me on G2G was to put <nowiki> at the start of every line and </nowiki><br /> at the end of every line.

And that works, but it is a lot of copy and pasting.

What I did learn just now is that if you completely bypass the <nowiki> and only put the line breaks at the end of each line, it sufficiently interrupts the code and presents it as it is written:


{{Succession box<br />

|title = Very Important Person<br />

|years = 2000 - 2010<br />

|preceded-text = Following<br />

|before = Previous Important Person<br />

|succeeded-text = Followed by<br />

|after = Next Important Person<br />


Displays this:

{{Succession box

|title = Very Important Person

|years = 2000 - 2010

|preceded-text = Following

|before = Previous Important Person

|succeeded-text = Followed by

|after = Next Important Person


Nnot sure how many will find this helpful but I thought I'd share it.

in WikiTree Tech by SJ Baty G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Neat discovery, SJ - I really, REALLY like it!  I hate to throw a damper on your really novel (as well as useful and valuable) hint, but I suspect that doing it will result in an addition to your "suggestion" list.  I have a few places where I have re-purposed wiki code to suit my needs, using line breaks, and it ends up throwing an error flag - something about start code without end code for the first line and end code without start code for the last line.

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I do formatting like this:

:<nowiki>{{</nowiki>Succession box
:|title = Very Important Person
:|years = 2000 - 2010
:|preceded-text = Following
:|before = Previous Important Person
:|succeeded-text = Followed by
:|after = Next Important Person

by AleŇ° Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (620k points)
selected by SJ Baty
Can you explain how that works?  What's the function of the no wiki insiade and outside the brackets {{ }} ?
Text within <nowiki> </nowiki> tags is not considered wiki formatting and is displayed as written.

That prevents Wikitree to recognize the text as template. Template without the {{ }} is just the text.

And the semicolon on each line tels WikiTree to start a new line. It also indents it a little and does smaller spacing between the lines.
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Yes! It's very fun! I made one of those free-space pages that I am always turning to. When I made it I just pasted the code twice and then slapped those <nowiki></nowiki> tags on the front and back, and voila!

I learned how to use them from when I started creating free-spaces of sources (books).

I included information on how to source as well as a bunch of stickers and stuff for my personal references. Other people can use it, or make their own.

I have even had people make suggestions of changes I should make or broken links.

by Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz G2G6 Pilot (591k points)

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