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Suggesting a Trans-Mississippi subcategory under the US Civil War. Under Trans-Mississippi, several campaigns need to be added including


-->Red River Campaign

----> Battle of Sabine Crossroads

------> 96th Regiment Ohio Infantry

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We just put the campaigns here:

I don't think we need that extra layer of categorization. 

I did add Battle of Sabine Crossroads.

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Well, it might not be important to you, but it is to me. The Army of the United States states on their record for my 2xggf Josiah V. Stevenson, "wounded Sabine Xroads, La. April 8th 1864, ball striking head of left humerus. Resection of humerus (4") April 12, 1864."

Confederate General Kirby Smith was the Commander of the Army of the Trans-Mississippi.

Skip over this campaign and you might as well ignore the Siege of Vicksburg, too.
The Battles can be added as needed.
I agree.  I can't keep up with all the categories and the multi-layers.  It doesn't make sense to add a Regiment under a Campaign category.  If this was done for every campaign, there would be thousands of regiments listed under each one in addition to the battles.  

That is why I give up on adding tags ---it is getting a little crazy.
Steven, I hear you! There is also spotty sub-categorization under campaigns and battles.

This isn't Wikipedia and I'm afraid our layers in wars is too intricate. People just want to add Grandpa's regiment category and/or a sticker to show he was part of that unit.
Natalie and Steven, I was making a suggestion. Fine and dandy if you just add the 96 OVI under the State of Ohio. But, y'all's comments are at the very least condescending and insulting.

Natalie, I suggest you back off snarky comments or risk losing better genealogists than apparently yourself.

Frankly, I find the Civil War Project to be utterly disorganized. Blowing off the Trans-Mississippi Region show a lack of knowledge. Sorry, if it's an inconvenience to suggest something on this project. I was under the impression it was in need of help.
You totally mis-read my intention.  I am not an expert at this wiki-format so I have a lot of problems using wiki-tree.  The more complicated it gets and the more tags that get thrown out there, it drives me away from making any changes.  

I like to study Civil War History and help others research their family's connection to the war.  I've used several on-line forums and the good ones have a well-organized outline that makes it easy to navigate.  I've gone on WikiTree and tried to add Regimental histories and short accounts of Battles that I thought would help the novice in their research.   It makes sense to list divisions, brigades and regiments under a battle.  And then lists all the battle credits within a Regiment's history.  However, a Campaign can include months of fighting and many battles which allows for units to come and go.

 So my comments were directed primarily towards "Management" and those who make these decisions.  I do not participate in on-line personal attacks.
I have no problem with not including the individual regiments in every skirmish. The Order of Battle for each side was staggerering when the collision of 21,000 forces took place on 8 Apr 1864, with the Confederates routing the Union. Unfortunately, for my "grandpa," he was in the hornet's nest on the Union side.

My interest was in shedding some light on the Trans-Mississippi (as the region had been known since the Louisiana Purchase) and the Red River Campaign/Expedition. Since my "grandpa" was injured and captured, I have studied the Red River Campaign vigorously.

When I toured Virginia during the Centennial (yes, I said Centennial), the statistic that I heard was:  90% of the Civil War battles were fought in Virginia.  I doubted that then and now for sure.  

The point is that I'm interested in the Western Theater.   For a long time, I didn't think it received enough attention.   Now, I seem to hear about it everywhere.  That may not be true but then it is where I live so I feel immersed in that part of the history.

I don't know quite as much about the Trans-Mississippi campaigns.  I can't remember the dates or the commanders.  And sometimes its hard to find the info that I'm looking for---either google or printed text.

So, no doubt this campaign does need to be documented and cross-referenced as best as possible.  

BTW, I have a 3rd cousin who has written one historical novel based upon one of our ancestor's service.  He then wrote another based upon his wife's ancestor.  Now, he is waiting for this 3rd book, which is a history (not a novel) about one of the Texas regiments that fought entirely in the Trans-Mississippi campaigns.  That will be the next book I plan to read.  


Please give me the name of the author and titles. I love historical novels. I'm afraid I'd of busted out laughing when I heard that comment about 90% of Civil War being fought in Virginia.

Lincoln needed to capture Shreveport to cut off the South's cotton trade. The mills in New England were starved for raw materials and none to happy with Lincoln. As a plan to secure their support and gain reelection, Lincoln ordered the Red River Expedition. The Union didn't count on the Texans who opened a can of whoop-a$$.

I was clueless about the Western theater until I took over my mother's research. She had gotten his military service record. Since that time, I have obtained battle maps and any military texts I could find concerning the Red River Expedition and Trans-Mississippi.

I'll send you my email if you'd like to continue the discussion.

Here are the titles to the books by Gary Cole.

"12 April", Published in 2014.  Novel about our Mississippi ancestor and his family as they try to survive the War.  One son dies in 1861 from disease, one son is captured and my ancestor is killed in the Battle of Fort Pillow.  It is a novel but it has 1400 historical footnotes.

"Three Hundred and Sixty-six Days at Fort Delaware" --  Published 2007.  A biography of a soldier and his regiment. 
James Byrd Foote enlisted as a private in Company A of the First Regiment, Georgia Regulars and transferred to Company C of the Seventh Georgia Infantry Regiment some four months later.  He participated in the following engagements:  Yorktown, Seven Pines, Oak Grove, Mechanicsville, Gaines’s Mill, Garnett’s and Golding’s Farms, Savage’s Station, Malvern Hill, Kelly’s Ford, Rappahannock Station, Thoroughfare Gap, Second Manassas, Ox Hill, Boonsborough, Sharpsburg, Suffolk, Gettysburg, Funkstown, Charleston, Chattanooga, Campbell’s Station, and Knoxville.  He was captured on November 28, 1863.

"Riding With the 19th Texas Cavalry in the War West of the Mississippi 1862-1865" - Not quite ready for purchase.  I think the publisher is Trafford.  

I'm not really researching the Trans-Mississippi---I just want to read Gary's latest book.  I have a lot of info on Mississippi units and battles in the area, including all the small cavalry battles in North Mississippi and West Tennessee.

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