What is my GEDcompare report, but I don't know what it should say or how to view it?

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It says my report is ready -- but that I can't upload it. I am just interested in knowing what this report can tell me (I am searching for members of my mom's family, she was adopted). Will this tool help?
in WikiTree Help by Heidi Hermens G2G Rookie (250 points)

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Hi Heidi and Welcome to WikiTree.

You might want to take a look at this page as it has some tips, hints and links to WikiTree Help pages to assist you in transitioning your GEDCOM file to WikiTree. Especially useful for the newer user of GEDCOMpare and WikiTree itself.

GEDCOM File Usage Primer

This should help further answer your question and possibly some you haven't thought of yet when you start using GEDCOMpare.

I strongly suggest you take a look at various existing WikiTree Profiles to get a feel of what we are trying to accomplish here.  WikiTree is bit different in how information is presented than other sites or programs.  There is a link to Examples of Good Profiles on that page.

And Kristina's answer is best for your question on help in finding relatives if there is an adoption in your history.  Click on Edit on your Question and at the bottom where it reads Surnames and project tags (e.g. smith, van_dam, mayflower):   type in adoption_angels and save your question.  This will let the folks here on WikiTree who specialize in this know you would like assistance on this.

I wish you good luck on this.

by LJ Russell G2G6 Pilot (169k points)
selected by Susan Laursen
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Hello Heidi, here is the link to the info about GEDCOMs


I believe GEDcompare is part of the process when uploading a GEDCOM file.

Do you know any details about your Mom's birth family, having names, dates and locations is what will help you locate her family.  You should go back to your question and put a tag on it for "Adoption Angels", folks in that special group should be able to help you with your search.
by Kristina Adams G2G6 Pilot (184k points)
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GEDcompare is a tool to help you see which of the people you have in your GEDCOM are already on WikiTree. You will go through them person by person and look at the matches WikiTree shows you and decide whether or not they match. Once you've gone through the entire report, you will have the opportunity to add any new people in your GEDCOM to WikiTree. A profile will automatically be created, but you will have to "clean" it. Some of the sources and information don't format especially well. It is only one way of creating profiles. The other way is to manually add your people one by one, adding sources, and writing the biography as you go. It's up to you. My personal preference is the manual method, but many people start with the GEDCOM-created profile. You will know after you do one or two by each way which method you prefer.

Now, whether it can help you find your mom's family. I don't know. I do know if you add your information to WikiTree and continue to research you may make connections which can give you more clues to your mom's family. What may help more, though, is getting your and/or your mom's DNA tested and finding people who match. A person who didn't know who her father was found me that way last year and we were able to put together what little she knew to determine that my mom's brother was her father.
by Nelda Spires G2G6 Pilot (274k points)

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