Finding Huffman-3897 and Adams-40716 on WT

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surprise Baffling query from someone about those two people and I don't know how to find those those two at WT ... do I use FIND only that didn't seem to have a "find this profile" on it ... I tried google Huffman-3897, wikitree and that didn't produce a URL for him/her and tried google and WT both for Eliza Jane Harris (1700+ hits at WT no joy on google) ... how do I find these to WT profiles?? 

I don't recognize the ID nor the names and the way the query was worded I have no idea who these people are. Were. 

She did mention 1930 census with Richard Haze Caldwell her widowed son in law and I suppose I could hunt for that census, get a read on when and Eliza was born and hunt Eliza on familysearch and track backward to find those two WT profiles (which I don't recognize) and ... 

I thought today would be nice and quiet and I could research common law marriages and bigamy and such ... and how to deal with these in profiles at WT ... 

in Genealogy Help by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (451k points)

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Go to any profile page and then replace the wikitree id at the end of the URL with the one you want to find.

Your profile page:

Replace Smith-157141 with  Huffman-3897:

Then hit enter to go to the new URL.

Adams-40176 has been merged into Huffman-3897.

by Deb Durham G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
selected by Rubén Hernández

crying Eh. All that maneuvering leaves me with the PM's page and still no clue or leave me sitting on mine 

I looked for Harris on my watchlist and Adams also -- the ONE Harris (marital surname) is a 1/2 sister to one of my 1/2 kin -- they had different mothers -- the ONE Adams (marital surname of Howell) is the spouse of a bro of my mother's grandfather? 

The HARRIS is Annie S. Lawson-7506 m.George Harris, and THIS Annie was the step-daughter of Harriet Mary MEDLOCK Lawson Smith (my granny, my father's mother) ... 

The HARRIS does have a remote connection to the HUFFMAN line 

I can't get past the PM's lock either to find out who or what she merged and it DOES indicate changes to MY profiles only ... which ones? There's no indication THERE now they are MERGED ... and since I can't see who her ancestors were, I'm lost 

I'm back adrift on the sea of ignorance and/or confusion or both 

Well, I think this is where I tell her she knows more about these people than I do because I don't have any of them on my watchlist and therefore don't have any information on them. And sign it Susan "Baffled" Smith. 

ANYWAY thank you Deb, that's USEFUL tip for locating someone on Wikitree when the ID is all you have to work with, and I can see how that will be helpful 

Susan, if you want to send her my way, I'll see if I can help her.
Okay, hallelujah, I will PRIVATELY send her email stuff to you, her private email

I was able to find an obituary for Eliza (Harris) Fletcher, aka Huffman. She died 18 Jun 1930 in Homestake, Montana.

Clipped from The Montana Standard, 19 Jun 1930, Thu,  2


I posted a message on her profile with the information and a link to this thread. smiley

No doubt this will be helpful to the woman who who emailed me but I still don't have these new names nor the previous one on my watchlist.

I'm sure there's no mistaking Smith-157141 for any other Susan Smith on WT, the ID itself is mine, but I just don't have these people on my watchlist. Even though that merge was said to affect my watchlist.

I have HUFFMAN relatives, my granny was the d/o Malissa O. C. HUFFMAN and Charles Medlock

Does this sort of thing happen very often? Like 1 in 1,000 times or 1 in 10,000 times? Merge happens and co-incidently people disappear from your watchlist?

The names do not at all resonate in my mind the ones she mentioned in her email.

That may be coincidental. She may have reached out to you simply because she had seen your name in G2G or elsewhere while looking around WikiTree. wink

devil Well I HOPE it was co-incidental to the merge of whomever that was AND to my total lack of any of those folk on my watchlist because the way she worded her epistle syntax semantics and vocabulary sentence structure it SOUNDED very much like I'd know who these people were ... 

She was on my Smith-157141 when she emailed; she's got her own page padlocked so I have no clues about her connections or relatives 

What with one thing and another April has been 'intense" -- all of 2019 has been -- so I wasn't sure if I was demented or amnesiac or just freaking out because I could not identify who she was talking about .... hopefully it's my 'normal' freaking out because at 70+ the other two conditions are threats that loom (I'd rather be skittish than senile, in other words) 

At any rate she'll get some help finding this Eliza Jane Harris whatever marital surnames -- which wasn't that clearly stated -- you read it Deb, I sent it to you ... 

yes Deb, got email from ecstatic Arlene about the Obit YOU discovered and I told her it was YOU that found it ... and she should log in to Wikitree and then to forum (URL provided) and thank YOU ... she might do so

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