ATTN: the NORTRE-DAME Cather is on fire

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asked in Photos by Susie Brown G2G6 (6.7k points)

Part of it has collapsed.  What a loss.  sad

Here's a link to the BBC's report:

This is catastrophic. So sad about it.
I have been watching the telly and crying my eyes out! The good news is that the stone structure stands. The sad news is that so much of the building has been demolished by the fire. I am thankful that we saw Notre Dame in 2011. I have been sending positive intention for firefighters and all Parisians at the very tragic time. No deaths or serious injuries (except to the hearts of all people over the loss of this magnificent structure). Sincerely, Carol (Baldwin-3428)
I just saw a report that there is no one who is sure what all got moved to storage for the work being done. There is still a hope that nothing was lost. Keeping good thoughts that everything that had been inside is safe in storage.

If you scroll down this page

There is a sliding point that lets you see before/after 

I once upon a time grew a bush called' the crown of thorns' description: green leaves little red flowers a beautiful bush!

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Now the whole roof has collapsed, the entire frame is burning and even the pews are on fire.

My sympathies to the French people, and the many people on Wikitree have french roots as my family does.  As a religious symbol, it is a sad day for the Christian world.
answered by Cindy Cooper G2G6 Mach 3 (37.6k points)
It is so sad about the fire and the structure and how old it is.. More importantly, I hope that nobody gets hurt. Roofs and buildings are replaceable. Precious life is not.
No reports so far of death or injuries, thankfully.
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This is just terrible!!!!  A church that is over 900 years old!!!!

(it was built in the 1100s according to the reports)

The authorities claim it was started by accident. How can they have determined that already?
answered by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (522k points)
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Sounds like the news media speculating.  The authorities have just opened an investigation.
Robynne, The church was undergoing renovation and there were workers on the scene when the fire started and they were eyewitnesses to the accident that started the fire.

Nan, an investigation would be standard even with an accident.

"Nan, an investigation would be standard even with an accident."

Well, of course it would.  That's standard anywhere.

Why was the answer by Robynne Lozier flagged? There was nothing offensive or derogatory said and her statement is true. They said it was built in the 1100's and at the time of the report and I still think it is still believed that it started by accident where they are remodeling.
Jerry ,I was reading this on my phone. I may have flagged it by accident as I scrolled.  It happens sometimes.
Thanks Trudy :o)  WikiTree may ask you to remove the flag if you do not believe that anything is wrong.I accidentally added one and they were kind enough to explain it to me.

They don't know what caused this. There will be an investigation.

To be honest I much prefer seeing news announcing that the fire was accidental (which seems the most probable at this stage, given the renovation that was ongoing under the roof as mentioned by Dale - thanks Dale!!) to all the conspiration theories and other various accusations that have been flying around, unfounded.

They have officially opened the investigation for "unvoluntary destruction by fire" (sorry for the rough translation from French). This is of course subject to change as the investigation progresses.

Again, all the rest is speculation at this stage.

They do not know what the cause is, you are correct. what I saw of the tragedy, it was an initial discussion. I hope we find the truth. That fire was so intense that it may never be found. It seems logical though.

Isabella unfortunately there will always be conspiracy theorists. Whenever there is something major that happens in this world, there are people  that like those "theories" and exploit them. I hope and pray that they never take away from the religious  and even the worldly beauty of the church. It is beautiful architecture and a long history and literary value.

I am not Catholic but I do appreciate divine and earthly beauty. I was so happy when I heard that they have a plan to rescue the art in case anything happened. I hear parts of the building structure were saved also. Like I have said in all my replies. Thank God that there is no loss of life. an amazing accomplishment in itself. Considering it is Holy Week for those that observe, there must have been quite a few people there or near by at that time.
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This is terrible and old history church are burning watching it in tv at the moment and it really make me so very sad.

Visit the church in Paris some years ago it was so amazing to se.

What a great lost
answered by Susan Laursen G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
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As a Catholic and someone who loves history, this makes me feel positively sick.
answered by Thomas Fuller G2G6 Mach 3 (37.7k points)

I am not French, nor am I a Roman Catholic, but this loss to the world is breaking my heart.

I think this article (again on the BBC) goes a way to sharing what it means to so many: What Notre-Dame means to the French

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This is a true loss to the world as well people of France and the catholic faith.  Having stood in front of this  majestic building, my heart ached and I just had to turn off the tv.  This is a irreplaceable historic site.
answered by Ralph Shaw G2G Crew (480 points)
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Just woke up and this is so shocking! How heartbreaking for the French people.
answered by Marion Poole G2G6 Pilot (294k points)
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This heartbreaking to see such a cherished place in ruins. I've been there twice and each time loved being immersed in the history of this beloved icon of Paris.
answered by Alex Stronach G2G6 Mach 8 (80.1k points)
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I have started a free space page for it. It is still under construction but feel free to look.

[[Space:Notre Dame Cathedral|Notre Dame]]

Here is the page address:

answered by Lisa Murphy G2G6 Mach 3 (37.8k points)
edited ago by Lisa Murphy
Not only the lost of great historical architecture but the arrr housed there.
Not sure how much, if any art and artifacts have been destroyed, much of it was moved for the renovation. They are still trying to determine that
Thank you for doing this, Lisa. Tragedies of this sort, particularly of historic significance (and a World Heritage Site), remind us that we are all family and we are all connected. I just figured out the address of the President of France and am sending a donation to help rebuild. It is not much, maybe 20 euros left from a visit a few years ago, but every euro, penny or sou will help. Again, thanks for doing this. Carol (Baldwin-3428)
No problem, I appreciate your appreciaton. Really needed it today. I am currently looking for a new home so i can not contribute money wise but I am very into history and family. I can do my part through things like this. Found photos (on the page) of Princess Diana and Richard Nixon. I got so into it as soon as I started.

I had looked at my daughter and she read my mind. I got out "I should" and she smiled and said "yeeessss!" And the rest is history. hehe
Lisa Murphy I am not sure but I think that the vice mayor was saying that they have a plan fir the Cathedral just in case something happens. He also said there were trucks to carry artifacts away. He seemed rather positive and sure about himself.  I do not know how much was rescued. I do know that they removed statues from the roof while it was being renovated also a couple of weeks ago.  I say to everyone reading these messages that all of the people inside appear to be accounted for and that is the most important thing.
Yes, they are starting new renovations. That is why they took the statues and other stuff out of the cathedral. The news said all might have come out but they were not sure yet.

Last I heard there was only one serious injury and that was to a firefighter.
Last news update I read said the stained glass was destroyed.  That in itself is a major loss of art.
Yes it is, that was the largest one made in the world in the 13th century, the Rose Window. It was actually removed at the beginning of WWII because german soldiers were threatening to break it. It was removed and then replaced after the war ended. It is sad it made it all those hundreds of years and now it is gone.
Some good news...Selma Hayek's husband, a French industrialist, is donating 100 million euros toward the Notre Dame restoration! I found 50 euros from my travel to France in 2011 and mailing it tomorrow. I'm sending on behalf of wikitree. Notre Dame is a World Heritage and in our collective DNA. Thanks again for doing this site for collective grieving and hope. Carol (Baldwin-3428).
A family member just found a post by CNN. If correct, it says the Rose Window, Organ,Bell and twin bell towers are all safe, as well as the Crown of Thorns, Tunic of Saint Louis and other major works. Despite the great loss, it is not all gone!!
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The Crown of Thorns! Older than the church, and the religious significance, especially this time of year!

My tears are flowing. crying

answered by Cheryl Hess G2G6 Pilot (204k points)
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