Who are the Leaders now?

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I see the Leader badge has morphed into Project Leader.

Does this mean Leaders who aren't running projects are being jettisoned?

There's also a new Team Leader badge.

So are Team Leaders members of the Team?

Are Team Leaders Leaders?

Are they replacing Project Coordinators?
asked ago in Policy and Style by RJ Horace G2G6 Pilot (444k points)
Another mind-boggling discussion on WikiTree. When will we ever learn?

5 Answers

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Could there be a "help" tag, and if you follow it, you get fed all changes to help pages?
Hear, hear RJ.
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Project Coordinators still exist.  They manage any number of teams within their Project, which are each headed up by a Team Leader.  

Team Leaders are not "Leaders", nor are they replacing Project Coordinators.
answered ago by Ros Haywood G2G6 Pilot (551k points)
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"Does this mean Leaders who aren't running projects are being jettisoned?" No. It's just a new name for "Leaders." Leaders are required to lead/colead a project, so it's just a name change.

Team Leaders are leaders of teams within the scope of a project. In Categorization, we have 4 badged Team Leaders.

Project Coordinators are still coordinating. 

answered ago by Natalie Trott G2G6 Pilot (421k points)
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So Team Leaders aren't on the Team and aren't Leaders.  Perhaps a less confusing name could be chosen.

Next question is, can a bunch of people make themselves one of these non-Team Teams without being organized by a Project?
answered ago by RJ Horace G2G6 Pilot (444k points)
Communication, RJ.  It's called communication.  If you wanted to set up your own team within a project, you would communicate with the Project's leadership before you went ahead.
I read his comment to indicate he is asking about setting up a team outside of the bounds of a project.

RJ, my understanding is the project teams are by definition part of a project. They don't exist outside of a project
Teams are part of projects, so no.  :)
If you wanted to set up a team outside a Project, you would have to set up a Project first...
What about all the teams that do exist outside of projects … like for all the challenges?  or are challenges a project?  I thought I saw somewhere that they have team leaders.
They are not Projects themselves.  They are part of the Profile Improvement Project.
Does that mean they are sub-projects of PIP and that makes it ok for them to have team leaders?

To quote one of my favorite authors, "it gets curiouser and curiouser".
Challenge teams do not have team leaders. They have team captains.
Except in Virginia, where they have team colonels.
I thought that was Kentucky where the colonel is

not that I wanna brag, but in Alabama we're gonna have team generals with 4 stars
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I'll put it another way.  Since there's obviously nothing to stop members forming unofficial teams, what's the advantage of being an official team?
answered ago by RJ Horace G2G6 Pilot (444k points)

RJ, me, me, me … pick me for your team … purty pleeeez

oh goodness gracious now............surprise

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