885 Using Top Level category Just got hit by a few and don't understand why? [closed]

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Just got 14 of the 885 Using Top Level category for Category:United States Army, World War I  and unsure why as I was under the impression this is a roll up category where Profiles can be placed if a sub-category is not available to suit the Profile Name's actual service unit.

Not that I really mind as most of these Profiles are from when I just started using Categories and was unsure of creating new ones where needed.  I know now and this does give me a list to go back and update.  Always a silver lining if you look. ;)

Just more of a question on why an error on a Roll Up Category?


Upon further review, Category:United States Army, World War I now says it is both a High Level and a Roll up category????

closed with the note: Problem Solved. Thanks Natalie.
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There is likely a subcategory for a service corps (Army, Navy, etc.) and/or regimental unit.
by Kathy Rabenstein G2G6 Pilot (265k points)
Hi Kathy,

A Roll Up Category for Military Categories is a Service Branch specific Category for a Specific War.  I know these men were in the Army in WW I, but the records I had at the time did not at times specify exactly which unit they served in, just Army.  Or when I created the category I did not feel versed enough in creating a subcategory to fit them into.  In these situations, this Category is sort of a holding bin until you can either find the data or create a subcategory.

As I check, I will probably find some belong in the American Expeditionary Forces Category instead of this Category.

Military Categories have a pretty strict hierarchy that must be followed on either using or adding a category.
Can you help me fix the error on my grandfather's WWI Category. I don't understand what to change. Perkins-12148.

Thank you
Love to Dee, but one slight problem.  You have Roy in the 126th Field Artillery Battalion and no Source to signify this.  I can find references to a unit named the 126th Field Artillery Regiment but not Battalion.  As Roy was born in New York and that Regiment was organized in Wisconsin in 1917, I need some thing to help here.

Possibly he was in the 1st Battalion of that Regiment?  Just want to check your source for this info to make sure he is placed in the correct unit.
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I had the same problem then I looked at the whole category thing more closely and found that the "high level" categories are general overall starting points and that to find where the profile belongs we have to look a little bit and narrow things down to the more specific things - so if you have a navy person - you do not put them in Navy - that category is for all the different divisions within the Navy - we must look what country, what location or locations, what rank and what ship etc - those are where the profiles go - upper level is for organization

so Admirals do not go with Chief Petty Officers and in the Army generals do not go with privates
by Navarro Mariott G2G6 Pilot (147k points)

Military Categories are a hard task master.

United States Armed Forces is a High Level Category

United States Army is a sub category of the above, but still a high level category.

  • United States Army, World War I
  • United States Army, World War II
  • United States Army, Korean War
  • Are examples of Mid level or Roll Up Categories as subcategories of United States Army.
    • Divisions, United States Army, World War I
    • This is a high level category as a subcategory United States Army, World War I
      • 83rd Division, United States Army, World War I
      • This is a final Low Level Category as a subcategory of Divisions, United States Army, World War I

The use of the Roll up category is that there are times when you know what branch and what war they fought in, but not the exact unit.  But this seemed to change to the Category:United States Army, World War I as it now says it is both a High Level and a Roll up category now that I looked at it with a more discerning eye.

I don't know why it's a Top Level AND a roll-up. SHould not be that way.
Did somebody accidentally make it Top Level or is it not now a Roll Up Category?  You're the boss Natalie.  I just work here?  LOL

No, it wasn't an accident.

In June 2017, the category simply said

 "Please add profiles to their unit when it's known.

Otherwise, add the profile to the narrowest category, ie, the first one that meets Regiment, Division, Corps, Army

  • 1st Infantry Regiment, United States Army, World War I
  • 1st Infantry Division, United States Army, World War I
  • American Expeditionary Force (AEF) if served in Europe
  • United States Army, World War I if served elsewhere

In August 2017 the language "roll-up category" was added. 

On 5 Apr 2019, it was made a top-level, probably because of the numbers of profiles attached. I've been clicking on random profiles and finding a sticker with a units= parameter but no category for the unit has been added. So, making the category a top level is causing people to look at their suggestions to see if there is a lower level category they could use. (And causing several posts to be made in g2g.)

The problem is that for some profiles,the unit isn't going to be known. Maybe the only fact known from something like an obit is that the person served in WWI. In that case, the category needs to be United States Army, World War I. 

I did create a category for this man: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Penrod-428

He worked in a dangerous area!

The problem here is the Great Wars Sticker is placing anyone who does not have the |unit= filled in is automatically placed in in the category that corresponds to their |branch= info.

I checked a few more and there is no {{Category:United States Army, World War I]] in those I checked and yet they are in that category.  I changed one sticker from |branch= United Sates Army to United States Navy and bingo, he was in United States Navy Category.

So the {{Top Level}} should be removed from the United States Army, World War I Category.  It is a roll up category by the Military and War Help sheet on creating categories and not a Top Level category by definition.  I think the Top Level was added by mistake.

And your last paragraph is correct in why it should be a roll up category, if you don't know the exact unit, you need to put them somewhere and the Great War Sticker will do it anyways if used on the Profile.

I am going to retag this question with military and war as well.

Thanks Natalie for the timeline on that category.

Thanks for that Natalie for Penrod/  And the source too. yessmiley

You're welcome, LJ. I'm also trying to find units for some profiles I created. I'm glad I have newspapers.com right now because some of the articles do contain unit names.

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