Yet another handwriting request

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I have another problem handwriting query.  I've arrowed the two place names I'm wanting to know.  One is in Ireland, and the one directly below looks to be an English shire. (Cheshire, ????tershire  Gloucestershire?) I've tried until my eyes went blurry.



asked in The Tree House by Melanie Paul G2G6 Pilot (136k points)
In order top to bottom looks like Cambridge, Limerick, Shropshire Lanarkshire and Fifeshire
I'm pretty sure about Limerick, not so sure about Shropshire
Cambridge and Lanarkshire I could understand .. but they're the brackets!  I need the two between them!

Limerick, huh.  I can kind of see that now, but no way did it look like it earlier.  I would have guessed that last letter as a "d", not a "k".
I agree with David. The 'k' is unusually large but it's definitely a 'k'.

Thank you so much to everyone who gave input.  yes smiley

Sometimes the extra eyes are really needed because the longer you stare at something, the less you see.

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Could you post the link for the full page so we can see the context and other places for comparison?


answered by Jo Fitz-Henry G2G6 Mach 1 (11.2k points)
The ship's list?

Uh .. gimme a few minutes .. I'll need to look it up again.  (I've switched computers and the link is on the laptop.)
So it's place of birth? Who are William and Jane ? Can they be sourced easily?
Not easily, no.  He was supposedly born in Derrycorry South, Co. Armagh, but I have found NOTHING to confirm that.  I have no idea where she was born, or where they married.  I have their deaths in Queensland, and his remarriage.  (I could not find any children for them, either.)  I went to the assisted immigrants lists on a hunch.  He's the right age, from Ireland, with the right-named wife, and going to Brisbane, so I'm working a 99% hunch I have the correct couple.

I take it that he is William Gilpin Watt who married Sarah Ellen Chandler in Qld in 1889 and Jane Habgood in Limerick, Ireland in 1852. he born  c 1830. Jane the daughter of Jonah Habgood. Marriage is on FS. The other county is probably an irish county.
Also on Findagrave, William is 182321808 and Jane is 182321734

I also concur with Joe and Graeme on  the mis-spelled Glostershire.

I believe I found Jonah Habgood b 1808 Wiltshire. d. 1886 Gloucestershire.
I haven't looked at findagrave.  I usually get next to nothing from it.

I cannot check fs.  I am limited to BMD searches and whatever I can figure out from newspaper notices and non f.a.g. cemetery searches.  (I usually do pretty well, too.)

I have the 2nd marriage info .. and the six kids from that.  It was the origins I wanted.
Melanie, shoot me to the profiles and I will add the sources I found, if you like.

So I'd be pretty safe with Limerick and Gloucestershire.  All I need now is the marriage and the births.

I figured he was born about 1830/31 because of the age on the gravestone (Warwick Cemetery), and she'd be about the same given the age on the passenger list.

Oy.  cheeky

But but but .. then I can't claim it for sourcerereringinging.  :(
As soon as I found he had a 1st marriage, I knew I'd be creating that profile.  Just for completion's sake.
@ David .. message sent.

Eek!  Huge RED warning!  cheeky

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Limerick. The d you are seeing at the end is just the first part of the "k". If you look at Lanarkshire you'll see the same full letter k.

Second one is a bit harder . I think it could be "Glostershire" ie a phonetic mis-spelling of Gloucestershire.
answered by Joe Farler G2G6 Mach 5 (52.3k points)

Its these people who think they just HAVE to make all those curlicues and flourishes!  Why didn't they think ahead and know that we would need to understand what was written

Yes, :-) and their crossing the "t" is a bit excessive too !
I agree with Joe -- it does look like Glostershire.
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Hello Melanie,

Firstly credit to David for Limerick County Ireland. Strange "L" by this census taker but clearly the same in Lanarkshire below and in Laborer.

For the second query I suggest Glostershire rather than Shropshire. The letter "S" by this census taker can be seen in Son.


answered by Graeme Rose G2G6 (7k points)
It's not a census taker .. it's whoever compiled the passenger list on the John Fieldin.  (I think he should have gone back to school!)
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Limerick looks right to me, but the one below it looks rather like "Glostershire"
answered by Russell Gerrard G2G Crew (890 points)
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It appears to be  Gloucestershire. Some letters tend to run close together.

answered by
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Bottom one looks to be "Gloucestershire."
answered by G B G2G3 (3.1k points)

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