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closed with the note: Great Chat, everyone! See you in TWO WEEKS!
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
closed by Pip Sheppard

Greetings, WikiChatterers, and welcome to the Weekend Chat!

Posting this a little early due to lightning in the area. If I don’t answer you right off the bat, it is because I’m offline to protect my computers.

On the Home Front: Here in Cathey’s Creek we’ve had more rain (and are expecting more today, and the creek is about two feet from cresting. We are still repairing some of the damage from the flooding that occurred, and I was out this a.m. sealing off the four vents in the front of our house… just in case. My heart goes out to all of you who live in the Blessed Realm who are also experiencing this very serious storm.

And now for a special message to all my fellow members on WikiTree

On the Genealogy Front:  Today is my One Year Anniversary of receiving my confirmation as a member of WikiTree! I was greeted, confirmed, and followed-up on by three members of the Greeters.  This may seem like a small thing, but to me it was a HUGE discovery! WikiTree wasn’t just a site, it was people! It seems so long ago! So… here’s some things I want to say about the past year:

If I were to start naming members who helped me to become a better genealogist there wouldn’t be enough room here AND I’m sure I’d still leave some folks out! That’s just to say that WikiTree members believing spirit of collaboration and having the willingness to assist others in this community accomplished this.

I remember the first time I had a personal communication from a member. I posted a photo of my grandfather in the Mt. Holly Band (ca. 1909). Grandpa had written down the names of the men with whom he played. A WikiTreer jumped on it and started looking for them and found some great information, including one man whose daughter married into a collateral line of my grandmother’s.

I believe that one of the most important things I was able to participate in this past year was the Orphan Trail of the England Project. Two very wonderful and patient Trailblazers led me through the Trail, and I learned more about how to do genealogy rather than always asking someone else to do it for me.

I have made friends in so many different countries, as well as coast to coast in the States. I’m thinking of one that I nicknamed The Texas Ranger who has become a mentor and personal friend. Another member in Missouri saw that I was having such a difficult time with DNA that she offered to talk to me on the phone so she could walk me through Gedmatch. Yet another member has spent (an inordinate amount of) time with me on coding sources and the use of spreadsheets. Another member and I send photos of our families’ goings-on to each other on a regular basis. And The Greatest Gang (my fellow Greeters) always keep my spirits up. Such are just a few of the very many examples of relationships I have been able to discover and enjoy, and they all started here on WikiTree.

We laugh and call each other “cousins,” and the primary purpose of WikiTree is genealogy, but truly, this community has become like a second family for me, and I am forever grateful to all of you who share your lives with me, genealogically and personally, on the Weekend Chat, on G2G, within projects, and via email. I am a blessed man, and I just wanted you all to know that.

There is so much more that I want to say, but there is just not enough room for it all, so… Everyone, enjoy the Chat!

Pip, this storm is a doozy! We got the worst of it through here about 4 a.m.--lots of lightning and thunder that was rattling the windows. Stay safe!

Happy "one year WikiTree Anniversary"!!! You know and do so much, I'd have assumed you'd been here forever. You've accomplished so much in just a year! Thanks for all you do! I so look forward to seeing you in our weekend chats and catching up.
I thought of you, Nelda, while watching the Weather Channel this morning. It really is a doozy of a storm! So far, so good here. The creek is up and down depending on how hard it’s raining. The lightning has subsided for the moment.

And... you’re welcome! It is a privilege and a pleasure to be a part of this community!
Happy Anniversary to you. I'm sorry if this is rude but every time I read your name I think of the wonderful series of books about Pippi Longstocking. I loved those as a child. She counted funny.

We happen to live about thirty feet ABOVE our Molalla river so we never worry about flooding. Happy repairing.
Happy first year anniversary Pip!  You've sure accomplished a lot in one short year.  

Stay safe in the stormy weather.
Now that’s a new one, Betty. I usually get the Dickens reference, Pip in Great Expectations.

I had to look up the Molalla River in Google Maps. Good thing you’re up high.
Happy Anniversary Pip!! and again, thanks for hosting.
Thanks for hosting, Pip! We the WikiTree Members are the ones that are blessed that you chose to become one of us. Congratulations on the one-year anniversary.
Happy Anniversary Pip !!!  and thanks for hosting.  I will be thinking of you as it rains here as well.  But no worries of flooding for us.
You had two trailblazers?  I had only one!  Oh and happy one year anniversary.
Congratulations.  You have already made a wonderful difference to WikiTree.  Thank you.  Interestingly, it is also the anniversary of the "Shot her around the world."  19 April 1775.
@Peggy: Well, I had one at a time. I took so long, my first moved to another position. Both were fabulous!
@Michael: I missed that date completely. Shoulda known.

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Happy Anniversary Pip, so glad you found Wikitree, you have been a great help to me on many occasions, thank you.
by Marion Poole G2G6 Pilot (632k points)
Marion, I just gotta say that I admire your ability and willingness to assist so very many members on G2G.
Thanks Pip
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This week we celebrated our 59th wedding anniversary. Next year, should we have the stamina, it will be 60. My nearest and dearest could ask HM to send us a telegram. Always shied away from the idea of having to ask someone to say Happy Anniversary, seems so undignified, but it has been suggested that it would be a superb source document. Re-thinking my entire position on this. Are there any telegrams from HM on Wikitree yet?
by C. Mackinnon G2G6 Pilot (206k points)
Happy Anniversary! Wow! 59 years is super. Definitely you should get the telegram from HM--that would be so very cool!
Happy Anniversary, C!
A most Happy Anniversary, CK! Yes, go for the telegram! How cool. (We Americans are too easily impressed by things like this, but that really is cool!)
Happy Anniversary!  I would go for the telegram, do it for the great-great-grandkids. How generous is that?
First and foremost Happy Anniversary!

HM is Her Majesty? I don't know if there are already telegrams of Monarchs on Wikitree, still haven't run into one. But I know something else:

It was late 1997, end of November, beginning of December when I had a letter in my postbox... ?? Royal Mail? Where do I get from a letter from Great Britain?? I opened it and it was a Thanksgiving card from the Royal Family. When Princess Diana died, I was accidently just in Berlin. And so I went to the British embassy.... It was a Sunday morning, so it was closed, but if it had been open, you would have had problems to come in. Hundreds of pictures, flowers and candles, and it was getting more and more. My thoughts went to the boys, William and Harry. I took a normal sheet of paper I had in my bag and wrote them a letter. It turned out to be a long one, but I so didn't care, I simply wrote and wrote. And when everything was full, I found a bit space on the side to write there my address. And this is why about three months later there was this card in my mailbox. Needless to say I still have that card somewhere :)
Happy Anniversary!!
Happy Anniversary! Great accomplishment. I did find the marriage date for a ggg uncle from his anniversary party writeup in the newspaper.
Absolutely wonderful!!!!   Of course you were only 10 years old when you got married, right???
59th Anniversary!!!! Congratulations!
Congratulations C... 59 years!!!  Outstanding.
How lovely, Jelena. Time to find it and put a copy on your profile!
You don't get a telegram anymore. You get a nice card with a picture of the Queen.Your nearest and dearest also get a confirmation on very smart Buck House stationery . You need a copy of the marriage cert to apply for it (which from a nearest and dearest point of view means that unless you buy a copy, it is unlikely to be a surprise )
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Pip, Great message, your enthusiasm shines through. So glad you're here, you are one of the good ones. Here's to a fabulous second year.

My output has dropped a bit this week, due to too many 16 hour days doing genealogy I've become a bit exhausted. Spent the last few days just watching YouTube videos, some of which was about genetic genealogy and a little about biohacking. I should be back to normal, whatever that is, soon.

Take care with those floods buddy!
by Rob Judd G2G6 Mach 6 (68.2k points)
Hi Rob! The rain is slacking off just a bit, and the creek is holding steady at two feet above cresting, so we just might be ok.

I’m getting behind, too, in entering my own lines as I so many Wikiprojects going on. I think I need a vacation... but not just yet! One of the good things in life is you pretty much get to decide your own “normal.” Just don’t burn out in us, Rob. We need you!
Glad to see ya here Rob
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Happy WikiVersary, Pip!  Thanks for all your terrific WikiTree contributions, and thanks for hosting!

Greetings, Cousins!

I survived another US tax season, and I'm taking the day off on this beautiful spring Friday.  This week I got to do a little work outdoors; fingers crossed for positive results!  I also got to increase my G2G activity and engaged in some light rabbit-hole exploration.  There could even be new origami in the not-too-distant future.  Who knows?  cool



by Herbert Tardy G2G6 Pilot (521k points)

Herbert, so glad you are going to get some time for yourself! You deserve it.  By the way, your wry sense of humor makes G2G a whole lot more interesting!  Plus, you just know a lot of stuff to boot.

Glad you survived tax season, Herb. I have no talent for origami, but some branches of my family tree have me thinking of macrame.
New origami? YAY!! I can't wait
Glad you made it through another season. Now time for folding some paper.
Yeah - #1 tax season over and #2 Origami from The Man!

No origami from me this weekend.  I worked with cloth napkins instead at least I didn't make any "Spontaneous Stones".  Didn't hold it's form !
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I have always liked The Wizard of OZ and decided to check if there was a connection. Thanks to the Connections feature at Wikitree, my brother and I now realize that we are L Frank Baum's 6th cousin two times removed. The common ancestor is Joshua Hemenway AKA Hemingway Sr.

The last time I saw the movie it was in 3D. It must have taken a lot of effort to convert a 2D movie into a 3D movie.
by Frank Gill G2G Astronaut (2m points)
Frank, that’s a lot closer than most of my relationships!

PS: you do really great work on G2G! Always willing to assist and very often finding just he right source for someone. Good show!
I'm an Oz fan too - your connection is a great discovery!  I do enjoy the connection finder, too.
That's pretty close. I had to look (8th cousin 3x removed). Thought with families from Central New York, it might have been closer.

Did you know the sidewalk in Chittenango is yellow brick? There is a museum there, but I've never stopped.

A few years ago I drove across Kansas on a road trip.  I had breakfast in Dodge City, and later I stopped off in Liberal.  I had an idea to visit a shooting range there.  That didn't work out, but I did get to see this:

Dorothy and Toto, right?
Yes!  And Dorothy's house!
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Today is my birthday! Going to get my hair done and meet friends for an early dinner. Then, tomorrow, other friends are going to get together for a little party for me and two other of our friends who share my birthday month.

I've been fighting some "burn-out" this week so I haven't done as much here on WikiTree as I could have, I've created, sourced, and written a couple of random profiles. I guess we all have those lulls every once in a while. I'm sure my mo-jo will return soon.
by Nelda Spires G2G6 Pilot (150k points)
Happy Birthday Nelda, today is also my sister’s birthday.
Happy Birthday, Nelda!
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday Nelda!  You MUST be special because my sister was also born this day and she is AMAZING!  Have a wonderful day!

very happy birthday to you, Nelda! 

Happy birthday Nelda!  I sometimes go off on random jags too. Sometimes its play time :)
Happy Birthday, enjoy your day and have a great year ahead, with many Wikitree-findings and contributions :)

Happy birthday Nelda!

Happy birthday, Nelda! =D
Happy Birthday Nelda. Enjoy your dinner.

Happy Birthday Nelda !

and Happy little party time.  Take care of that burn-out and hopefully this rest is just what is needed to keep you healthy.

Happy Birthday, Nelda!! Best wishes for you!
Thank you to all who took the time to wish me "Happy Birthday." Very thoughtful of you and your kindness is appreciated.
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Hails and horns, Wikipeeps!

Happy Wikiversary to the man, the myth, the legend. The Persistent Pip Sheppard! YAAAAAY!

I know it's been a wild ride for you. I agree. The site is like a family. Like it says on the tin, we're all connected. Some in more ways than others. Right, Quebecois project? 

Glad you are here, man. You rock!

Now then. On the genealogy front I found connections to not one but two cousins at the same time over at AncestryDNA. I pmed them and everything seems to be going well. I also posted this blog: https://arlhaverhill.blogspot.com/2019/04/52-ancestors-week-16-out-of-place.html

Seriously, Frances Ford Coppola. Call me. We need to talk about making this happen. I'd have George R R Martin do it but I have a feeling he'd be more bloody than anything.....

So, ya. I connected two more cousins in the ever growing Coppola side of the family. Note: Most Italians I know pronounce Coppola "Co-Pole-a". Not how Frances Ford Coppola does. Directors, man.....

On the non genealogy front, I have a new keyboard and mouse. My old one was rustybuckety. The D key was stuck and so we went to Best Buy and grabbed a new keyboard/mouse combo. We're also getting ready for the invasion (TM). My brother and his family will be coming up for a few days next week as my sister-in-law is a speaker at a Political Science conference.

She's a professor at James Madison University and is coming up to Portland, Maine to speak. Very cool and looking forward to spending time with everyone. 

Other than that...not much. No major blockbuster on the horizon that I am looking for starring a genius, a soldier, a spy, a guy with breathtaking anger issues, a guy with a bow and arrow, a talking raccoon and more. Nope. I have no idea what that is.....

by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (285k points)
Cool about you’re sister-in-law, Chris. I was a poly-sci minor (went with the history major so well).

You really gotta make that movie, dude!
There are so many movies I want to make, Pip. =) So many!
That keyboard wearing out can be such a nuisance! I wore some of the letters off my last laptop (all that Wiki time - grin). But it had to go when the N key kept sticking because people thought I was misspelling my own last name.
Well, since I write a LOT with the keyboard it was only a matter of time before it decided to give out. I got a new wireless keyboard like the other one. This one works pretty well. A lot of keys were stuck and cleaning it all the time was a huge pain.

Mouse is better too.
I got the wireless set, too. I just had to get used to the extra keys not being in the same place.
Same here. I have this spare keyboard with a USB port and it's very different. There's a space in the middle for a scroll bar. It's okay. Not the best. It's always a good idea to have a spare laying around.

Hi Cuz... have fun writing those movie ideas.  I was told that if you  write just one line the idea gets started, then it percolates and you probably know all this.  Just trying to encourage you that's all

Thanks for the encouragement, Nicole! =D
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Hi Pip, hope all WT'ers are having a great day.

Storms rolling through Central Pennsylvania today as well. On Monday evening during a wind storm, one of my 45 foot tall maple trees came down. Yes I have a chain saw. Most of my week has been spent cleaning up.

Pip, I wanted to thank you for reminding me this week about being able to store links on the Nav Page. I knew that about a year ago but forgot it. You had mentioned this in response to several members posting on you tube. the Data Doctor Productions.

Hope everyone stays healthy and happy. What a great community this site is.
by Rodney Long G2G6 Pilot (346k points)
Stay safe in all the rain, Rodney. We’re especting the power to go out here due to tree fall. Not on our property, but up the road where there are a lot of tree on banks leaning toward power lines. We’ll likely get some trees down on our property, too, from a neighboring unoccupied lot. Yup, the chainsaw will be getting more work!
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Aloha!  This is Tim Culler, who is from Hawaii, but now lives near to Seattle, where it is raining (we didn't move here for the weather)...

I am new to WikiTree, but a long-time family genealogist.  There are two family historians in our family, my cousin Richard Culler, who is trying to locate every descendant of our oldest identified Culler Ancestor (John Culler 1784-1876), and share our family history with them, and me, who is working on my family lines, with two goals: (1) to extend the lines back further, and (2) to improve the documentation and clear up errors.

I started back about 35 years ago.  I would do research using indexes in the State Library in Honolulu, and write away to government and church sources for copies of original documents.  It must seem impossible to anyone who has always had the Internet as a resource to do their research, but it did work.  I remember how excited I was to find our original Shidler immigrant (Johann Georg Scheideler 1714-1784), and I wrote to the Pennsylvania State Archives and got physical copies of the passenger list of the ship he arrived on in 1736, and the oath of allegiance the he had to sign to King George!

I see the tremendous value in access to Genealogical Records via the Internet, and I also appreciate the forums, where family members and researchers can assist each other.  

Not too long ago, I had my DNA tested, which linked me to a couple of second cousins, with whom I am corresponding!  Ultimately, I hope that with more people being tested, we may extend our Culler line back to Germany, since we have no documentation on his immigration.

Meanwhile, a hearty thanks to those who started and maintain WikiTree!  I see this as being a great tool for assisting folks new to finding their family histories! I hope that I can be of some help to folks who link to my tree, here, as I get it built.

by Tim Culler G2G1 (1.7k points)
Tim, we are so pleased to have you as a part of this great community. Keep,us posted on your search for Culler line back to Germany. We love stories about the journey. Be sure to use G2G for assistance. I’ve been helped there on many lines.
Wow Tim - that is a big jump in climate. I'd love to be in Hawaii right now - I miss the early morning walks (I didn't live there, but visited). Congrats on getting that dna tested!
Hi Tim and welcome to WikiTree! Best wishes to you in succeeding with your genealogical goals!
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A very Happy Easter Weekend from Texas!!

Thank you Pip for your hosting. I had no idea you had only been here a year!! My, you have had a verrrrry busy year and accomplished so much. Kudos to you - Makes me feel like a slacker!!

Here in the DFW area the weather is beautiful but extremely windy. Had a bad weather scare Wednesday evening but fortunately the tornadoes and large hail did not hit our area. It scooted off to our east leaving only some hard rain during the night. Pip, hope you all escape any undue flooding - that is not fun!!

On the Genealogy front - I have had a tremendous event. My Henderson brick wall came tumbling down and left only dust in its wake. After years of agony, it happened so fast and because of DNA!!! I am now compiling all the different DNA matches and relationships in order to post them to the appropriate profiles. Next, will notify other distant relatives with whom I have corresponded over the years. Will probably never get all the inaccurate information off all the internet trees but maybe at least a few of them.

Have a Blessed Easter and stay safe.
by Virginia Fields G2G6 Pilot (279k points)
Hi, my fellow Greeter! Y’all have really been hit by some bad weather over there.

Wow! I remember you posting about those Hendersons just a week or two ago. Congratulations! Ain’t it great when a wall comes down?! I’m happy for you.
Way to go with the Hendersons!  A breakthrough like that is so satisfying.
Glad the storms missed you. Congrats and crumbling the brick wall.
Hooray for you for your breakthrough!
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Fantastic testimony of WikiTree, Pip!!  That is exactly how I felt when I joined WikiTree.  It was not just a website, but REAL people who are in the same struggle I am~to solve those family history mysteries!

My wonderful older sister was born today and the youngest of my three brothers was born tomorrow!  Funny, my siblings were born April 10, April 19, April 20, May 22 and me on May 19.  Wonder what was going on in Pennsylvania in July and August?  <Silly grin>

Have a Happy Easter everyone!
by Cindy Lesure G2G6 Pilot (104k points)
Haha! April and May were our big birth months, too. Aunts, direct ancestors, cousins. You share a birthday with my cousin, Jeff. And I follow shortly after.
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 Today is.....

                       NATIONAL AMARETTO DAY


National Amaretto Day is observed each year on April 19.  

Amaretto in Italian means “a little bitter” and is made from bitter almonds or apricot kernels or both. The nuts are infused in pure alcohol or brandy resulting in a strong almond flavor. This traditionally Italian liqueur is fragrant with legend.

Taking us back to 1525 Renaissance in Saronno, Italy, painter Bernardino Luini selected a young innkeeper as his model for a fresco of the Madonna of the Miracles. In gratitude for being selected the innkeeper gave the artist a gift of her own secret blend of almond and brandy.

It’s not until centuries later that well-guarded recipe was produced on a larger scale in Saronno, Italy. At the turn of the 20th century, Disaronno began producing their amaretto for a broad market. It began appearing for sale in advertisements in the United States in the late 1940s.  The family still bottles their recipe today.

Another Amaretto tale comes from the same area of Italy but is of a young Lazzaroni couple blessed by the Cardinal of Milan in 1718. The couple honored his visit with a special recipe of their own, producing an amaretto cookie like no other. This one came in a bottle. Their recipe was also a closely guarded family secret for generations. The Lazzaroni family began selling their amaretto liqueur in 1851, and it is still being produced today.


Enjoy this Almond Amaretto Bars recipe !

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2m points)
Oh Dorothy, I love Amaretto! When I first discovered it in college, my room-mate bought me a big bottle for Christimas, but it didn't fit in the cupboards, so we stored it on top of the fridge. Then of course someone short reaching for the bottle knocked it down behind the fridge. But we were in poor-student housing, the kitchen had been built around that fridge, and we'd have had to demolish to pull it out. It broke my heart. As you can tell I'm still grieving. One day, some building crew will discover a huge bottle of well-aged Amaretto behind that fridge.
A drink for my anniversary! What a fascinating story, to boot. Love stuff like this. Good one, Dorothy! You always find the most interesting things to post!
Well that helps to give cheer with all the anniversaries and birthdays.  A toast and a clink of the glass to all you special people.
+14 votes

Hi All, well this week has been a busy week for me but also a sad one. 

It was warm, it was cold, it rained, the sun came out!!! Sure can't explain the weather ups and downs but the greenery is back and the trees are growing their leaves again. 

Been trying to catch up with Pip on the Integrator challenge, How does he do it, but more important where does he find the time ?????  Anyway he has 276 to my 174 entries... WOW!!! 

Before I share the sad news, I want to wish everyone a great "Easter" Weekend especially for those who celebrate! smiley

Earlier in the week I got the news from my brother that my cousin Shirley had moved on to be with the Lord. Shirl passed away very peacefully  surrounded by those who love her. Her nephew Tim, and Jill Burr said she put up a good fight against cancer. Our prayers go out to them and those who loved her.

During the mid 70's Shirley was a caregiver for her aunt, (my mother) Dorothy M Barry in Woonsocket, Rhode Island before she passed away in August of 1977. (I was serving in the military at the time). More recent Shirley had been a caregiver for her brother Richard W Taft Sr before he passed away in August of 2015. And more recent Shirley was there there being a caregiver for her sister-in-law Murial Taft.

I don't have the words to say properly but I know she was appreciated and loved for all she done and for those she cared for throughout the years. Many memories of us growing up together and our families visiting back and forth from Connecticut to Rhode Island where she lived come to mind. 

Shirley Taft Obituary

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2m points)
Dorothy, I feel for you. Pleas accept my sincerest condolences. Doesn’t it always seem that there is one person in the family who has the gift of caregiving? God bless Shirley for that.
Condolences to you and yours, Dorothy. =(
I'm so sorry for your loss, Dorothy. Its a good picture, she has a bright spark in her eye.
Dorothy, my sympathy to you and your family. Sounds like Shirley will have many stars in her Heavenly crown.
She sure was a special person, my heart hurts for you and your family.  Deepest condolences Dorothy.
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Good morning, I hope everyone survives this weekend. I have been concentrating on my suggestion list because I will be busy next weekend and a lot of the suggestions on my list could look easy but could be easy to really mess up. I have also reverted to my old laptop because the grandson gave his new one to his big sister.  Her computer totally died and she is a very good student that relies on her computer for school. He told her it was her graduation gift from him so I am giving his old one back. The weather looks good for next weekends Maple Festival so I expect to be very busy with large crowds there. I took the puppy, Oscar, to the vet this morning and he is fine. He also weighs 23 pounds so far. This weekend I have to get my desktop ready for the festival along with working on programming the Raspberry Pi computer, also to use at the Festival. I am waiting on confirmation of the dates but as of now I will be teaching an entry level Ham radio class every Friday from June 14th until the July 19th.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)

Dale, that puppy is growing fast! Hope the weather holds for the festival. 

+14 votes
Thanks for hosting Pip!  Glad you decided to join the community.

Its hinges and bondo weekend for me!  Weather permitting, I'm helping my 86-year old father fix up an old camper he plans to drive from Nanaimo BC to Newfoundland this summer. He's always been an adventurer, was climbing mountains at 81 and dislocated his shoulder in a fall off his dirt-bike at 82.  But he's spent the past few summers in chemo or radiation, and he's stolen a little time for an adventure.
by Laurie Giffin G2G6 Mach 6 (66.5k points)
That sounds like my folks, mom 92, stepdad 91, and both still very active. They love a good road trip! Your dad deserves a good new adventure. Good for him!

Laurie, your father sounds like he subscribes to the intent of this Hunter Thompson quote that I try to live by:

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!”

+14 votes

Happy WikiTree anniversary Pip, and thank you for hosting!

We had a family friend in this past week who is also into genealogy. Needless to say most of our conversations ran along those lines while the men tried to ignore us.... One of the things we did was go research in Parish for Barbara's family (not THE Paris, but Paris, Kentucky). While we were there we drove out to the Cane Ridge Meeting House Shrine - where her ancestors worshipped. I had never seen an enshrined church before, it was really amazing! 

The original wood structure was built in 1791. In 1804 a Presbyterian pastor and his congregation traveled there from North Carolina and formed a movement they called Catholic. The building was enshrined in the 1930's, including beautiful stonework and stained glass. Wikipedia says they still practice there, but they actually stopped using it as a church in the early 1940's. They have bibles from that era encased in glass and pictures of the original pastors and some of the congregation. What a treasure to find!

by Mindy Silva G2G6 Pilot (352k points)

Forgot to add - there are a couple of small cemeteries by the church. What looks like a vault is actually a 'Ledger Stone' (found in Great Britain but rare in the USA). There are several - all overgrown with moss by now of course. 

Super photos, Mindy. Did you take those yourself? Fascinating history and I am so pleased to see anything with historical significance being saved.

I get ignored a lot when I start talking genealogy, too! frown

Cool pics! =D

Oddly enough my family doesn't seem to mind when I talk genealogy. In fact my dad's cousins wanted me to look up someone on their father's side. I think I've become Google for the family.
Yes I did Pip. I should have grabbed a booklet when Barbara did. I could have done a Free Space page for the first parishioners. It was really fun to walk through. There are stained glass windows on all four sides of the outer structure, and you walk around on a stone path inside. Of course the church itself has wooden floors which you can walk on also. It's bigger inside than it looks!
Wow Mindy and beautiful photos !
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We've had beautiful weather all week but rain is forecast to start any time now and last through the night. I've been working on getting my travel office ready for a proof of concept trip in mid-May. Today we got the tires on the trailer and shuffled things around in the yard so that I can work on it more easily.  The American Wisteria is blooming and I took some pictures. This one is my current Facebook cover photo:

This week's Sourcing Sprint citation tip was on how we might need to modify the source citations provided by various websites. Those citations are usually written generically, so some things need to be added from a genealogical perspective. 

The Greeters Project published our April Newsletter and put out a new call for Greeters. We're especially interested in members who speak more than one language and members who are from non-American time zones.

by Debi Hoag G2G6 Pilot (252k points)
Hi Debi! I love the statement on the beautiful photo. Oh, how true!
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Update on the weather here in Cathey’s Creek:

If the water crosses this road in front of our house, we’re in for it again:


The creek has crested and is flowing into the back yard:


Edit: the water is receding!!! Woohoo!!!

by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
edited by Pip Sheppard
Eek. I'll send you an inflatable boat.
I second the motion - Eek!
Is it too late to put your house on stilts?
Two hours later than the video: sunshine! Crazy weather in Rainsylvania County!
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Greetings from Everett, Washington!

Pip, have plenty of buckets ready. Thank you, thank you for your attention to Wikitree on so many fronts.  Now go defend your house.

Tim Culler, welcome to Washington!  It's raining in Seattle. Only tourists carry umbrellas.

Today we had the new dishwasher and a new kitchen faucet installed.  I was shown a hole in the floor where water from the dishwasher has been dripping through to the downstairs bathroom.  Also we will need to have our roof replaced.  Husband doesn't know yet.

The fire at Notre Dame hit me like a punch in the gut.  It was a delayed reaction as I heard about it during another emergency, involving a sick dog.  Our old guy was checked out and given some meds and he's fine now.  Our Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix has been having a cough and both are on meds now and apparently recovering.

Today I am going to the Stations of the Cross with the children and my daughter will take photos.  Then we will have the communion service and go downstairs to the Altar of Repose and say prayers.

Oh, and I have been helping a friend of mine with her Oregon genealogy.

Yours faithfully,

Margaret Summitt
by Margaret Summitt G2G6 Mach 7 (77.1k points)
Margaret, does St. John's still have a mass?
St. John Mission in Mukilteo has a Sunday Mass at 9 a.m.
I swear, Margaret, I don’t know how you keep up! You have so much going on.

No Stations tonight, just the Good Friday service. Nothing Saturday, but Sunday will be the big day for us!
Long Good Friday service for us.  My husband will go to the vigil Mass tonight.

Got home and the vet wanted us to see him right away.  Turns out he thinks Billy (7-year-old Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix) has a rare condition called megaesophagus.  So the radiologist tells him.  I want to see the evidence for myself but the x-rays won't be available in the office for a couple of weeks. I have my doubts as his cough is getting better.

In the meantime we have to give him an antacid before eating, train him to eat in an upright position on a step stool, and then hold him upright for 10 minutes after eating to make sure the food reaches his stomach.

Maybe it's for the best.  Billy has the habit of eating whatever, whenever, including things that are not food.  Careful control of where and when he eats would at least help him lose weight.  With our busy schedule, though, I can foresee that we won't have as much control as the regimen dictates.
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Super windy day here, but the warm temp is appreciated. Took a drive to Hanscom AFB to do Easter provision shopping at the base commissary, which I thought would be mobbed. To my surprise, there were only a few people shopping, so what a nice change that was. I didn't have to fight for space in an aisle! And there were still some nice chocolates left, even some imported German and Swiss stuff. (And I bought Dallmayr coffee. I love the commissary.)

I wish you all a Happy Easter if you celebrate it!

Thank goodness nobody moved any categories this week. PSHEW!

And a Happy One Year Anniversary, Pip! Glad to have you here!
by Natalie Trott G2G6 Pilot (585k points)
Nat, I know you, and I know you are working yourself to death in the Cat Project. Hope you get to enjoy the warmer weather with something different and pleasurable!

While not militarily connected ourselves, we always love going shopping at the base commissary with our military friends. The prices just cant be beat.

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