Someone removed him from my family tree.

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Why was he removed? He is my ninth great grandfather.
WikiTree profile: Richard Kimball
in Genealogy Help by Howard Rankin G2G6 Mach 3 (33.7k points)

Well, then if the Computer foists off upon you unknown relations and other people drop in on you and do the same, then you are garnering the fruits of an "open door policy". 

People who drop in on me know who THEIR relatives are and do a search and thus discover the connection or the relationship to me. 

Marathon Fixer-Uppers and others with Category Labels to affix (some seem not relevant) and a few apparently compulsive converters from my style to their Ideal of "inline footnoting" (a strange breed indeed) don't seem to have any difficulty in their assaults ... there's others with their own agenda ... 

And I don't see that you or anyone else is deprived in any way by my red padlock. Good heavens, man, the front door might be locked, but they enter through windows and cracks in walls and flooring and down the chimney and in through air ducts ... there's no lack of ways to enter "my realm" ... 

At any rate your Awk!! commentary -- some of which has reduced me to laughing until tears flow -- does indeed liven my days. 

Yes, they are available. I'm only one of maybe a half-dozen or as many as a dozen PM who are connected by ties of blood and marriage in our ancestry.  

What is apparent is that you are not part of that complex of Ancestry I'm part of but instead part of one that is inclusive of others including you --  

You are not at all deprived, Howard.

LATER -- what is the red flag for?
Cat burglars enter through the window and whatever means necessary. Iran not a cat burglar. The only way I know is through the front door. Enlighten me on how to go through the window and back door.

"He were a handsome devil, were he not? He drew her forth to her fate with his fancy words, but they were words she heard, not words he said. And so she, the maiden, perished of shame, and he? He laughed his way to another." 

So, you know poetry.
Most of the older ones someone else made. I came in at the end. My Abernathy connection gets me into a lot of trees. But there a point which there’s a questionable father so any time Wikitree tries to tell me I’m related to royalty through him I’m like, “yea. Prolly not”
If you have your side documented, then there may be a possibility that both sides are accurate.
Since you are my tenth cousin, I would like to contact you privately. I think you can see my email address.

-flag cleared may have been flagged accidentally
Thank you , Steve

Where does this Red Flag hide that one can accidentally invoke it?  I am looking.

AH HA! NOW I see it, and believe it, I never noticed before this option of "flag" -- the proximity of "flag" to "reply" is nerve-wracking

Okay we will go with your idea it were an accident since the proximity of "reply" and "flag" lends itself to that idea

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You can check your change history and see that nobody removed any family members members
by Joelle Colville-Hanson G2G6 Mach 4 (46.2k points)
Something strange happened then. He wasn't there the first time I looked earlier.
By the way Joelle, you are my tenth cousin. Isn't life grand?
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Richard is my 8th great grandfather. 9th cousin, once removed from Howard and no relationship to Joelle 'yet'!
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Mach 7 (73.1k points)
Which one of his children do you descend from?
I descend from his son Benjamin, you descend form Henry.  Looks like he is your 9th great grandfather.
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A great deal of information was removed from the profile and it does not seem to be duplicated on his profile.  There was a log of information about the children and looking at some of those children, the information has not been added to those profiles.
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Mach 7 (73.1k points)
It's been restored. (You could have done this yourself.)   But it is a copy / paste from another work and needs moving to the appropriate profiles, preferably originally written .  Please take care of this. Thank you.
Project protected profiles are not supposed to have a great deal of information added or deleted, unless it is done with consent of PM.  Therefore when information is removed by a PM on those profiles, I think we can question it, but should not be restoring it, since we don’t know the reason for its removal.

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