601 Wrong field in birth location

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This used to be seen as a free text field where you could write what seemed appropriate.

There now seems to be a list of forbidden words, which trigger a 601 error.  I missed the discussion on this, and I can't find the list of taboo words.  It doesn't seem to be in the Style Guide.

But evidently "possibly" and "probably" are both no-nos.  But there seems to be a big difference between those two, which is lost if they're both replaced by setting the Uncertain flag.
in Policy and Style by Anonymous Horace G2G6 Pilot (568k points)

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Location fields should only be a location.  If you are not sure, mark the certainty as uncertain.  You should put 'probably', 'possibly', 'unknown', etc into the biography area of a profile.
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (533k points)
Why is this better?
How do you, then, enter a location where the documents actually say "near so-and-so placename"?
The 'certainty' field is used to state if the 'location' is certain or not.  If a location is 'near' some location, then the location can have the closest area to it, possibly a county, or state, if nothing more is known.  

In the Biography or Research Notes, is the correct 'placement' for the 'near' location or the 'possibility'.  Dates are not supposed to have a 'range' of dates, which would be the same thing in a location as 'near a location'.   If you put a date range in a date field, it would come up with an Error / Suggestion, also.
So, by this reasoning, the totally incorrect placement would be a "town" maybe 200 miles away because it was the nearest such thing to the "near so-and-so brook".

So my pioneer ancestors would be out of place by having someone decide that "near the Diamantina" meant Winton, or Birdsville.  That seems all kinds of wrong.
You don't have to put any town in the Location fields.  Put the information in the Biography or Research Notes.  If you know a county or a state, as an example, then put that information.  There are towns where people were born that no longer exist, but they are near a town.  

Part of the purpose of the Research Notes is to explain things that you cannot explain somewhere else.  If you have a Birth section, as an example, you can explain the location in that area.
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Personally, if you have something to remind yourself of, or pass on to other people, it should be put in a Research Note.  Which reminds me of something I need to do, namely add a Research Note to all my older profiles Maybe I'll go off and do that.
by Dave Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (408k points)

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