Have a merge within a family - no problem BUT LNAB is wrong!

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Born Weyntje, she later went by Sabina

Weyntje Schoonhoven b bef 3 Jan 1748 Machackemeck

profiles for both as if they were sisters but it is the same girl - correct LNAB first then merge?

WikiTree profile: Sabina Molohan
in Policy and Style by Navarro Mariott G2G6 Pilot (145k points)

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I reviewed the profiles and adopted them into the New Netherland Settlers Project. Her LNAB should be Schoonhoven because it's the last name on her baptism record, so I corrected the LNAB on the older profile and I PPPed it. The PPPed profile is https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Schoonhoven-164 . When the profiles are merged, that profile will be the merge destination (PPP controls the merge direction).

Weyntje is her given name at baptism. It's a first name, not a last name.

It's clear that the two profiles are intended to represent the same girl, but where's the evidence that the girl who was baptized as Weyntje is the one who later turns up using the name Sabina?
by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
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Weyntje is her given name at baptism. It's a first name, not a last name.


Thank you!  (Sometimes I think I'm going crazy because other people don't see what I see.) 

Sorry I was not completely clear - it was that she was down as Schoonover and the LNAB would be Schoonhoven from the baptismal - It had got late as I had been looking for her under June 3 not January 3 due to some typo somewhere - this is one of the ones I had researched back almost twenty years ago and we had hashed around about it for a few of those years in the old message boards - have not yet re-gathered all the sources for her but I am pretty confident I can find the link that she is one and the same as Sabina - part of the contingent that went to Ohio - was not sure if she was a direct ancestor as her daughter Sarah died the same year that my mom's grandfather was born - we figure from his birth - but have concluded she was in fact the wife of Raleigh Molohan and was not a Sabina Thompson but in fact Weyntje Schoonover and that she later went by Sabina - back in I think 2001 - was getting some of the sources settled when I got too tired to work on her last night.  Have to go back and put some of these military sources I found on her husband and brother or uncle - anyhow yes it is not the Sabina = Weyntje I was changing - it was Schoonover to Schoonhoven
OK now I continue to search for the marriage record - I am not sure if it can be found, but I do know some of the problem with that is that the boundaries kept changing - Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia and several Counties that also changed and moved under their feet before they went on to Ohio - stacking up my clues, names, dates and timelines - wish me luck
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If you merge incorrect INTO correct, it will correct it.

When you merge, you pick which parts to keep. but LNAB will go by the Wiki-ID
by Steven Tibbetts G2G6 Pilot (279k points)
In this case, merge Schoonover-424 into the Weyntje one.
But aren't we supposed to go to the lower number? If the merge went from 424 to the other, it'd end up as 1304.  Or am I misunderstanding?  They are both Schoonover.
Melanie, I think if the LNAB do not match it doesn’t matter.
no, the correct LNAB is Weyntje. If she corrects Schoonover, it will just give it a higher Weyntje number than the current one. Then she will STILL have to merge it to the same Weyntje profile but it will be 2 steps instead of 1. We want the least steps.

The question was does she have to change Schoonover to Weyntje first. And the answer is it is better if she doesn't.
Ahhh... I see now! Thanks, Steven,
Yes, on the server side, changing last name at birth creates a duplicate profile with the new last name, then merges them. So instead of directly merging the 2, she would be merging a merged one.

I guess I was misunderstanding, then.  I thought her FIRST name was Weyntje/Sabina, with the last name as Schoonover because that's the parental name.

Born Weyntje, she later went by Sabina

Weyntje Schoonhoven b bef 3 Jan 1748 Machackemeck

Hey, I just went by LNAB incorrect. You don't need to make them match before merging. Excellent advise, failed once again. LOL
But your advice may help someone else in the future! :)
Sorry to have been so confusing - I do try to write a good question - but here I failed somewhat- oh well we got it straightened out somewhat - thanks my cousin/friends

Oh, Navarro, I was confused, too! So, don’t feel,bad. yes

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