Have you tested with AncestryDNA, 23andMe, or Family Tree DNA, etc., and are you in GEDmatch’s Genesis database?

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As of April 23, 2019, there are 101,206 people in WikiTree who have said they have taken an autosomal DNA test with AncestryDNA, 23andMe, or Family Tree DNA, etc. Only about 35% (35,342) have a GEDmatch ID.  Some will have tested with more than one lab.

If you have not yet registered at genesis.gedmatch.com then please do so.  Invite your matching DNA cousins (at the lab you tested with) to join WikiTree and to try connect to your shared earlier ancestry in WikiTree.  Encourage them to also register at genesis.gedmatch.

Hopefully soon WikiTree will be able to link to Genesis (like it currently does with the original GEDmatch).

Here is a lab breakdown of the number of autosomal testers in WikiTree and the number of them in GEDmatch.

LivingDNA: 692  GEDmatch IDs: 399

MyHeritage DNA: 5,842  GEDmatch IDs: 1,546

AncestryDNA: 56,698  GEDmatch IDs: 21,835

23andMe: 26,229 GEDmatch IDs: 7,271

Family Tree DNA’s Family Finder: 11,745 GEDmatch IDs: 4,291

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I wonder if folks who tested and remain anonymous on one of the testing sites decide not to go to GEDmatch for reasons of privacy. A recent news story that used DNA tests and triangulation to catch a serial killer might have made people hesitate.

Having no known black sheep, at least lately, I have both 23andme and GEDmatch, shown on my profile, and have gained cousins from neither!

So I, too, encourage everyone to post so I can find new cousins.

Hello Kristina,

Click on your GEDmatch ID in WikiTree and e-mail your top 10 or 20 matches (your DNA cousins) in GEDmatch.  Give them this link https://www.wikitree.com/treewidget/Voorhees-281/5 to your compact ancestral tree.  Ask them if they have any of those ancestors in their tree.  Help them to join WikiTree.

Sincerely, Peter

I grabbed the top 25 in my 23and me match list. 1% or better. and have found 13 cousins so far and an adoptee we are trying to figure out her biological parents. Im happy. The other 11 said they were only interested in their ethnicity, not in finding cousins.
I have GED match but was unsuccessful connecting to Wikitree. Think it is because I have an alias watched a utube video and it said their was a place you could check share even with an alias but I could not find it or where to remove the alias.

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https://genetic.family is moving along very well also.  We currently have over 10 million overall kits connected together in some way with Ancestry being about 80% of those kits.  

Right now we are working through a Chrome Extension to show you which WikiTree members have their DNA data on the site.  It will look like this one

If you've tested at Ancestry and other places, you can also see a chromosome browser within the Ancestry site like this:
Ancestry Chromosome Browser.

by Rob Warthen G2G5 (5.4k points)
selected by Marian Franklin
What are some of the best “how to” use blogs or help pages for getting started and using genetic.family?  

I understand adding yourself is free.  Adding others (with their permission) includes a fee.

I really like how it works with WikiTree but I need to encourage many more of my DNA matches to be using it.

You can get more information at Genetic.Family for help.

The site is currently completely free.  Adding DNA kits to the site will be free up to a certain number.  We haven't decided on that final number, but it will likely cover most people.  The cost will come with special additional things they can do with the system.  

Currently everything is in Beta and once you upload a kit you will continue to be able to do so, so gathering a kit will always be free for that kit for that user.  :)

Just as important, this is an ONE site data.  In other words, once you upload, your matches will have the opportunity to see that information and they won't need to gather the same information.

Hope this helped.

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Thank you for the fascinating facts, Peter!

I'm really looking forward to the Genesis/WikiTree link.

The thing i'm doing for my DNA cousins who don't seem to know about WikiTree (please let me know what you think of it): I'm making profiles for the descendants of our MRCA down to about their grandparent or whichever generation's privacy level is fully open, then sending them a message saying 'hey, did you know your Grandma is on WikiTree-- here's a link'.  So far, a few of them have expressed a bit of interest.  

Any ideas for fine-tuning that?


by Shirlea Smith G2G6 Pilot (227k points)
I've done similar. A couple of cousins are somewhat interested but most only were interested in the ethnicity part. The best results have occurred when I offered to do some of their tree that is from the parent I'm not related to. A couple have become more interested but not enough to join WikiTree. That might change as we gear up for a family reunion.
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Have I tested with -

LivingDNA - NO

MyHeritage DNA - YES

AncestryDNA - NO

23andMe - NO

Family Tree DNA’s Family Finder - YES

Am I on Gedmatch: - YES

I have no plans to purchase any tests from Ancestry or 23 and me, mostly because those are american based and I do not have any american ancestry - although my matches online do claim that I have lots of american cousins!!!!  These cousins are descendents from the siblings and children of my english, scottish and irish ancestors.
by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
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I am FT tested and have Gedmatch kit T474191 posted at WT. My brother is FT Y DNA tested and his kit is posted, as is a known connecting cousin who's also on WT.  DNA statements are posted.
by Sherrie Mitchell G2G6 Mach 4 (42.1k points)
Sherrie Mitchell, How did you get the raw data to post from ftdna ydna. I keep getting a message the file is too small?
I don't think the data actually goes in at WT. It's just a link to results at FT's y results. Then all connected ancestors back to the oldest person.

Hi, Aurora. (Aurora's going, "Not this guy again...") I'm not shadowing you; honest. But on G2G I follow most tags related to DNA.

If it's a yDNA test, GEDmatch can't accept those, in any format. I don't know if that will ever change, but it's been that way from the start. In large part it's because the most common yDNA tests--the ones referred to as "37 markers" or "111 markers"--examine STRs (short tandem repeats) along the chromosomes. Our direct-to-consumer autosomal tests for genealogy don't look at STRs: for the chromosomes that recombine, STRs are great for identifying individuals (as in forensic and paternity cases) but they can change with each generation and really can't be used beyond the parent/child relationship.

Our AncestryDNA, 23andMe, MyHeritage, and FTDNA Family Finder tests all look at several hundred thousand SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms, individual alleles among our 3.2 billion base pairs; around 4 to 5 million SNPs may be different in your genome compared to someone else from the same continental-level ancestry). GEDmatch accepts only these types of test results...at least for now.

The Y-chromosome thorough SNP test is a (well, somewhat) full sequencing; the most popular is the Big Y test from FTDNA. It targets almost 24 million base pairs for examination, and the results come in the form of what's called VSF and BAM files. A lot of data; the BAM file will be about a gigabyte. While there are a few third-party resources you can upload these data to--like YFull and Alex Williamson's The Big Tree--GEDmatch can't use them.

There is another website, mitoYDNA.org, that was created to help with yDNA and mtDNA matching, but it can accept only Y-STRs up to 111, and only HVR1/HVR2 mtDNA results. It unfortunately hasn't gained a great deal of traction, to a large extent--my assumption only--because FTDNA used to have more competition in testing those uniparental DNA types, but nowadays only YSEQ in Germany offers similar testing; they have no matching services, though.

There are only a little over 1,800 sets of yDNA test results at mitoYDNA.org, and over 85% of those come from FTDNA, where matching is already provided. A benefit of mitoYDNA.org, though, is that you can view the actual STR values of your matches. FTDNA doesn't show that information unless the kit number is part of one of the volunteer-run Group or Surname Projects. A caveat there, however, is that it isn't as straightforward to assess the STR values as many people assume. Unlike autosomal DNA, it isn't a binary match or non-match, and what looks like a difference at one STR that you might think represents a genetic distance of 1, may actually be a distance of 2 or 3. Being able to see the actual STR values is quite useful, but you need to know how to interpret them. mitoYDNA.org does have a comparison function that lets you compare up to 24 kits to include genetic distance, but I've never seen any explanative detail about the comparison methodology or algorithm they use, or if it attempts to take into account estimated mutation rates: some Y-STRs have a glacially slow mutation rate, and others are so variable that it isn't unusual to see them change in just one or two generations...or even back-mutate.

More than you ever wanted to know, but there's the skinny on why yDNA results can't be uploaded to GEDmatch.

I meant to say I cant download the data to get a gedmatch number.
Since I may be thoroughly mistaken--it is a weekday, after all; my being mistaken only ever happens on a weekday or a weekend, so it's exceedingly rare--are we talking the Family Tree DNA Family Finder test (autosomal DNA) or a Family Tree DNA Y-DNA test (I presume for your son or grandson since you mentioned them in another topic)?
Thanks for the explanation, so Sherrie doesnt have a ydna test and was able to Gedmatch (as I was). and her brother has the ydna and no Gedmatch as is the situation with my brother and my son. Good to know, saves me more aggravation. Ill have to get them to do the FF or can just use my info since we should have similar matches.
Aurora Chancy, correct, My brother did the FT Y test for our Mitchell line and matches others, that is posted and flows through our connected male Mitchell lines to the most distant ancestor in England.

I did Family Finder, as did our Mom through FT. Those are the tests that can be uploaded to Gedmatch, and then phased to separate maternal from paternal. These autosomal results I have found quite useful in identifying specific SNPs of a number of surnames, based on shared lineage records = knowing how we connect. To that end, I've been able to write DNA confirmation statements for many of my surnames.

Of course the Mitchell Y DNA statement is a given, also proved.
And Aurora, when I first tried to download my raw results from FT to upload to Gedmatch, the VERY important unopened file that needed to go to Gedmatch had been opened automatically and the file that was unopened was in my Trash. Pulled it out, uploaded. It worked! Don't know that's your problem, but this happened to me.
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Have tested with multiple and waiting patiently for Genesis to be supported at WikiTree.

One thing to note for recent MyHeritage tests is that with the new chip they are using they currently don't support download of results. They are working on that.
by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (463k points)
I am too. It's something I believe to do with the newer Gedmatch Genesis.
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I had my dna tested with 23 and Me. I also uploaded my results on Gedmatch Genesis. Through both I've had over a 1000 dna matches. Through 23 and Me, none of my matches share my maternal haplogroup.
by C Moore G2G6 (7.0k points)
That is helpful information because it rules out the direct maternal line (for each of you) for where in your ancestral tree your shared ancestor resides.
Ive had mostly matches on my fathers side, he had a big family, and they have been here a long time. A few through my mothers mother but none at all from her fathers side, but I expected that. They went from Russia to Central America and only came here about 1905.
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DNA, I THINK I have tested enough.

111 markers YDNA + Z283 I also paid the xtra when they stated they would update you free if it ever became ? That was a long time ago. They did update me once.

Hk3 fore MtDNA full sequence

Au with ancestry and trans to FTDNA

I made my site public and you should be able to read everything.

Au is 7cf3c898 in both Ancestry and FTDNA

YDNA=.  CTS4179     111 markers + Z283

MyDNA=.  Hk3
by Wayne Prather G2G1 (1.9k points)

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