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While on Range Duty today I noticed a non pre 1500 credited wikitree member in the pre 1500 profiles adding himself as manager, posting notes and removing himself as manager. But I digress, as that's how I noticed a possible Fabricated History, and also because of the post below, which is on our WWW. https://www.genealogy.com/forum/surnames/topics/colville/189/

Has anybody else noticed the problem which concerns the profiles below?





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Until members who are not pre-1500 certified are prevented from doing ANYTHING to pre-1500 profiles - and I mean adding or adopting, as well as editing and possibly even leaving comments - we are going to continue to have big problems with fantasy people and bad sources.  Just sayin' ...
by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (769k points)
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Just sayin’.... yup!
I agree about adoption  but in this case the member seems to have realised he couldn't edit and unadopted himself. His comment though was really helpful and means that another fabrication can be noted as such.
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Hadn’t seen this before, but he is using a user generated,unsourced, web page, written in 2002 to justify it. Totally out of line I think.
by Marion Poole G2G6 Pilot (834k points)
It was though a very helpful comment . The forum post cited a well known historian and debunker of genealogical frauds. (See my response below )

The profile is from a fabrication created in the mid 17th century.
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The webpage you cite in turn references Horace Round, but without a reference to a specific work of his. There is a Wikipedia article on J. Horace Round, who would seem to be the same person. Round was apparently an interesting person of some note (and, my reading of the article, a holder of strong opinions). Wikipedia also notes: “He was recognised as a leading authority on medieval and later genealogy and was awarded an honorary LLD by the University of Edinburgh in February 1905.[8]

Editorial change ... “with a reference” should have been “without a reference”

by George Fulton G2G6 Pilot (309k points)
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J Horace Round appears to be doing well for himself this week. (I was trying to find an article from him about another fraudulent line  the other day, RJ kindly found it for me but I managed to find this one)

Here's the debunking  article " Our English Habsburgs"  https://archive.org/stream/studiesinpeerage02rounuoft#page/218/mode/2up/search/colville

The wikitree  profile doesn't have a location for the  birth  of Fielding 11 (or anything about him other than his name) 

However,  Geoffrey Fielding -11 was in the past claimed to be the son of Geoffrey, Count of Habsburg and of Rheinfelden. This branch of the Habsbury  family were said to have been impoverished by their cousin (later to be the  Emperor. Rudolph).Count Geoffrey sent young Geoffrey to England where he  married an English woman (Maud de Colville) . Both father and son were disinherited by Rudolph for this crime .However, Geoffrey (not sure which one) eventually received £7000 marks in compensation for the loss of his claim to  Rheinfelden. Young Geoffrey returned to England and adopted the name of Feldon. He and Maud had a child Geoffrey (Fielding-10) who married Agnes de Napton

 The claim to Habsburg descent goes back to the 17th century and is contained in Dugdale's Warwickshire and in later published  pedigrees.

Round  debunked this pedigree from both English and German sources.He demonstrated that the  family had  itself claimed a more modest background when they were awarded the barony in 1620..

 Fielding-10 and his wife Agnes who appear in the visitations are the first known members of the Fielding family.

 I have adopted Geoffrey (Fielding-11) and will write this up on his profile 

by Helen Ford G2G6 Pilot (273k points)
edited by Helen Ford

1619 Visitation pedigree


Looks like the generation before the Napton marriage were carried over from the pre-Hapsburg fake pedigree, with Jeffrey senior then mutating into the English manifestation of Gottfried the Habsburg.

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