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Hello again everyone I need a little help as Im told that Im a decendent of mary magdalene I am in seek of the same mary magdalene that was by Jesus's feet throughout crusifiiction and I'm also in search of Mother marys profile as well.. would anyone happen to know if there are any profiles for the biblical days? also in search of abram from the bible.. as their are many diffrent ones with the same name I am in hopes that someone may know the holy ones.. actually Im thinking of starting a biblical project..
closed with the note: WikiTree does not take BC/BCE era profiles.
asked in WikiTree Help by Kendra Kurz G2G1 (1.1k points)
closed by Abby Glann

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There are no original source documents for any vital records in Palestine dated 2000 years ago therefore anyone claiming to be descended from any of the major characters in the bible will not be able to prove their claim. There is simply no evidence available.

Wikitree is based on accurate sources and the bible is not considered to be a primary source for documents.

As has been mentioned Wikitree is also not set up to accept dates from the BCE era.

Please also be advised that the SPACE pages you have set up for biblical genealogy - may not be acceptable to the wikitree TOS.
answered by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (535k points)
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Hi Kendra, WikiTree is not set up to include people born in the BC or BCE period, so you won't find many people mentioned in the Bible.

I don't know who told you you were descended from Mary Magdalene, but although there have been ideas that Mary had a child, often found in the works of Laurence Gardner and the book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, there is no evidence at all for such a child or any descendants, and that idea has been discredited.
answered by John Atkinson G2G6 Pilot (334k points)
Actually believe it or not the Lord told me himself. But it maybe been mother Mary I'm confused with. I get prophetic visions from God it's a gift I guess you could say . I was praying one night and sitting in front of my laptop asking God who am I and then, Mary magdalene and Abram started flashing on the screen it was pretty intense.  Well God bless. No I'm not crazy just gifted.
And I've been told by two different people that they were God. All I could reply was that it must give them hell getting to sleep, with all those Christians praying to them.

Sorry, you're on the wrong site for this.
Lol well I wouldn't go that far I never once said that I was God. Theres only one God in my book and that's Jesus christ himself.  I simply stated I am a a descendent of God which technically WE ALL ARE.  He created all of us. And I thought this is supposed to be a world wide family tree to connect eryone so I would say I think I am on the right sight for this. That's the whole point of wilitree is to connect everyone right? Well om not gonna argue with anyone that's not what I'm here  for we all have our own religious beliefs so you be you and I'll be me. I'll respect your beliefs if you respect mine because nobody can take my spirituality from me

 Gods coming soon and I know where I'm going. With him.. so we can just agree to disagree and I do have a royal bloodline if my calculations are correct.

Kendra, while prophetic visions are real and can be very intense, they also need to be brought to review.  If they don't fall into line with the Bible itself, it is possible the vision isn't of God .. or is simply being misunderstood. 

I think in this case, you may have misunderstood what the vision was saying.

If you have a Pastor who believes in prophetic visions, I suggest you talk with them.  If you don't, I would suggest you find a reputable Pastor who understands such things who can recommend a Pastor in your area with whom you can discuss this vision, and, perhaps, any others you may have had.  You should always be aware, too, that not all visions are from God.

(R. Loren Sandford, of New Song Church, Denver, CO, is on Facebook and has always, to my knowledge, been open to helping, especially when prophecy is involved.)

Kendra, as you mentioned your faith is in Jesus Christ, as a fellow Christian, I want to strongly agree with Melanie. It seems likely that you may be misinterpreting your vision. It is highly advisable to seek a good spiritual director.

I have prayed similarly in the past, and David came to mind, strongly. I believe it was intended as a personality comparison. I have a heart that loves to praise God and I tend to make big mistakes, like David, etc.

Even if it were true that one of your thousands and thousands of ancestors were Mary Magdalene, or Abraham, what is the significance? In Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek, as the Apostle Paul says. It is dangerous, in my opinion, for anyone, but especially for spiritual people, to place too much stock in their lineage. There is a tendency to think it makes you special, or better than other people, which is a very spiritually corrosive idea. God's love for you makes you special, not who your ancestors are. We are his adopted sons and daughters, which is the best lineage of all.
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We deal in provable genealogies here. If you can trace back beyond 1500 with records you will be very fortunate indeed, and only those with royal blood lines can go much beyond 1000AD. Even then the lineage is arguable in most cases.

FamilySearch have such records in their system, but it soon becomes obvious that they're a fantasy. And yes, my own tree actually went back that far until I checked the sources.

Better to know your real relatives, than to indulge in such dubious things.
answered by Rob Judd G2G6 Mach 4 (44.8k points)

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