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I have come across a book, Stambaugh, 1686-1986:  The Ancestral Heritage with Allied Families by Helen Stambaugh©1986 (Library of Congress Library Card #86-62698).  I have serious questions about Section II entitled Children of Jacob, ca 1686, and Mary Elizabeth.  It seems like this Jacob she speaks of is the son of Felix Stambach (1643-1749).  She lists the children of this Jacob and Mary Elizabeth as Jacob, ca 1718; Barbara, ca 1720; Nicholas, ca 1722; Lawrence, ca 1724; and Philip, ca 1728.  This list of children mirrors (with some minor differences) the one found in Stumbaugh, tree of life:  our roots by Ray B. Grove found on page 16, Generation I, Johannes Stambach, 1686.  My main issue with Helen's information is re the name of the mother of these children.  She states the mother's name is Mary Elizabeth, where Ray Grove says it is Maria Catherine Meyer.  It's very difficult to ascertain where she got her information from as there are no bibliography or source citations.  The same is true for Ray Grove's publication; however, his is much easier to read and figure out where he obtained his information.  I invite discussion with other Stambach/Stambaugh researchers.
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The records are online with a free access

Was the family Catholic or Protestant ?
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I believe this record may be the burial record for his mother Anna Maria (right page, the entry just before year 1732 in the margin). It's in the protestant records there: Kutzenhausen - Registres Paroissiaux (Avant 1793) - Paroisse protestante (Avant 1793) - Registre de baptêmes mariages sépultures 1714-1736 - 3 E 253/9, image 59 of 82.

And this may be his father Felix's burial record (right page, second entry from bottom) in the same collection, image 58 of 82.

If that's them, I'd suggest to begin looking in the protestant records there for the other vital records for other family members.

I'm familiar with these records and have accessed them many times.  The search continues; however, what I really wanted was to discuss the information contained in the book Stambaugh, 1686-1986:  The Ancestral Heritage with Allied Families by Helen Stambaugh re the name she reports for the spouse of Johannes Stambach (which she refers to with surname Stambaugh).  Are you familiar with this book?
Just a comment in passing, this author referring to Alsatian ancestors as "Stambaugh" does not in any way mean this is the name they went by. Obviously this author is using the convention of using the Americanized name for all ancestors. As a reminder, this is precisely the opposite of what WikiTree requires.

I'm not familiar with the books, but since the books cite no sources, the only way to verify their claims is to find real, contemporary sources and find out what they say. If primary sources don't say the same thing as the book, then you can be pretty sure the book is wrong.
I don't think image 58 of 62 is Felix's death record. It looks like it's listed under the year 1729 and he died in 1749; however, image 59 of 82 is promising for the death record of Anna Maria Wehrling.  I have photoshopped it for easier reading to send to my German transcription group.

Hi Sharon,

I'm not a Stambaugh/Stambach researcher and I'm not familiar with the book that you referenced or the family. Since I am familiar with some of the Bas-Rhin archives, I wanted to point you to the records there as a starting point for research, since there were no references to those sources in the corresponding profiles when I viewed them.

If you've already found those and other primary sources from the archives and/or other locations, I'd suggest adding those sources to the profiles, so that the other Stambach researchers to which you're trying to reach out will be able to see what your research has already found for those profiles and they may then be able to help, without duplicating your prior research.

If the book doesn't cite sources for its information, I'd suggest including that information in a Research Notes section, identifying it as unsourced. That info can then be used as hints to try to find sources.

Regarding the burial records, my interpretation of Anna Maria's 1731 burial record suggests that Felix may have been deceased (waÿl?) at that time. But hopefully your German transcription folks can help with that. But if that's correct, you may want to verify your source for Felix's 1749 death date.

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