Can somebody please help me with old French Mauritian translation.

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Hey all! I came across a vital piece of information and I am so extremely excited to have broken down a brick wall. Now back in the late 1700's a slave owner slept with one of the slaves named Michon Finette. She was owned by a Nicolas Bourely. In the image below there are four names listed. Could I please ask for assistance with translating as best you can? Most important is race. I see we have 2 Noire (Black) and then the other two children I can make out.

Your help is truly and deeply appreciated! Thanks in advance.

The full document:

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Gonna bump this post! Is there anybody that can assist?
Hello. I also have Mauritian ancestry as mine migrated from France to La Reunion, Mauritius and then Seychelles where my family settled and have lived for many generations. I’m a Kreole (creole) and speak the language. The previous answers are correct and I also notice ‘rougetre’ as a colour. We still refer to this today to describe a person by their skin tone and its similar to the term redskin. We say Lapo Rouz so the person would be of caucasian features but with a deep bronze natural colour to their skin. Happy to try and translate any more Kreole where I can. The terminology was different then but we still use many of the same words today.

The four of them are Creoles of Maurice, meaning they are natives of Maurice.

The colors are

Noire / Black

Jaune clair / Light yellow

Noirâtre / Blackish

Noire / Black


For the men Noire (Black) and Rougeâtre (Reddish)

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It looks pretty straightforward French but some of the words are regional or slang.  Obviously Noire is black, I'm guessing that noiratro may be the same as mulatto.  Criole is Creole - the same language also spoken in Louisiana.  It has its origins in the western Indian Ocean.  You'll see that the origin of people on this document is Mozambique, India, and Criole de Maurices.  Maurice - today a country - is the former French Island Colony near Madagascar and the Seychelles Islands - pretty much where the Creole language originated.  A google search and subsequent google translate reveals that Malgacho is a "prefix referring to Madagascar."
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Forgot to mention that the name for Maurice in English is Mauritius.  Here is a map of Mozambique, Madagascar, and Mauritius.  India would be off to the top right of the shot:

Thanks tons!! Appreciate the assistance!
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jaune is yellow clair is feminine

noiratres is blackish
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Thank you! Appreciate the help :)

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