Isnt there a catigory for psychic stuff somewhere, thought there is cant find it.

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Would like to find out if anyone has ever used a ghost as a source. Not joking. Serious. Thank you , Trudy
in The Tree House by Anonymous Roach G2G6 Pilot (184k points)

On another platform, someone posted results of a consultation with a clairvoyant to support claims about a woman's maiden name and parentage. 

For a good read on this topic, see Kerry Scott's blog post of 20 September 2010, "Confession: I hired a Genealogy Psychic.

Thank I found this blog interesting. The part about being locked in our assumptions and not going far enough. When I have helped people find lost dogs or cats. I've told people don't track where they've been get ahead of them and work back.  It works for me to get  in the surroundings of a person I can't find and most times I stumble into who I am looking for.
Can't say as I've ever had ghost as a source, but have felt strong impression of presence sometimes while doing research. Often gives me the feeling I am on the right track in a line of research. Usually find what I'm looking for if I follow the impression.
I knew I would see this question!

And why is that Vincent?smiley

Do I really need to spoil the giggle?

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I live close to a graveyard - do you think that would be a place to start?


Just joking.....
by John Beeson G2G3 (4.0k points)
Put out a tray of cookies and milk, and see who comes to visit - or is that just elves and pixies?
John Beeson I hung out in graveyards as a kid. I think many of us on wikitree have spent time in them.  The  best time of my life setting everyday at a small bunch of graves on the campus of The New England School of Medicine in Biddeford , ME. Recently tried to find out who was buried. there but my computer skills stink.  Erin,I have pixies and elves. 2 collies and 2 Portuguese Water Dogs. Had a Collie once we used to joke  "she sees dead people ." She and the neighbor across the street saw a woman standing in my front window. The woman she saw looked like and wore the same clothes as the woman who lived in my house when I was  kid.
That works for Santa Claus too!  


I'm not a real fan of oatmeal in any form & when our children were small they loved to make oatmeal cookies.  I had to "share" those oatmeal cookies with Santa.


Thank goodness we had a large dog who just loved oatmeal cookies!!!!
John we might share some Beeson cousins. I was surfing descendants of ... some one last night. A found Beeson and  Beason cousins of mine.
Trudy, That's great!!!   Always nice to find a kuz.  have lots of Beesons/Beasons you might take a look at my tree at my page beeson-1057.

I have several books on Beesons/Beasons and a database that has LOTS also.  If I can help establish a tie-in just let me know.
Well John musta been a ghost. Just took me 3 mins to find Thomas Beeson-1635  according to th relationship finder. He is my 11 cousin, 8 removed.



Ol Thomas is in my ancestors too.
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Trudy, I honestly do dream of my ancestors frequently when I have trouble with Genealogy and they also warn me of dangerous circumstances.

See also: . JPV IV :)

P.S. I do realize that this Post is over 2 years old.

P.P.S. When I told a close cousin about my experiences on WT they hardly even speak to me anymore. ♥ her just the same.

by Anonymous Vickery G2G6 Pilot (240k points)
edited by Anonymous Vickery
John ,  I spent alot of time reading Cayce when I was younger.  His stuff on colours , stones and auras.  I also read alot of Ruth Montgomery stuff .  About reincarnation and step ins.    Then there is all of Shirley MacLane's books.  Known of these are actually science based.  I really think genetic memories are carried in DNA.  I don't really go for the reincarnation thing or ghosts.  I have my own theory. But I do very much believe things exist that we don't quite have a handle on yet.

I live about 5 miles from the Navajo and Hopi .  I grew up with kids from both reservations and have been exposed to many cultures.  It is not unusual to talk about Skin Walkers , Shape Shifters and Were Wolves as existing in the now.  They all have a generational history.  I know people who know gramps was a shifter.  Whether or not others believe this stuff is not important.  I think it is something that people should feel OK to add to a bio.

I recon' maybe cause we are 18th Cousins we "Get It".

In 1967 er um I was 6, this is still my Favorite Movie: 

And I do indeed!

P.S. Ludwig van Beethoven composed all his music while seeing all the notes in different Color!

John this is to funny.  I grew up just wandering around the mountains of Flagstaff ,Arizona when I was a kid.  I'd be gone for days and no one really worried back then.  The thing about animals wild or other wise is incentive .  Right incentive you have them all over you.

Well my son just turned 29.  He grew up with me no dad.  Just a crazy ole hippie mum.  Who talks to Ravens and Crows and who to his absolute  horror talks to them in public as they follow the car.    Walk into Wal-Mart with me , and sit on the truck while he orders coffee at the kiosk from the  "  really hot chick "   while his totally out there mum is asking how " the family is doing"  since I haven't seen them since I moved to the country.  He is in a total panic saying " no mum don't tell them to follow us out there  Please mum ."  His girl friend is in the back seat cracking up.

I get the Beethoven thing.  I see colours when I here music.  I see colours and light when my eyes are closed .   Hard to sleep.  Well gotta go .  We had a squirrel incident in the house with the cats late last night early this morning.  And I'm still getting it cleaned up. Unfortunately the squirrel did not make it.   At least it wasn't my dogs.  They are my friends cats.
Arizona ! ?   Well-um... I used to be a Lumberjack there back in the day. :)
John ,  that is funny.  I worked at Southwest Forrest Industries  Sawmill in the late 1970s.  Everyone around here dropped trees , hauled them or sawed them back then.  I shoveled saw dust out from under the big saw.  And I worked at Preston Log.  We made logs from saw dust. And at the same time I worked at Purina dog food plant.  I had show horse's and show dogs to support.  Expensive habits.

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