Is (or was) there a place in Austria called Not? [closed]

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The profile for Solomon Levy has been hanging around in the England Project 631 errors: "wrong word in death location" for quite a while.

The error ("Not" being the forbidden word) is triggered by his place of death given as 

Not, Graz-Umgebung, Styria, Austria

Is this a valid place name in Austria? I have left messages with the PM, but have not had an answer.

Edit 11 May 2019: I have discovered that typing Not into a location box will cause the box to populate with this Austrian address. Solomon died in the East End of London, England and 4 years after the original date given. This question can now be closed.

WikiTree profile: Solomon Levy
closed with the note: Problem now resolved - NOT was caused by Wikitree autofill
in Genealogy Help by Jo Fitz-Henry G2G6 Mach 7 (78.6k points)
closed by Jo Fitz-Henry
Is there a primary source for the date and place of death? If so, what?

Aha, der berühmte "Freund in Not."

"Freund in Not" = "Friend in need" a lovely epitaph.

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Wait! There is a community Not in Styria. It is located here 

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (613k points)
selected by Jo Fitz-Henry

There is indeed an area called Noth in Hofstätten which is part of Kumberg.


Maybe they have an answer regarding deaths of non-catholics (Only catholic church books have been published online).


Do you think that given the rest of the location name originally in the profile (which is in the question above) that this "Not" in Styria is the correct place? As an English person I would be very grateful for your advice here.

And how would I phrase the death location to make it accurate for both date and time period?


The Bezirk Graz Umgebung was already there since the late 1860s, so this is historically correct. I am not sure if Noth was already in the early 1900s a part of Kumberg though. I added to the profile the link to the catholic church books of Kumberg, because there is the evidence that there is a town called Noth and the link to the German wikipedia page of Kumberg (there is no English one) with the administrative order. In the wikipedia-article the town is written Not (without the H). I found it more often with the H now, but I'm absolutely not sure about the spelling in the early 1900s.

So, fact is, there is a village Not(h) in Styria. To delete that suggestion you will either need to add a H (if that is the correct spelling of the town in the 1900s) or click the False Suggestion (Name of town is correct as it is.)
Thank you for your advice on this question Jelena. I will tidy up the gedcom import text so that those links are more visible.


I would rather doubt that Noth in 1904 was still something independent. If you google the location in satellite view you'll find a largely wooded area with some scattered farms and houses, no real town, at the outskirts of Kumberg.

Topographisch-statistische Darstellung des Bezirkes Umgebung Graz in Steiermark, Ignaz Ramsauer, Leykam-Josephsthal, 1871 (my source for the claim that there is no town called Not in Graz-Umgebung) does not list a town named Not or Noth, suggesting that even in the 19th century it was not a town. Best bet in my eyes is still Kumberg.

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Graz-Umgebung is a district in Styria. There is no community Not or anything starting that way there. It would be worth looking at the source for that localization, it may turn out to be a death certification by a notary (Notar for the professional, Notariat for the establishment, both could be easily abbreviated to Not. In the absence of this information I would not list "Not" as part of the location. BTW, in 1905 it was the Bezirk Graz-Umgebung, Herzogtum Steiermark, Österreichisch-Ungarische Monarchie.

by Helmut Jungschaffer G2G6 Pilot (540k points)
Thanks Helmut.

The profile was created by gedcom import in 2015. There is no mention of his death in the biography.

Solomon was born in London in 1845, and is mentioned in the 1851 and 1861 censuses. That is all I have on him. All his siblings are unsourced.

I'll correct the location as you suggest is appropriate for the time, and set as uncertain.

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Big question:  If he was born in London, what was he doing in Austria, esp. in Steiermark?  It wouldn't be on the Grand Tour.  How did he happen to be there?  Solomon Levy is not that uncommon a name.
by Kathy Rabenstein G2G6 Pilot (253k points)
Kathy - I have absolutely no idea why Solomon was in this location! Solomon's profile has been bugging me for months as it sits there in my list of England Project 631 errors which I have responsibility for in the England Project Data Doctors team.

The PM is not active, so I thought it was time to resolve the place name issue by asking here.
My guess is that the creator of the profile had no idea.  She/he saw a death record for Solomon Levy and it didn't matter where it was.  I'm not familiar enough with English records or I'd do it, but I would look in England for a death record.

Did you notice that all the children were born in 1850-51?  And that there is a Betsy and Elizabeth (usually one is diminutive of the other)?  I'm not sure I would trust any part of the data.
I'm doing a quick profile update for Solomon and his family - they were tailors. Elizabeth was 8 months old in the 1851 census and "Betsy" was 10 in the 1861. They are obviously the same person.
Maybe the original, wherever it was posted, LITERALLY meant "not this death in this place".  I've seen weirder.
I had the same thought, but didn't look at the original before the change.

Like the profiles with the FNAB of "Whatever" or "who knows."

Glad you posted the actual info from the census.  Hyane [?] Jonas  is probably Hayne.  I've run into that name fairly frequently.

Added:  I see that his profile shows Hyam, which could be a Yiddish name.

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I looked for other possible documents and what do I find?  Another Solomon Levy in the 1851 census living on New Street in Saint Botolph Aldgate, Middlesex, England.  He is 5 living with parents Asher and Julia with a large family and lodgers name Phillips.

I can see this could be a hard ball of yarn to untangle.

Source: "England and Wales Census, 1851," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 8 November 2017), Solomon Levy in household of Asher Levy, Saint Botolph Aldgate, Middlesex, England; citing Saint Botolph Aldgate, Middlesex, England, p. 23, from "1851 England, Scotland and Wales census," database and images, findmypast ( : n.d.); citing PRO HO 107, The National Archives of the UK, Kew, Surrey.
by Kathy Rabenstein G2G6 Pilot (253k points)

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