Quest for Great-Grandparents: Goodie Edition - First Helping

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For this week's great-grandparent challenge, I have chosen goodie makers. And, yes, I've already posted "Can you help connect a goodie maker?", and thank you very much to all of you who have gotten so many of them connected to the main tree. All of these goodie makers are connected to the main tree now (thanks to you), but none of them have a full set of great-grandparents listed on WikiTree. In order for us to add a list to the Relationship Finder Quick Links page, each person on it needs to have at least one line going back as far as their great-grandparents (and preferably all eight great-grandparents). (If you're wondering why Milton Hershey isn't on this list, he already has a full set of great-grandparents listed on WikiTree.)

The task is to seek out, source, and add profiles for as many missing great-grandparents as you can find. As you take on a goodie maker, and add a new great-grandparent, please post a message here, so we can keep track of how we're doing.

If you can add sources, photos, or biographies, add siblings, children, aunts, uncles, etc., or improve the profiles of these goodie makers or their family members in other ways, so much the better!

If you run across an unsourced profile which is already on WikiTree and add one or more sources to it, you can count that source towards Sourcerers Challenge, if you're taking part in that. (And, if you happen to find an additional connection path for a goodie maker whose family you're working on, that makes them all the better as a relationship finder!)

Name Great-grandparents Working on
John Cadbury 4
Howell H. Campbell (Goo Goo Clusters) 2
Walter Diemer (Dubble Bubble) 2
Gilbert Ganong 4
Franklin Mars 4
James Moir
Henri Nestlé 2
Henry Rowntree 4
Ruth Swanson (Archway Cookies) 4
Coenraad van Houten 2
Frederick Walter 8!
Gary Weston (Wagon Wheels) 8!
Maurice Whittaker (Peanut Slab) 8! Kylie Fowler
George Williamson (Oh Henry!) 3

in Requests for Project Volunteers by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (450k points)
edited by Greg Slade

P.S. I'm not a WikiTree Leader, and have no authority to assign points, credit, or anything like that. My intent with these challenges is for them to be a fun little break from whatever you're doing regularly. (Well, that, and preparing lists of different kinds of notables for the Relationship Finder Quick Links page.) There's no time limit, there are no prizes, and if you have fun finding and adding relatives, then you win. (And WikiTree wins in any case, because the more connected profiles we have, the better the tree is for everybody.)

That said, if you manage to connect any of the profiles listed here to the main tree, there's no reason that you can't count that connection towards the Connectors Challenge, if you're taking part in that. (Or, you could count it towards the Sourcerers Challenge if you run across an unsourced profile which is already on WikiTree and add one or more sources to it.)

P.P.S. If this challenge intrigues you, and you think you might like to try finding great-grandparents for other notable people so they can be added to the Relationship Finder Quick Links page, you can find other threads in this series on the How to increase a country's presence on WikiTree page.

What a fun list! Thank you for doing this, Pal-o-Mine.
I'm easily distracted but finally gave Maurice Whittaker all eight of his gt grandparents. Still have to connect him though.
Now connected, only through his wife atm.
Thank you, Kylie. This challenge is now 21.9% complete.

This challenge is now in ninth place among the "quest for great-grandparents" challenges in terms of percent complete, at 25% (40 out of 160 great-grandparents found). In terms of great grandparents still to find, it's in 13th place, with 120 great-grandparents still to find.

Since Henri Nestlé has been connected in the "Can you help connect a goodie maker?" challenge, I have added him to this challenge. He already has two great-grandparents listed on WikiTree, so he has a bit of a head start. That leaves this challenge in ninth place among the "quest for great-grandparents" challenges in terms of percent complete, at 25%, but, alas, it does fall to last place in terms of great-grandparents to find, at 126. (And the hymn writers heave a collective sigh of relief at finally getting out of last place in something.)

Okay, I must confess that I have been unfair to goodie makers. I was so enthusiastic looking for them that I ended up putting 21 of them in this challenge, instead of the usual 14. That puts this challenge at a serious disadvantage when it comes to the rankings. 

So, I went looking for more, so I could divide the challenge into two, and specifically, I wanted to find goodie makers from countries which are under-represented on WikiTree

Unfortunately, Wikipedia, which is where I do my research, is also heavily slanted towards North America and Western Europe, so most of the goodie makers I can find are from countries which are already over-represented on WikiTree.

Another quirk of Wikipedia that kind of surprised me is that, when it comes to companies (or at least candy-making companies), Wikipedia seems remarkably incurious about the people who founded them or worked for them. Wikipedia can tell you all about which company bought which other company when, but good luck finding out, for example, who founded the Sakuma Candy Company in Japan in 1908. (And even when you can find a name, it rarely comes with dates, let alone a full entry on the founder.)

But there's one goodie maker who has sort of become the poster boy for the difficulty of finding company founders for me. When I was in Croatia, one of the things we used to give to volunteers or donors as a token of appreciation was a box of chocolates which contained a 3D relief map of Croatia. Those chocolates were made by a company called Kraš. So, I decided to look for the founder of that company.

It turns out that Kraš wasn't named after the founder, but rather after a partisan who died during World War II. The company was actually founded by Julije König and Slavoljub Deutsch (apparently, König provided the skill, and Deutsch provided the capital).

But good luck finding out anything about König, the confectioner. Apparently he was of Czech descent, and was arrested during the war for the crime of being Jewish, as was Deutsch and his wife. Deutsch and his wife were deported (probably to Auschwitz). König disappeared from the records. (Source in Croatian.) So now, I desperately want to learn more about Julije König (and Slavoljub Deutsch). These seem like stories that need to be told.

Reducing this challenge to a more normal workload of 14 goodie makers leaves it at 38.4% complete, which is good enough for 11th place. In terms of great-grandparents still to find, it's tied for ninth place, at 69.

This challenge is now tied for 12th place in terms of percent complete, at 40.2%. In terms of great-grandparents still to find, it's tied for 11th place, at 67.

With a great-grandparent for Coenraad van Houten, the full set of eight for Gary Weston (W00t!), and new great-grandparents for Franklin Mars and George Williamson, this challenges is now at 11th place in terms of percent complete, at 46.4%, and ninth place in terms of great-grandparents still to find, at 60. 

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I added the paternal grandmother (with unknown) and some uncles and aunts to Joseph Fry. And also the maternal grandparents. There are still some uncles and aunts on the maternal side to add.
by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (798k points)
edited by Jelena Eckstädt

Thank you, Jelena! yes

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I see that somebody has added two more great-grandparents for Ruth Swanson.
by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (450k points)
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Sort of stumbled into this one... I was going through the family of one of my cousins and came across Sir Alexander Grant, of whom is the creator of the McVitie's digestive biscuit. A profile for Alexander has been started but is no where near finished

by Richard Shelley G2G6 Pilot (220k points)

That's very cool!

+3 votes  is my 2x Great Grandfather.   I have his line back to the 1600s.  

part of his line back to the 1400s

He for sure connects into the main tree through me as I connect to the main tree.  

I am missing one pair of his great grandparents but am working on them.

by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (682k points)

It's funny how often the notables in these challenges end up being ancestors of WikiTreers!

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I added a couple of sources for John Head(ancestor of Cadbury) but I couldn't find anything to support marriage to Ann Wheeler.
by Judy Weggelaar G2G6 (8.3k points)

Thank you, Judy!

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I know the MARS family goes back to England where they also have manufacturing plants. The MARS corporation has 3 branches, the Mars candy bars, Uncle Ben's rice & Effem pet food (initials stands for Frank Mars and his wife Ethel) which make Pedigree, Whiskas & Ceasar brands.

by N Gauthier G2G6 Pilot (152k points)

I got another male MARS generation done and will add his wife too. I am surprised there isn't more info on this family. FindAGrave is saying from Ireland ... but I would like to see a source for that, becaise my knowledge is that they were from England.

There was an episode last night of a 12 part miniseries on the History Channel called "Foods that built America" discussing founders of Swanson, Heinz Ketchup, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Post Grape Nuts, Coca-Cola, Hershey’s Chocolate, Bird’s Eye, etc.

Thank you for adding those, N!

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Fred Wqalter his8 are listed  he is connected through me.  H ia my 2x great granfather and I have his line back to the 1600s


Fred is the second great grandfather of Laura (Confident)

1. Laura is the daughter of Richard Walter Pennie (1926-2015) DNA confirmed
2. Richard is the son of Dorothy Nellie (Walter) Pennie (1900-1980) [confident]
3. Dorothy is the daughter of Joseph C Walter (1861-1916) [confident]
4. Joseph is the son of Frederic Walter (aft.1822-1902) [confident]
This makes Fred the second great grandfather of Laura.

by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (682k points)

That's great! Once you add his mother's paternal grandparents to WikiTree, his line will be complete (for the purposes of this challenge).

sorfry for typos keyboard issues of keys sticking
Not sure why they on't show on thee trr tools page one was entered in Mar 2017 the other in April 2021

see  Kfemer-435 both parents show

Not sure why they are not showing they are in Wikitree since

Mar 2017 and April 2021
Added them this weekend.  So all 8 are in

Thank you, Laura! That pushed this challenge into tenth place in terms of percent complete, at 49.1%. In terms of great-grandparents still to find, it's in ninth place, at 57.

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I loved the "connect a goodie maker" challenge, I studied Theodor Tobler and Henri Nestlé and learned a lot about their life and my local history.

Sadly I had to disconnect Theodor Tobler, it was a false connection. I will try to add greatgrandparents tomorrow.
by I. Caruso G2G6 Mach 1 (15.7k points)

That's too bad about Tobler's connection. He was unconnected for so long.

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