icelandic sagas

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What about them, a mixture of legend, history, a little genealogy but not reliable, but interesting reading.

According to Dick Eastman

 Genealogists in Iceland say that all Icelanders today are descendants of the bishop Jón Arason

and his partner, Helga Sigurdardóttir, (he was a very naughty catholic Bishop) It is believed that every person now alive in Iceland can find this one couple someplace in their family tree.  

If you do happen to be an Icelander and can read Icelandic then the following website will be for you

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I once read about a small town where half the children were decendants of the doctor who ran the local fertility clinic.  Maybe I saw it on an episode of Monk or X-Files.  wink

Oh, you might be very surprised how true this is, Erik! smiley

The religion in Iceland is Lutheran; unlikely he was a Catholic.
Martin Luther didn't instigate Protestantism until the 1500s and there were inhabitants on Iceland at least 500 years before that.
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The genealogy in the Icelandic sagas is just as reliable as any other secondary source. The sagas where written down 100-400 years after they happened. The stories where handed down orally before that. There are evidence of some earlier written versions of the stories that didn't survive.

But, comparing different written eksempels of the same stories has shown that they are fairly consistent.

But, as with every source, you have to consider the origin. These are a secondary source and should be treated as such.
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