How do i delete a person in my tree before i delete entire tree

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Im so frustrated with wiki and all these options, i KNOW i don't screw up this bad, the suggestions have anonymous peopl i have no clue how to delete people. Is there any simple FAMILY TREE online omg this is waisting my time,  and all of a sudden a death location is not valid? Really why did it work on other people.  I have very little patience left with wiki
in WikiTree Help by Anonymous Benoit G2G Crew (700 points)
I am sorry you are frustrated.

To answer one part .. locations that are wrong would include having someone born, or died, in the United States before there was a United States.  (We have the same thing with Australia.  Before x-date there was no Tasmania, or Victoria, or Queensland, etc .. there was only the Colony known as New South wales.  So we need to be aware of that when entering dates.)

I'm sure someone knowledgeable regards the American place-names prior to the United States will be along soon-ish to answer you more fully.

I hope you'll take a few deep breaths and some time away from the computer to get over the frustration, and then come back ready and rarin' to go again.
I notice you changed some info on an 18th century profile to Anonymous. If it's because the info was incorrect, then it needs sourcing and the correct info adding. Just a heads up that stripping correct info from profiles of long dead people is considered to be vandalism here on Wikitree. The best advice when frustrated is stop, drop and roll. Don't be tempted to take your ball home.

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There are several online family tree sites. Some free, some not. Some have both a free and paid version. Other than wikitree these include

FamilySearch/Family Tree. Completely free both free and paid

Geneanet both free and paid

MyHeritage both free and paid

Geni both free and paid

The one with the best reports, in my opinion, is Geneanet.

FamilySearch/Family Tree has a similar model to wikitree. One family tree that anybody can change or edit. Some people like this model, some do not.

The paid options give you much more features.

I have used all of these. They all have strengths and weakness. The sites with the individual trees often allow you delete your information should you want to close your account, the shared trees typically do not.
by George Fulton G2G6 Pilot (426k points)
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You can't delete people or trees on Wikitree.  That isn't an option.

As Melanie says, it you have someone born in the USA before 1776, the place will be wrong.  We use the name as it was at the time of birth/death, etc.  If someone was born in West Virginia before 20 June 1863, it will generate an error (should be Virginia).  The drop-down list generally gives you suggestions with dates in the data fields.

If you have one specific profile we can look at, maybe someone can help you.  Remember this isn't brain surgery and your deceased family members aren't going anywhere.  Take a deep breath.  There is no rush to add everything at once.
by Kathy Rabenstein G2G6 Pilot (271k points)

This is an example in your part of the Tree that Melanie and Kathy are talking about:

Since she was born before the United States was formed, then the location should not “United States.” The WikiTree style is that locations are named as they were at the time of an event and in the language used.

On the above profile of Savoie-1860, the birth and marriage information needs to be just Louisiana with no United States following. Louisiana became a state on 30 April 1812. Her death date  reflects the correct information for Louisiana, United States.
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Unless your ancestors died in a cemetery, then that is not a valid death location, and as you have a fair number of suggestions with that problem I'm guessing this is the issue. Cemeteries are burial locations, not a place of death.

Asa Benoit is shown as having died in Saint Anthony Catholic Church Cemetery, Lake Arthur, Jefferson Davis, Louisiana, United States, but of course, he did not die in the cemetery, he is simply buried there. Now, someone might think the easy fix is to just remove the cemetery name, but that would still be wrong because his obituary states that Mr. Benoit died in the Jennings American Legion Hospital which is in Jennings, Louisiana, not Lake Arthur.

If you want to make note of the burial place, it should be done in the biography, not in the death location field. Sometimes people are buried 100s or even 1000s of miles from where they died. My great grandmother died in Detroit, Michigan, but she is buried in Spartanburg, South Carolina. If I used her burial place in the death location, someone looking for a death record would be hard-pressed to find it.

Hope that helps explain some of the problems with using burial info in the death field. smiley

by Deb Durham G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)

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