This Brock-Napier connection needs help

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There appears to be duplicate Kathryn Napiers married to Brocks, both attached to the same father. One's husband is called George and other's husband is called Frederick. Genealogist Clarence C. Brock, in his book called 'Frederick Brock, 1719-1807, His American Family', says nothing is known of Frederick wife's ancestry.

All the "sources" on this Kathryn just go to Rootsweb trees with no primary sources. Who, if anyone, did Kathyn Napier marry? Is she just attached to these Brocks to give them a "good" ancestry? (read: royal). What is the truth of the matter?
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I found this same relationship for Frederick in a book by Jim R. Brock, "The German Brock Family, from Bozen Aargau, Switzerland" c. 2001  found in Transylvania County Nc. Library.

There were previous relationships (a few years ago) that paired a Catherine Napier with both a George Brock and a John Adams that tied to early  Brocks in Va. and Adams in Sc. The dates were a stretch. That has been proven unfounded over time. That could still be true for some Adams as "Nipper" as a first or middle name shows up in family in SC.
Who is Jim R. Brock? Is he a genealogist? Does he cite a source for the marriage? As Kathryn's father died without a will, she wouldn't be mentioned in that.
He seems to be a genealogist. The book I found is spiral bound and copyrighted that looks to be self published. It does have a Library of Congress number. It deals with his family with references with sources. Not digital. Also to other family groups with names and dates but no sources. I posted a G2G message about this relationship in 2018 but got no response.

 What he had on my line agreed with what I had found. I found the profiles I connected in WT with no contradictory info. They were created some time ago.

I will go back to look at the book this week and verify his references. There are no links, but census and will references. If I don't get any corroborating info I will make a reference note and remove as spouse until something else is found?
Sure. I'm mystified that this Kathryn is connected to two Brock husbands. I feel like someone has conflated a couple of different women.
The Rootsweb sourcing is tied to the original mix up of Reuben Brock c. 1680, Va. and Christian Place Brock c.1700, Va. When I first started looking at WT this had me as a descendant of Powhaton. That has since been fixed here on WT

. The rootsweb source here is "Genealogical Scrap bag" p. 691-733, -Residence Date 1782-1920, Shenandoah Va." This tree has some kernels of truth, but conflates at least two real families with other disproved connections.  I have my known NC. and SC. Brocks wrapped up in this mess. I feel I need to set up a "murder board" to sort through this.

A visit to SC. may be in order.

Ugh... the good ol' "two people with the same surname born about the same time MUST be the same man going by two different first names!" genealogical fallacy. Inevitably this results in a mishmash family with 20-some odd children spread out, improbably, across various states and counties.

I looked at the Familysearch profile for Georg Friedrich Brock's mother, Anna Maria, and it also seems to have conflated several women named Anna Maria, married to a man named Brock, living in Germany. Otherwise how does one explain how the Anna Maria, wife of Rudolf, giving birth to Georg Friedrich in 1719, is the same woman as the Anna Maria, wife of Johann Heinrich, giving birth to Catharina in 1780! A 60 year gap in children is quite the feat, Anna Maria should've let the Guinness Book of World Records know so she could have gotten credit. Nice of Rudolf to change his name to Johann Heinrich in that gap, as well. I guess the name his parents gave him wasn't good enough.

So I went back and looked at the sources used in Jim R. Brock's conclusion. He uses census data and transcriptions of wills as well as a land grants. He also uses Clarence Brock's book. The conclusion I got from sources is that his spouse was never mentioned by maiden name.

 I hope to have time next week to go to SC. and check if they have any original paper on the Napier family. There are a lot of them in the area with Brocks and Adams, just not that far back.

 I want to get a lot of the hooey around the other Brocks fixed too.
I have come to a place where I need to address the Brock /Brack /Brach/ situation I found a data doctor Merge proposed for Brock-641 and Brack-131. This would cascade down the tree.

There are about sixteen profiles, (several are "Unknown") and some relationships that can be sourced once the research is done. This just relates to the branch in Ohio.

If someone more accomplished can take a look and make a assessment. I think it will add some clarity.

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There appears to be one good "source" on this profile which says that she was an immigrant, born in 1719 and immigrated in 1733. This has been totally ignored in the vitals. The other Kathryn has had her DOB adjusted to fit the other story. Merging doesn't seem appropriate at the moment. Best might be to detach both from the parents until primary sources are found, but this is usually unpopular. Alternatively propose and postpone the merge which should stop it getting worse. Good luck with this.
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That one good source isn't even for her -- it's for her husband, whichever Brock he was supposed to be. There's not a single cited source showing she even existed.

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