Forget unresponsive, how about an obtuse profile manager?

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I have an 8th ggrandmother whose profile seems to have originated with an Ancestry gedcom import which contained various incorrect or misleading data.  Through a chain of events I became involved with it a couple of noths ago, although I hadn't planned to work on correcting it yet until I had worked back to that time period of ancestors.  After making corrections and updates, all that remains of concern to myself is that the current LNAB still needs to be corrected.  Through a misinterpretation of an 1880s secondary resource, a surname had been applied on Ancestry and was imported to Wikitree.  Prior to the application of that surame on that other website, there never has been any known primary or secondary sources which suggested any surname, it has always been shown as ----.  All of this has been explained in detail within the updated profile.

After contacting the current profile manager and exchanging several emails, I have gotten te impression that they haven't even read the profile, as their responses were already addressed in the profile.  Their final stance seems to be that the surname can't be proven to not be XXXXXX, which has nothing to do with it.  By the same token, the surname can't be PROVEN to not be Smith or Williams or Jones or any other surname.  Essentially, no surname has ever even been suggested until the advent of unsourced Ancestry Family Trees.  Potentially shie is a PGM candidate, except for the fact that nothing is known about her before her early 1640s marriage to my 8th ggrandfather.  Even Anderson in his Great Migration works indicates her as unknown surname and only refers to her by her married name.

So, is there a policy, procedure, or committee for dealing with this situation, or should I just try to forget the whole thing and leave this bit of misleading information on Wikitree? 

I have not mentioned the profile or manager in question as I do not wish to publicly single out a fellow Wikitree member.

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This is why they shouldn't have profile managers.

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I would post a separate G2G question specifically about the profile and asking people's opinions whether, based on the evidence you have found, the LNAB should be changed. Don't mention anything about your problems with the profile manager. The manager of the profile will get an automatic notification of the G2G post. If there is a clear consensus from the G2G discussion that the LNAB should be changed, the manager will have a hard time opposing it. There are other steps you could take if that fails . . .
by Chase Ashley G2G6 Pilot (220k points)
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What Chase said.

I'll add this: not only would I create the G2G thread, I would post a message on the profile in question, the profile's parent's profiles, siblings, and children's profiles saying to the effect, "I've started a G2G thread here: regarding the surname of the xyz family and I encourage all interested parties to come and share their opinions and concerns."  And be sure to also post it on the PM's profile also and send them a FRIENDLY email with the same.  Hi 8th cousin, there seems to be some disagreement about the LNAB; I've opened a discussion about it so that you and I and all of the other descendants can share and discuss the sources.  I'm looking forward to seeing you there! :-)

And like Chase said, write the G2G thread as benignly as you can, offer up the sources you have and why you think the LNAB is what it is.  Let the other person reply and the community will share their knowledge and wisdom.
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If she is married to a PGM immigrant, you could comment on the immigrant's profile and state your case there. This will alert the leaders, as well as project members, of the disputed name for the spouse. If they agree, they may add her as a PGM Adjunct to make sure the LNAB is changed to Unknown until and unless proof is provided to support another name.
by Deb Durham G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)

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