Advice before adding father of this pre-1700 Bas profile?

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I can add a father to the profile of Aaltje Bas. This is who I can add:

  • Jan Bas 

    1670 – 12 January 1768

These are the sources I am using:


Should I contact one of the pre-1700 projects or know about any style guidelines before proceeding? Thank you!

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I'm probably missing something, but it looks like all of the sources you have for this person are essentially hearsay: Online family trees that only cite other online family trees.

There are some people named Bas recorded in New Netherland, and of course you have already found records for some members of the Rol/Roll family in New Netherland. Pat Wardell compiled some notes about people named Bas. They are in the BCFam-B.pdf file in the Early Bergen County Families collection. She has Aeltje (note that Aaltje and Aeltje are variant spellings of the same name) as daughter of Johannes Pieters (born about 1659, recorded in his marriage banns as young man from Maspeth Kill [New Town Creek]) and Annetie Ariaense (recorded in marriage banns as young woman on Manhattan Island), who entered their marriage banns in the Reformed Church of Flatbush on 12 April 1690. At the time of their marriage, both of these people were identified by their patronymic names; apparently the surname "Bas" was adopted later. She has Aeltje Jans (a.k.a. Bas) marrying Jan Roll in the New York (New  Amsterdam) church on 17 March 1719.

I suggest that you download the referenced file from the Early Bergen County Families collection and look up the original records (by date) in the New York and Flatbush records -- see for information on places where the records are available online (mostly for free).

by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
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I've not [yet] found any existing profiles for Aeltje's parents or grandparents.

EDITED: Maybe I spoke too soon! appears to be Aeltje's aunt.
The New York Reformed Dutch Church record for the marriage on 17 March 1719 is on page 130 of the NYRDC marriage records. It names the parties as "John Rall & Aaltje Bas."
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Nathan that link doesn’t work. Plus as Ancestry records are behind a paywall very few members can access it. Could you please give the full info it gives, thanks
by Marion Poole G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)

I fixed the problem with the link to Flatbush marriage records -- the problem was that the space after the "htm" was interpreted as part of the URL. frown

But I can't find anything on that page that appears to be relevant to the query.

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Are the Rolls and Bas a New Netherland family? There may be some great sources within that project for New York Dutch families.
by Maggie N. G2G6 Pilot (813k points)
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Hi Nathan, 

I am from The Netherlands and member of the Dutch Roots Project of WT. 

I am still up as I was watching the results of the Euro Song Competion, but very late here now. blush

Aaltje Bos sounds very Dutch. Was she born Dutch/in The Netherlands? Lived in The Netherlands. Did she went to America? Or lived her live in The Netherlands? 

Okay I see on the profile now here birth place is unknown but she passed away in New York. So she probably was born/from The Netherlands, right? smiley

Too late to look into your things now as......... my pillow is calling my name...........but tomorrow we have another day! laugh

I am sure more of our team will take a look at your question. 

Do you have links from for example "Family Search" to birth/baptism, marriage or death records? The link you shared of Roots Web does only work for (paying?) members of Roots Web. It does not for me as I am not a member of that page. 

A few suggestions, and keep in mind it are suggestions! but at the projects many will love to help you at finding more reliable evidence/sources and how to find them yourself. 

Suggestion is if you like WT (as much as I do) please join two projects at WT. 

First join the New Netherlands Settlers, all info "how to" find HERE if you need help at The Netherlands please feel very free to join us at the DRP (Dutch Roots Project) as well HERE, all Projects love to welcome and help new members. 

Wonderfull you posted your question at G2G. 

Sometimes you will get answers fast at G2G. Sometimes you have to be patient or even need to repost as all here are volunteers as you are. But many are verrrrrrrrrry willing to help out. 

Night for now Nathan. 

Thank you Maggie for retagging! 

Kind regards from The Netherlands, 


by Astrid Spaargaren G2G6 Pilot (213k points)

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