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received an e-mail from (redacted)8233@yahoo.com.  there was a message from wikitree with it and a link for forwarding possible spam.  I've clicked the info@wikitree.com link, i've tried to copy and paste it.  Any suggestion or advice on what i need to be doing in order to get this information forwarded?
in WikiTree Help by Sue Dawson G2G1 (1.8k points)
edited by Steve Schmidt
Delete the email. Donʻt click links in email from folks you do not know. In fact, maybe donʻt open them.
Thank you, Kristina.  

The only link I tried to open was the info@wikitree.com link to forward the information as was advised on the questionable e-mail. Deleting it seems to be the better option :)
Sue, when you see a link in an email message, it may not be what it appears to be!  The link might be printed as abc@def.com or http://www.ghi.com but it does not really either send an email to that address or, if it's a website, it does not really go there - instead it goes to some spammer's website where you might get a virus or spyware installed on your computer or you might be asked to provide information that they could later use for identity theft or other fraudulent activity.

The way to see what the link REALLY is:  if you hover your mouse over the link, you can look in the left bottom corner of your window and where the link will go is displayed.  Whatever you do, DO NOT CLICK ANY LINKS unless you are positive that you want to go where they are going, not where they only look like they're going!!!

Thank you Gaile,

I do know better.  I guess my main concern was that the wikitree link wasn't working for me so I will keep a watchful eye on this too smiley

Thank you everyone.  Appreciating all the helpful comments smiley

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Sue, Click forward and the type in or copy and paste in the info@wikitree.com in the place it says send to. That way you are not clicking any links in the email body. As Gaile said if you do not know or unsure do not open an email or click a link within the email.
by David Selman G2G6 Pilot (628k points)
selected by Maggie N.

Thank you, David.  I did try that before posting smiley

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IF you suspect it is spam, then slap a red flag on it

the red flag button is situation next to the reply button (on the left of the reply button).

IF it was not a spam someone or you can remove the red flag later
by Susan Smith G2G6 Mach 5 (50.3k points)
Thank you again, Susan.  This advice will come in handy if there's a next time
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by RJ Horace G2G6 Pilot (458k points)

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