what was Hot Springs county AR before it was H.S. Co, AR

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COMPUTER -- SUGGESTIONS -- I have looked and did not discover what Hot Springs Co, AR was before AR became a territory in 1819. Our Hero is Taylor Polk Sr born c1775 "in Hot Springs, AR" which is not apparently correct. Various collected Histories from online say "Hot Springs Co, AR" but that did not exist at that time, 1770/80.

Bewildered as to what it WAS in 1770/80. Tennessee? North Carolina? What? I recall Tennessee was a chunk of NC before it was TN. So I'm supposing due to the geographical tie that Arkansas was part of NC, and would that be correct?
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Arkansas would have been "Luisiana, Nueva España" in 1775, but it is highly unlikely he was born there since he apparently married in Virginia. Arkansas was never part of North Carolina. You happened to hit on the state where other researchers have him born though. wink

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I adjusted the place of birth. I deleted the last letter and from the pop up box chose the appropriate place according to date.
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broken heart Marion, no no no no, Arkansas didn't exist before 1819 The man Taylor Polk Sr was born 1770/80. Not in Arkansas. 

I put in North Carolina as "certain" since that's my best guess for the 1770/80 time frame. 

cheeky BUT thank you anyway, pushed me to make a decision, cattle prodded into it, in fact. woohoo!

So, why did the pop up say that? That’s so confusing.

Well, it has been mentioned the LOCATION information is from familysearch, and there are errors in it. We use it, therefore, with a modicum of caution. LOL or a lot if it seems way off and it does in this case

But since the WT Rule is one must use the name of the locale as it was at the time of the event ... and having delved into the history of the area (some delving) ... I concluded the info presented by Computer (taken from Familysearch), was way off the beam

I had hoped someone would know "for sure" but I guess I need to delve deeper.

BUT I ran into the same situation you ran into, what amounted to erroneous information ... since Arkansas itself didn't exist until 1819, etc and so forth, I decided for the nonce his place of birth would be North Carolina (but not USA added) until I can get this sorted out 

We have both taken a shot at it. And been shot back at by it. I'll have to circumvent the problem. Gah. 

Thanks Susan, sorry for messing it up. I have learnt something tho!

heart NOT a problem. The only way, said Oprah, to learn what to DO was to doing something wrong. Seems to be one of those Life Verities. 

Of COURSE we call those that don't maim or kill us or leave permanent damage to be Experiments. And with that LOCATION Prompter, it's not fatal, and we have had the Warning about it. So I double check albeit on an irregular and random basis. Like the TN/AR/NC/SC and GA/AL/MS/FL/LA conglomerates; TX/OK, IN/IL -- those are the areas I'm roaming in due to the profiles I'm trying to create, so I tend to double check more than usual especially pre-1920's 

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The county is Hot Spring, not Hot Springs. It was created in 1829 from Clark County, according to Encyclopedia of Arkansas. Rockport in Hot Spring County was the uppermost reach for river travel on the Ouachita River, which connected the region to the Mississippi. Arkansas was carved out of the Louisiana Purchase from France. Good luck, Rodney.
by Rodney Bowers G2G2 (2.8k points)
Ah, Rodney, that is a good thing to know. So, I'm safe enough to use NC or I could use SC, but not, since the man was born in 1770/80 Hot Spring Co, AR, since AR itself wasn't there as a legal entity until 1819 ... and as you say, the County wasn't there til 1829.

Sometimes an answer is defined by "what is no"t, rather than by "what is". I have a growing stack of what it is not (his birthplace)
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Taylor Polk was the son of Revolutionary War soldier John Polk, DAR Patriot # A090148.  The Polk family lived in Mecklenburg County, N.C. at the time of the war.  The DAR (go to DAR.org, GRS tab) records show Taylor Polk born in North Carolina abt 1780, married Jensy Walker, died 11 Dec 1824 in Arkansas.  He was the father of another Taylor Polk, born in Tennessee in 1805, died in Arkansas in 1850.  

You can order copies of DAR records on line.
by Kathie Forbes G2G6 Pilot (244k points)
GOOD, Kathie. I've been posting on Taylor Polk Sr's (Polk-512) biog the relevant bits from G2G Forum and your answer is there along with Rodney's. Every bit helps future researchers to pin down better info or make better guesses if nothing else

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