Trouble uploading pictures.

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When I try to upload a picture to a profile I get "Can't reach this page". I have done 90% of the profiles for Cedarvale Cemetery and never had a problem. I have checked the size and made sure it was .jpg. What else can I try?
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You can track the status of this here.

I had similar problem earlier in the week, checked size etc, tried different browser, but eventually just gave up, haven't tried again since.

PS. Previously, not had any issues like this.
I tried going into my old laptop that I did most of the profiles with to see if it was an issue with my new laptop and got the same results. I should have known better because I have already uploaded photos to Wikitree with this new one. I thought I would give it a try though.

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Melissa, that sounds really strange to have suddenly started happening and it's also very mysterious and difficult to troubleshoot without actually being there, as a result, I really don't know where to start suggesting possible solutions, so I'm going to try to get a better idea by asking you some questions - please bear with me and maybe it will enable me to help.

I presume you are starting by clicking the Images tab on the page that you want to upload the picture to and then the link to upload an image.  After that, you would be selecting the file to upload from the explorer window showing all the files on your computer (including on any flash or other drives connected to it) and when you have made the selection is when you see the "Can't reach this page" message.  Can you identify whether that message is in the WikiTree color scheme and style, indicating that the problem is somewhere on WikiTree or whether that message is plain black text and looks more like it's a message from your browser?
by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (805k points)

This is not the first time someone has made this complaint .. that they had previously been able to upload images and all of a sudden they no longer can.

For some it seems to be the pixel by pixel dimensions that are the problem, rather than actual file size.

The dimensions would not be a problem.  If it only "seems" that way, it is because the real cause has not been identified.  The file upload process is the same for any file, whether or not it is an image and the processing is completely independent of any file content.  

Of course, WikiTree processing of the file once the upload is complete will certainly include identification of the file type and I believe that for image files, WikiTree records image sizes.  This problem appears to be occurring before the upload processing is complete, which has to happen before WikiTree can perform its analysis on the file.

I just remember at least one person posting that when they essentially thumbnailed the dimensions, the upload went through.  So something is off.


I also remember helping someone else with an attempted upload that just would not work for either of us.  And it was well under the limits for file size (it was a pdf).

Now that I'm looking at the page, I don't think it is a Wikitree page. It is a white background with a picture of a thinking cloud and says can't reach this page. Then it suggest making sure that I have put in the right address for Wikitree. I'm already on Wikitree though. I start with the image tab, link to upload, browse, select image (it is jpg and under 10mb), source, add additional information and click upload image. That is when it takes me to this page. If it is my computer, what do I do next? I'm already on the Wikitree profile when I attempt this so I don't know why the page doesn't recognize that. Thank You for responding! Hope you can help because I need to finish this Cemetery. I tried making a free space page to put these pictures on hoping for another way to get them on but got the same outcome.


Melissa, thank you for the detailed description of the error page.  From that cloud business, I believe I even know what browser you're using - Microsoft Edge.  This makes it definite that the problem is before the upload request gets to WikiTree.  There are two possibilities:

  1. There is a security problem caused by your browser trying way too hard to protect you from sending information from your computer to the internet.
  2. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider, such as cable, DSL, or satellite company) is the culprit.  ISP's typically sell their service to many more people than they are able to provide service to simultaneously, on the assumption that not everyone will be using it at the same time.  Occasionally, there is a particularly busy time and they handle this by limiting either your speed or the total time they permit you to make a single transmission.  If you are uploading a file at one of these times and you reach the point where they cut you off in mid-transmission, we say that your upload has "timed out".

The message "can't reach this page" seems to suggest that it is not a timeout problem, because you would already have reached the page (on the WikiTree server) that initiates the upload process.  It might be possible that the page the WikiTree server sends you to after completing the upload is the one that can't be reached, but if that were so then nobody could ever upload anything, so I'm positive that is not what is happening.

I know that some of the more recent upgrades to Edge, as well as browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. have tried to beef up security.  It is possible that your browser's security setting were automatically changed during such a process.  I suppose it's possible that if your browser is not permitting you to upload the image, it does that by preventing you from accessing the page that wants to do the uploading and that could result in the message you're seeing.  So … here's what I recommend for a first step in fixing the problem:

It can be complicated to go in your browser settings to check on all the security settings so, if you have any other browser than Edge, I think it's probably easier to try using it and see if you can upload the image that way.  Even if you only have Internet Explorer, that could be worth trying.  If not, I'd like you to check your browser's security settings.  If you have any problem doing that, post back here and I'll walk you through it.

Gaile:  Thank you for your private message to me regarding this issue.  However, my situation is changed on two main areas -- (1) I tried with Google Chrome and Firefox to load my images, and (2) I tried from two different Internet connections (home and work) to load and received the same message.

Step by Step: I go to

I click Do you have a photo or source image for LJC Free SpaceClick here to upload it.

Select my .jpg file

File in appropriate information on the rest of the page, click "upload image"

It loads to 53% (always, no matter what image I'm trying to load) and get the following Message:

"This site can’t be reached

The connection was reset."

Then it claims it is on my end.


Lorie, Thank you for the thorough test, changing all possible variables - using a different internet connection was going to be the last thing I was planning to suggest, but anything to do with the ISP is apparently ruled out now, too.  I am going to post another question about this for the purpose of getting the WikiTree sysops in on it.  The only thing I can think of now is that it is server related - possibly my original thought about new security settings is that there is something about the WikiTree server settings that is raising an alarm for all browsers.

Don't throw in the towel yet - we *WILL* get this thing figured out!!!

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