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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: 47 Answers! Excellent participation. See you next week.
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
closed by Pip Sheppard

Hello D.

Many moons ago, my husband and I lived in Upper Michigan, in the early 80s. We were stationed at K. I. Sawyer A.F. B. My husband was in the military.  I remember the black flies that gave us vampire bites on our  necks, snow until May, cold, damp weather and I could never find a warm enough coat for the winter! I sure could of used Amazon then:-)  

But the bears were the best stories. The time I was a passenger in my car and looked out the window, only to see a dead bear on top of a car starring right back at me. Witnessing a mom and cubs walking on the side of the road; it looked like they didn't have a care in the world! The best was when I came downstairs, one fine, early, Upper Michigan Morning, and I heard a wild animal growl. The cat ran up the wall by way of the shear curtains, jumped off the top of the curtain and that cat started to growl!  I really thought the wild animal was in the house and I'm sure the cat was thinking the same thing! Later, some neighbors told me two small bears were caught roaming base housing that day. 

Really, I did enjoy Upper Michigan. It is a beautiful state and I have fond memories of living there as a young family.

I live in Southern NH and there are Tarbox folk buried in the cemetery down the road from me.  Would you like me to snoop a bit before your trip to this location?

Welcome to the Chat, Candyce!  And to G2G!  That's a very kind and generous offer.  yes

Thanks, Mary...I enjoyed your stories a lot! It is truly a beautiful place. I enjoy the coyote chorus on full moon nights, as well as barred owls hooting and the occasional mournful loon calls. If we're lucky, we might see a lone wolf crossing the field. Since the base was decommissioned, the local authorities have had varying rates of success providing decent, affordable civilian housing...good intentions, but a lot of trouble with the opioid crisis and getting folks to keep up their properties. Sad.

Hubby takes down the bird feeder every night now, which makes the nuthatches very sad!
Thanks, Candyce, that would be wonderful! I have been able to find no information about Marinda's family. I suspect that she and Stearns Tarbox might be closely related, since two of their daughters (in each family) have similar names; but it's all conjecture. No idea who her parents were, though one of her kids' records lists her as being from Londonderry.
Londonderry is across the state from me, but that will not exclude my search in this area.  I hope I can find a connection for you.

I accidentally created a WWII POW's profile today. A distant relative had found her grandfather's profile that I had created. She noticed that I hadn't created profiles for his two youngest children (born after 1919). Since one was her mother and the other her uncle, she knew that they had both died. She provided that information and asked that I create the profiles. That message came in the day I left on the road trip and I had finally gotten that far down in my inbox. 

TSGT Cyrus Howard Baucom, 379th Bombardment Group and WWII Prisoner of War, now has a profile. He's showing as unconnected right now but will be connected once the batch job processes tonight.

Really nice work, Debi.
Candyce, are you in Cheshire County by any chance? That's where Thomas and Marinda (and most of that side of the family) lived. I appreciate your kind offer.  Oddly, one of their kids' death records lists Londonderry, NH as mother's hometown; and another, Londonderry, VT (which I think unlikely).
Yes.  I am in Cheshire County.  I live in Nelson where many Tarbox folk had resided.

47 Answers

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Today is.....



National Escargot Day is observed each year on May 24th.  This day is in honor of the famous French dish of cooked land snails. Escargot is enjoyed by many. However, it is an acquired taste.  It is usually served as an appetizer in French restaurants.
 Escargot {es.kar.go} is the French word for snail.

The dish of Escargot is usually prepared by removing the land snails from their shells, cooking them with garlic, butter and wine. They are then placed back into their shells with the sauce for serving.    The dish is served with a special fork and tong for easier dining.

 Escargot are high in protein and low in fat (without the butter).


Enjoy this Escargot in Wine recipe. 

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2m points)

I think I’ll acquire a hamburger instead. This is one food which I have never learned to enjoy. Maybe it was the chef’s recipe and a different one would work. However, this is one of my pastor’s favorites!

You’re up early, Dorothy, and first today!

I kinda agree, not my favorite dish either. But for those who want to try something different, maybe they will tell us what they think!!

Yes I am up early getting ready for company coming this weekend, housecleaning mostly. My god- daughter and granddaughter are coming... she is only 3 so I have to toddler proof my house lol!!!

Another weekend chat and another "Thank you" to you Pip for hosting!!
Well done escargot is quite nice. I've had some I didn't like but the simpler the better.
@Dorothy... Ha! The best cleanings my house ever get is before visitors are coming!
I'm going to pass on the escargot and go for some candied pork belly!
Can I have french fries instead?
Yes please on the fries, not sure if I would rather eat escargot or Rocky Mountain oysters...

Yeah, I think I'm going to have to pass on the escargot ... unless I can just have the little dish of butter that comes along with them. laugh I'll pour it over the top of my popcorn!!

This is the first of your gastronomic posts that I will have to take a pass on. Never has even tempted me. I know others who think they are wonderful. My neighbor is a gourmet cook and she has escargot every Thanksgiving and Christmas and her five grandchildren love it!!
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Memorial Day Weekend Chat.
I pass on the snails, thank you, give me a thick medium steak, please!
I guess I should react to such a post. I never had escargots until I met my then future, now ex, husband. His family is from Poitou and they do eat "snails". So, not all French people eat them. I'm not a big fan. They don't have much taste (the garlic butter gives most of it) and the texture is, say, a bit special.

Bon appétit quand même!
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Hails and horns, Wikipeeps!

This week has been pretty awesome genealogy-wise. My parents went to Haverhill and Amesbury to spruce up the graves for my grandparents. The plots were kinda ratty and they put the markers up for Memorial day. They took a few pics because my great-aunt wanted pictures of her brother's grave. She was worried it was in disrepair or something. 

I asked my mom if I could put the pics on the find a graves for them and she said it was fine. The pics they had already up there were kinda meh. Here are the new pics:



The new pics are the ones in the top left. 

My mother then gave me a mission. She wanted me to find out where her grandmother, Clara, was buried. Clara died in Lawrence. She wasn't buried with her ex-husband for obvious reasons. So, she figured she was buried in Newburyport with the Laplantes.

I then went to Blaine Bettinger's new Genealogy Squad group and asked for help. A fellow resident of the Merrimack Valley helped me find her Obit. And to make a long story short, I made a find a grave for her:


In other news, Facebook made sure I couldn't post my blog. So, I had to change the URL: https://allroadhaverhill.blogspot.com/2019/05/52-ancestors-week-21-military.html

It was something about the terms and services. Whatever. I changed the url for the site and it seems to be working now. Thanks, Zuckerburg....

On the non genealogy front, Operation: Ferraiolo Garden has begun!! Sort of. We just tilled the soil and got things ready like the raised beds we're using.

Overall, not a bad week! =D

Oh and this week's Starbolts comic will have a bit of a genealogy thing involved. Will link.

by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (285k points)
Superior work on the photos, Chris! Perfect time with the graves all cleaned up and decorated.

So p, what’s the deal with Zuck not letting you post your URL on Facebook?
Apparently having a site url with "arl" at the start was a violation of Facebook's terms and services. I think what happened was someone reported it by accident and thus made me unable to post my blog anywhere on Facebook. I think the main issue was because I didn't have a security lock on the site like I do for my other blogspot.

I decided to change it because I REALLY wanted to share the Military blog with everyone in the fam on Facebook. I changed it and posted so my relatives could see it. Everyone loved it. =D

We're diligent about the upkeep. =)

Now I just need to head on over to Walnut Cemetery to get some pics of my other great-grandparents' graves. I'd love to get the graves for everyone in the first 30 on Find a Grave. But. uh....

Would they accept graves in Italy?
Great pics Chris! We put a wreath up early the other day - on a baby grave that isn't with the rest of the family. The rest of the flowers will be laid today and tomorrow. Mom doesn't like to go on Memorial day.

Good luck with the gardening. You'll have to post pics when you get it planted!
Thanks, Tom! Looks like my ancestral towns aren't in there yet. Ah well. Maybe some day they will be.

I'll see about getting the pics posted, Mindy. It's only fair that people see the vegetable prison of doom (TM).

Good job taking care of the grave!

Edit: Just e-mailed Find a Grave. We'll see what happens.
Great pictures Chris. Makes me remember that we always visited the family graves on Memorial Day.
Thanks, Kay! =D
Update: Finally got control of my grandmother's profile on Find a Grave along with two others. =D
Now to get my grandfather's....

I trust my third cousin with the other side of family. If I get my grandfather's, I should be good to go.
Chris I almost left a family member of yours a flower cause you put those links, then said, nah, that would be too weird!
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Memorial Day Weekend Chat.
I honestly wouldn’t have minded, C. Who were you gonna leave a flower for? I know Mindy left one.
As promised, here's my comic with a bit of genealogy tossed in: https://starbolts.blogspot.com/2019/05/starbolts-434-two-years-in-making.html

Oh and the garden's mostly planted. Spent five hours outside. So sore....Ow....
+19 votes
It's been a busy week for me. I'm back at home base after a two week proof of concept road trip. The trip was designed to prove whether or not I could work, both business and WikiTree, while on the road. The results are mixed. I can work if "moochdocking" (ie. parked in a willing person's space and using their WiFi), assuming they have internet LOL. That's kind of required.

While on the road, I visited with friends and family, visited the graves of my maternal grands, greatgrands, and one set of 2xgreatgrands. I know where two of the other 2xgreatgrand sets are buried but didn't travel in that direction. I asked all the elder family members I visited with about the burial location of that fourth set of 2xgreats and no one seems to know. I did get a hint for where their home place might be so there may be some woods tromping in my future.

To all the Rangers and Greeters who covered shifts for me this past couple of weeks, thank you so much. Even on days that I did have internet, I found that I wasn't present for the people I was visiting and that seemed more important.

Heading in to my wedding anniversary weekend. 11 years married, 13 years together, all based around Memorial Day, so rather than celebrate one day, we celebrate 4 LOL
by Debi Hoag G2G6 Pilot (252k points)

Debi, this weekend must be a full-blown celebration for you! I hope yiu enjoy all if it!

Since you’ve made me envious with all you gravesite visits, I’m gonna start planning one for this summer.

Sounds like a plan, Pip. I've made a commitment to myself that I'm going to start thinking about planning a way to contribute to the existing cemetery category where my grandparents are buried. I'm probably related to 99% of the people in that cemetery in one way or another. *sneaks away before the Global Cemeteries Project co-leader notices that* LOL
Hahaha! I’ve got a few of those cemeteries, too! Some that are wholly related to me, even if distantly.

Your safe... for now (Global Cemeteries Project co-leader looking the other way!).
Congrats on the anniversaries!

Ah, road trip blues. You can find some great graves and local historical societies, but you usually have to live without internet.
Congratulations, Debi! You reminded me that hubby and I are also celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary this weekend.  (We keep forgetting whether it's May 24 or 25, since we were married at the courthouse and due to work commitments didn't get around to having the party until two years later...
Happy anniversary, D! #29 for us In July.
Thanks, Pip! Maybe we should all have That Party this year? 29 is quite a milestone!

@D: Let’s do it! smiley

Sunday is my sister and brother - in - law 35th annivesary.

Ditto to everyone on this chat. My mothers family cemetery is above the church that my sister and brother - in - law  and now I go to right now. So some time like on June 2 I might go and visit it since it is so close even my mom's dads house is across from it also.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Memorial Day Weekend Chat.
Happy Aniversary to you and your husband and wishing you many more! Sounds like you enjoyed the road trip and made it back safely.
Thanks to everyone for the good Anniversary wishes.

I did make it home safely, David, and getting ready for the next one. Our son graduates from High School on Thursday, so we're heading 4 hours south on Wednesday for that. We'll spend the whole weekend with them because he has already enlisted in the Marine Corps and will be leaving within days.

Congratulations on the graduation of your son and his enlistment in the Marine Corps. Our (grandson) daughters oldest is in the USAF and stationed in North Dakota just rock through from the Canadian border. It gets cold up there!! smiley

+18 votes

Is it nature or is it nurture?

I had a wonderful note from a birth sibling yesterday. They shared the experience of meeting their full sibling for the first time. During this meeting, the siblings realized they all had a deep, fanatical love of puzzles. The evening turned into a spontaneous run at an "Escape Room".

Did they all have this love of puzzles because they were born with it? or did happenstance place the adoptee into a family who just happened to love puzzles too?


by Mags Gaulden G2G6 Pilot (480k points)
And I actually know who those people are, Chris!
Whoa! Very cool!
What Mags needs are blueberry M&M's
HA! Blueberry Pie MnM's.

If anyone is worried about your power and influence over my cravings? I just got back from running out to purchase some regular MnM's and Pnut Butter MnM's.
Those Easter M&Ms are good, the ones in the pastel colors with little rabbit shapes on them. So Dorothy's post didn't have you craving escargot? Shocking!
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Memorial Day Weekend Chat.

One of my favorite snacks "regular MnM's and Peanut Butter MnM's" even if we are not cousins. smiley

Wait, caramel M&Ms?  Must investigate further!
I only started seeing them a few months ago, I think they're new.
I have been avoiding those Caramel ones because I can't afford to eat a whole bag in ten minutes. Now the new Nutella ones? Yick!
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Hope all had a good and productive week. Mine was depressing.

The weather turned and became the worst Spring weather in more than 40 years. Snow and freezing temps hung on about 5 days. We lost a lot of the garden (one of the risks of planting before June) but we won't know for a few days. I'll uncover things today and hope the ones that were sad looking don't succumb to the trauma. It is up above 50F/10C already so I'll go and look in a while. Need to attend to the bees today as well. Should have been done last Sunday but it didn't warm up enough.

On the genealogy front, not much has happened. I need to go back to scheduling time for each of my tasks since some seem to be getting left out. My other WT tasks have been time consuming and some non-genealogy related things have started to take time as well. There is only a month before we head out to Pittsburgh for classes so can't put off a few things any longer.
by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (341k points)


Sorry to hear about your garden Doug, maybe it will turn out ok. You probably know about this already but here's a frost chart, my area says May 27ish (just checked now it says Apr 30 but it has got cold at night since then) is the guaranteed frost free date, though I have had some stuff in planters about a month now.

Doug, I am so sorry about the weather change. I know how much work you put into prepping for the last months for planting this spring. I hope you’ll find all ok when you check.

I watch the Weather Channel and was worried about all your plants when I saw that late storm. Keep us posted!

According to the chart, our last frost date is May 16 which for us is actually the usual date but we've seen it snow the first half of June. What causes our problems is the elevation (above 5000 feet (1524 meters). 

It is always a gamble here but if we wait until the second week of June we don't get much of a harvest. Fortunately, we don't depend on the garden and do have a few plants that were kept aside just in case. Time to go out and look. Then we wait and see what happens.

Didn't list birds this week. Our special one was a Great Blue Heron walking around outside the house looking into windows (probably saw his reflection).

I survived the May 23 post. smiley

Sorry to hear about your garden, Doug!  This not-spring has been uncommonly cold and damp.  sad

Nat, I did too.

Herbert, how bad was your not-Spring? You're further south but higher. I'm happy it's over and we shouldn't have a repeat.

Most of the peppers have some chance of making it and we have replacements for most. The "important" tomato plants look like they will make it but about a 1/4 of the rest are black mush. About half of the remainder will make it and the other half probably not. We have some replacements but not for all. Had to already replace what the #!@$ rabbits had eaten. Eggplant and tomatillo are gone but those can be replaced. Fortunately, beans (other than fave) weren't in yet (not until June 1). 

Doug, based on your posts in the past several Chats, I'd say my not-spring has been remarkably similar to yours.  As you said, the elevation compensates for the latitude.  I have no vegetables at stake, so my complaints concern only my physical comfort and mental state.

Nat, we need a sticker for that one!! 

Doug, This week I had a very vocal northern mockingbird on the fence outside my bedroom window.  I think they have a nest nearby so hopefully I get to listen to his repertoire of various songs all summer.  I also heard northern bobwhite quail out back in the field.  I like their 'bob white' call.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Memorial Day Weekend Chat.
+15 votes

It is a beautiful day here as well Pip. We were going to go to the Zoo today but several things got in the way of that so I guess we will cut the grass instead. My knee is improving and I am otherwise fine . I have been working on connecting the profile for the commander of the unit that captured Confederate President Jefferson Davis, Benjamin Dudley Pritchard https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Pritchard-2775 and managed to connect him yesterday. Other than that I have just been plugging away at profiles and not doing anything noteworthy.

by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)

Dale, you did a really nice job on Pritchard’s profile! 

Zoo, cut grass, zoo, cut grass.... hmm... Well, there’s always another day. Really glad to hear your knee is getting better. 

Good to hear about your knee improving. Cutting grass? Too wet to do that today but I can get the new drive belt installed on the lawn tractor so it is possible tomorrow or Sunday.
Doug, It is going to rain tomorrow and Sunday here so it was today or maybe wait a week, and it is too long to wait that long, Pip I watch a show "Curse of Civil War Gold" where they think that Pritchard smuggled some of the gold from the confederate treasury to Michigan and then a group of men divided it up to launder it. On that show they had his great great grandson and I came as close to him as possible without adding profiles of living people. Ass for the gold, He opened a bank and that required $ 50,000, a lot of money in those days, and there is no explanation to where he got that money on a schoolteachers salary. Makes me wonder.
A week of rain here made a jungle. I can understand why you need to do it today.
I also have a granddaughter graduating from High School tomorrow so no putting off the grass.
Dale I saw the same show that you show that series of it is very interesting to me. Ditto to rest of people on this chat.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Memorial Day Weekend Chat.
Linda, I have seen every episode ot that show so far. I am thinking about going back to watch them again to see if I can pick up some more information to help with the genealogy  Since I stream all of my TV shows, no antenna or cable, watching them again will be almost no effort.
+16 votes
Happy holiday weekend, everyone!  (At least for those in the US.)  Grading is done, so I spent the week on other work stuff I had been putting off.  Plus a couple of rounds of Friend With Truck for my friends who are moving across town.  My wrist is getting a workout!  (Got cleared for strengthening exercises on Monday, too.)

On the genealogy front, I got distracted (squirrel!) from Hazards and started chasing my mysterious Admiral Robertson again.  Haven't found (or disproved) him yet but I found his other daughter!  Our "Aunt Lib" from family letters, sister to Anna (Robertson) Evans, is Sarah Elizabeth Robertson.  Found a probate announcement on newspapers.com, and then from that I found her actual will via FamilySearch.  Her will gives the married name of one of her nieces, so I've got the niece's spouse and descendants now.  And it confirms the Heberton family connection that was discussed in the letters, though I still don't know the exact relationships.  I've ordered Sarah's death certificate from Maryland so maybe that will give more info about the "Admiral".  Or not... her sister's death record lists her father as "Evans" (her married name).  Whoops.

And so long as I was ordering one death certificate from Maryland I also ordered one for my other brick wall, Annie/Camelia/Pamelia (Killingsworth) Bangs, so now I'm looking at that family again.  Squirrel!
by Lisa Hazard G2G6 Mach 8 (82k points)

Hi, Lisa! Funny how we get to the point that we’re looking for just the tiniest little scrap of info that might lead to the discovery we are looking for. I hope you find what your looking for! 

Don’t overdo that wrist. Take it from the shoulder guy! laugh

Yeah, and I wasn't even looking for her!  I searched newspapers.com for Anna Evans in Baltimore, and her sister Sarah Robertson's probate notice popped up.  With all Anna's kids listed, too (well, most of them... apparently my great great grandfather was left out of his aunt's will).  So it was clearly the right person.  I didn't even know Sarah's full name before this and was making guesses about what "Lib" was a nickname for.  Nice bit of luck.
Take care of the wrist.

What a great find. Probate notices are a real treasure trove. Love those aunts and uncles who themselves had no children.
Definitely, Kay!  Not only that, but this matches with another bit of evidence... in her will, Anna Margaretta Heberton Van Dyke (one of the supposed Heberton cousins) left a diamond to her cousin S. Elizabeth Robertson.  And in Sarah Elizabeth Robertson's will, she mentions an item given to her by William Heberton (Anna H's brother, but relationship to SER isn't specified).  

Really all of this points to the mysterious Admiral Robertson being the brother of Anna Sophia Alexander Robertson Heberton, Anna and William Heberton's mother.  I just can't find any evidence of him existing.  (Alternative hypothesis: Anna Sophia, who was widowed young and never remarried, is actually the mother of my Anna and Sarah, not their aunt, and the "Admiral" is a cover story.  No evidence for this but it's plausible.)
Ditto to what everyone said here.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Memorial Day Weekend Chat.
+18 votes

Hi Pip, Thank you for hosting! I sure hope that shoulder feels better soon. And Happy Birthday!! Are you 21 again?

I spent a few days recuperating from my company (and doing some furious Wiki-ing lol). I miss them already! The glorious sun came out for a few days after they left and it actually warmed up here! Time to get out and about, in other words. Mom and I returned to the Cane Ridge Meeting House (that preserved church) and walked through the cemetery. It was bigger than we first thought, just really spread out. It's sad how many plots have no stones now. It was so peaceful though!! Beautiful greenery everywhere, the birds were singing, the sun warmed us. I'm adding a few pics below. The originals are much clearer but I shrank them for this post. 

I hope everyone else saw some beauty and spot of joy in their week!

by Mindy Silva G2G6 Pilot (352k points)

Nice photos, Mindy! 

And recuperating from company! LOL. I know how that is. I usually break out some wine, not that the company is unwelcome or anything. It's just ...you can relax and get back to your normal routine.wink

Thanks Nat! Yep.. This grandma had her feet up, nice glass of wine, phone muted wink  It was a fabulous visit but I'm not used to having a one year old around any more. She was a little spitfire!! Good baby, just lots of energy

My theory is that children under 5 have so much energy because they extract if from the adults that are around. smiley

Beautiful photos, Mindy!

Too funny Doug! You may be right wink She put the Energizer Bunny to shame...

Thank you Eowyn! It was such a beautiful day. I love a nice quiet walk through a cemetery. So much history there...

This is a magnificent cemetery, Mindy, and you’ve taken some great photos!  Of course, I think most mold cemeteries are magnificent. The modern ones have little appeal to me.
It's not wildly known. But, children under 2 have a +5 speed buff on hardwood floors. They also have a +10 in endurance.

Great pics, Mindy!
Beautiful cemetery!!

Like you, I always enjoy having company, but it's also always nice to get back to "normal," whatever that is. hehe

Yes, but they have a -5 stamina debuff once the speed buff kicks in and they are no longer indestructible wink  Oh my word did she love the hardwood floors! 

Thank you Julie! I agree smiley

Normal is overrated, Julie. =)

Those toddler stats do change a lot. Hmmm....Probably for the best.
Wonderful photos, Mindy, I just know you and your mom enjoyed your day at the cemetery. It does look peaceful. Sounds like us when we are around our grand and great-grandchildren as they are all very active and when they leave we look at each other and say do you hear that, Quite.
Ditto  to what everyone said on this chat.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Memorial Day Weekend Chat.

Thanks David and Linda! Yes, they are such a joy to have around but afterwards the silence is blessed. 

Oh - I don't think I shared any of the Aquarium pics while they were here. It's hard to pick favorites but I'll add a few here.

Seahorse at the Aquarium

Jellyfish at the Aquarium

Amazing photos, Mindy, thank you for sharing them with us. The grandbaby is more interested in you and the camera than the jellyfish.

Thanks David! She didn't really understand some of the tanks like the jellyfish so yes she was more interested in other things. The fish and reptiles that swam or crawled around were more interesting. I think she'll have more fun there when she gets a little older smiley

+15 votes

"My shoulder pain is increasing which means that the cortisone shot didn’t take as well as I would have liked. I’m still able to get work done outside, but now I have to evaluate how I’m going to do it! " I hear you! My right shoulder has been a bear in these last few years. Doc always just nods and says "Aging. Arthritis. Deal." I was getting mad about it. But we got a new mattress (those fancy foam ones) and VOILA, no more shoulder pain. Thankfully, for me it was a simple, but expensive, solution.

Memorial Day will be observed here by attending a parade in which my husband's pipe band will march to the cemetery in Ashby, Mass, accompanied by some town officials and veterans groups and BSA members. Wreaths will be laid. I will somehow honor the men and women who have given their lives for our country. 

Hoping for good weather. :-)  

Have a good weekend, Pip and all y'all!

by Natalie Trott G2G6 Pilot (585k points)
Have fun at the parade. I love pipe bands. Anything else to do around Ashby? Haven't been anywhere near there in a very long time.
Trap Falls is near there, which is lovely but not that impressive as falls go. So,maybe we'll trek to it afterward if the weather is good, and we'll have our DEET at hand.
Oh, how I love a good pipe band. When I go to a games, I roll my car windows down before I get there so that the first thing I hear are the pipes!

We’re thinking about a new mattress, too. Maybe that’ll do the trick! More ammo for me for the replacement. Thanks, Nat!
Wow - good to hear that mattress helped!
Oh, hip pain is gone, too. That old mattress was far too firm!
Sorry about the shoulder pain and glad the new mattress helped. Thank you and your husband for his participation in honoring our veterans.
Ditto to what everyone said here.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Memorial Day Weekend Chat.
+15 votes

Happy Memorial Day to all my WikiKin!

On the homefront: The week has been dominated illness. Every member of the family has been to the doctor in the past week (granted, I only went in for my annual physical). At the moment, only my oldest son and I are not ill - and he's jealous of the attention the others are getting and demands we take his temperature too whenever we take his brother's. So the co-pays for doctor's visits and prescriptions have been out of control this week.

In non-illness news, we had a T-ball game on Monday, and I've been battling the dandelions on our lawn. I wouldn't care if they weren't SO UGLY when they go to seed.

This coming weekend we plan to visit my parents, and to do a lot of grilling and yardwork at home.

On the wikifront: This has been a good week for me at WikiTree. I haven't done anything for my own family, but have instead obsessively focused on sourcing profiles from {{Unsourced|Michigan}}. I'm mostly not thinking about {{Unsourced}} profiles with a Michigan location - as there are nearly 10,000 of those. I've sourced a few of those that were relatives of people I was already sourcing.

Anyways. so far this week I've sourced more than 50 {{Unsourced|Michigan}} profiles. Three weeks, ago, after the clean-a-thon, there were 353 of them. Right now there's 254. Before long, I will left with nothing but early nineteenth century Francophone Michiganders with horribly tangled family trees and little to no sources to be found.

by Thomas Fuller G2G6 Mach 6 (69.5k points)
Yay Tom!! Nice work!

I need to work on some unsourced as a change-up every now and then.
Hope everyone feels better soon, Tom. Nice work!
Awesome work on unsourced profiles - thank you!

Well done, Thomas!  yes

Thomas, did you take over that coaching job for your son’s t-ball team?!? laugh

Well done with the Michigan profiles. I know that is a labor of love. Cut them by a third.... that’s great!

Thomas, I am saddened by your dislike of dandelions when they go to seed!  My childhood memories from the mid-atlantic states had lots & lots of dandelions and I used to dig them up and go door to door trying to sell them to the neighbors.  (If you check out my profile, you can see the adorable child who sold lots of dandelions to the neighbors for 3 cents.)  Anyway, here in Florida, we do not have dandelions and I miss them, especially the blowing all those seeds while making a wish!  Ahhh, thanks for the childhood memories!!

Cindy, I wouldn’t mind the dandelion seeds if they just wouldn’t land in my flower beds!

Pip, I didn't. I'm really not all that knowledgeable about baseball. Or any sport. My wife and her family are the big fans. I just go along with it. I'm more the sit at the computer and do research type. yes Watching the boys play is improving my ability to follow the game through. 

Ditto to what everyone said here.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Memorial Day Weekend Chat.
This summer I am going to work hard at sourcing my many profiles! I kid you not! :)
Sounds like a plan, Mary. Go for it!
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Greetings, WikiKin!

Pip, thanks for hosting, and a happy White Squirrel Festival to you.  Sorry to hear about your shoulder setback.  Let's talk some time about the Escherian river that crosses over a divide.  cool

What a week.  We did get the predicted snow Monday, and subfreezing temperatures Tuesday morning.  It's beautiful today, though, and should stay that way through the weekend.

I have emerged from the Coventry rabbit hole after a successful virtual trip to Scotland.  I rearranged a couple of families, and if I upset anyone I haven't heard about it.  Yet.  I did contact them first.  Honest, I did.

I also survived the G2G madhouse this week.  Yikes, what a week of crankiness and conflict, including:

* Obstinate GEDCOMmers;

* Revivification of zombie threads, some as old as six years;

* Super-size portions of word salad;

* A shameful disheartening suspension (I hope temporary) of the requirement to assume each other's good faith. 

It looks like the Mentors got a good workout, but finally the explanation came to light:  Madness induced by excess orderliness!  Honestly, I despair for our community if we leave this dead bison in our intellectual watering hole.

On a more pleasant and peaceful note, I encountered four mule deer browsing along the road this week.  I stopped to admire them, and they calmly gazed back.  A pair of white-winged doves is building a nest in the locust tree outside my office window.  And if that's not soothing enough, how about a butterfly?

Swallowtail by Evi Binzinger, tutorial by Leyla Torres.

Keep calm and Wiki on, cousins!


by Herbert Tardy G2G6 Pilot (521k points)

Chris!  I call him 'Arthur.'  cool

Lovely butterfly, Herb!  I missed seeing your creations while I was away from the Chat.

So sorry to hear about all the angst on the G2G Forum this week, though. It's a shame that everyone doesn't appreciate what a gem WikiTree is.
Thanks, Star!  And welcome back!
HAHAHA! Arthur's a moth, though!

Potato, potato.  wink

I'm staying away from such discussions as well. When I'm tempted to wade in, usually I manage to convince myself to use my time to go source or something. If I want more drama in my life I'll go discuss my unpopular religious and political beliefs on Facebook.
Ditto to what everyone said here.

Nice Butterfly Herbert.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Memorial Day Weekend Chat.
Thanks, Linda!
By the way, Herbert, great post on Logical Fallacy. (Unfortunately, I can no longer consider commenting on the thread itself).


Thanks, Isabelle!  That was more fun than I expected.  wink

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Happy weekend everyone. It is sunny and hot in southeast Virginia. The hot and humid will probably continue into September.

We have just returned from a 2 week RV trip. It was great to gather with other owners of the same brand RV, and to visit family.

Not much on the genealogy front -- we stayed at a campground for a week with no WiFi and very poor cell coverage -- so I was suffering WikiTreeWithdrawal. I did start working a suggestion for relatives father too young which ended up being somewhat of a squirrel. Simeon seems to be his brother's father, which should be their father Simeon not their grandfather Simeon or cousin Simeon.

I need to find some time this weekend to take advantage of the free Fold3 access. I know for sure that there are some Revolutionary War records that should be captured.
by Kay Sands G2G6 Pilot (263k points)
Hi, Kay! Glad you enjoyed your two weeks’ getaway! WikiTree DTs are no fun. I experienced that much of last week with all the chores. Back at it this week, though. I need to hop on Fold3 also!
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Memorial Day Weekend Chat.
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Hello everyone. 

Last week we lost our rooster to a predator, think it might have been a fox. Really sad cause he was beautiful, he protected his flock and he was funny. Now we have a brooding hen, figures since we no longer have a rooster. 

I worked as a nursing assistant for 20 yrs and I have had back pain for years and it keeps getting worse.  Monday I had a MRI on my lower back. That is one noisy machine. Well it turns out I have spinal stenosis and a bulging, herniated disc on l 4&5 which I already knew about. I don't know what is going to be done about it yet, I just know I am tired of the pain cause I can't do anything without hurting. It takes me forever to clean one room and to me that is aggravating. Then on top of all that I have COPD. Found me a good cardiologist and he sent me for an echocardiogram which by the way came back good smiley

I have been here every day working on profiles and doing a lot of G2G reading to see whats going on. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend. 

by Dallace Moore G2G6 Mach 6 (61.4k points)
Dallace, I feel your pain! Every movement bring some level of pain. I used earplugs for my MRI, which they had a bucket of just for patients. You hang in there! So good to hear from you!
I had earplugs to thank goodness or I wouldn't have lasted the 20 minutes.
Ditto to what everyone said on this chat.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Memorial Day Weekend Chat.
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The weather here has been unusual -- cycling between rain one day and sun the next. 

This weekend I'm going to the Jamboree bag stuffing party -- the Southern California Genealogical Society is holding the 50th annual Jamboree in about a week, and the bags for conference attendees need to be assembled. If anyone lives near Burbank, CA you should come and help!

by Jamie Nelson G2G6 Pilot (242k points)
Wow! Looks like a booming event, Jamie! Wish I could help, but I’m 3000+ miles away!

I've been volunteering at the SCGS Library since 2014, but I've always been busy during the bag stuffing party. This will be my first one :)

I just wanted to add some additional info for anyone that might be interested: if you can't come to Jamboree, 12 of the sessions will be livestreamed for free! https://genealogyjamboree.blogspot.com/2019/05/jamboree-2019-registration-open-for.html

I just registered! Thanks, Jamie. Much appreciated.
Jamie, Our weather has us running the heat at night and in the morning but the AC by afternoon and evening. That along with rain almost every day makes the yard work interesting.
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Memorial Day Weekend Chat.
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Hello, All!

Hope you all have fun and relaxing plans for the weekend. heart

by Deb Durham G2G Astronaut (1m points)
Relax?!? I’m in love with a project manager!

Oh, dear! Well, try not to strain anything. cheeky

Ditto to what Deb said.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Memorial Day Weekend Chat.
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Just wish you all a wonderful weekend, hope you will enjoy your self

Look after your self out there where ever you are.

It is actually my 29 years wedding anniversary today so we are going out for a nice dinner

Warmest greetings from Tenerife
by Susan Laursen G2G Astronaut (2.5m points)
edited by Susan Laursen

Your last day, right? Then back to cool Denmark. Amazing how you’ve kept up with us on holiday. Wanna post a pic of the lizards? laugh

I wonder how man out there knew lizard eat bananas they run to me when i gave them bananas I just love them.

Hi hi I really love Wikitree and all they wonderful members I meet on wikitree, do you think I am addicted Pip

Yes we are going to the airport 630 tomorrow morning

Have a great hosting pip
Happy Anniversary, Susan! (Us too...29 years! Where does the time go?)
Thank You D how sweet of you
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Memorial Day Weekend Chat.
Happy Anniversary Susan!!
Happy 29th anniversary Susan!
Thank you Sarah how sweet of you
Thank You Star how sweet of you

Happy Aniversary, Susan and many more! Glad you had a wonderful time in Tenerife and are home safe. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and dinner.

Thank You David my wonderful friend,how sweet of you.

You always are so amazing
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You have to love living in rural America. Not actually that rural but my back yard. If I haven't accomplished much Wikitree this week it's because I'm looking out my window

by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Fabulous pic! We saw food for them yesterday and today, our first bunny. Cute, as long as it stays away from our Asiatic Lilies!
Fantastic photo what a cute photo
Great photo! Bet you don't have many rabbits in your garden.
Ditto to what everyone said here.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Memorial Day Weekend Chat.
+10 votes
Hello Wiki friends,  This week in Wichita, Kansas, has been very gray, and stormy with lots of rain.  More heavy rain is expected this weekend.  I have a large puddle of water in my backyard, but the birds love bathing in it.  On a sad note, my hometown of Jefferson City, Missouri, was hit Wednesday night with a bad tornado.  Many historic homes and buildings were damaged.  The photos are really sad.
by Michelle Enke G2G6 Pilot (190k points)
I saw the Jefferson City footage. Really very sad! Glad you’re safe, though. It’s been a tough week for the Midwest.
Ditto to what everyone said here.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Memorial Day Weekend Chat.
+12 votes

Happy weekend, everyone! 

I wish I had time to read through everyone's posts. I skimmed, which is more than I usually get to do for the chats!! ;-)

This weekend, our daughter will be visiting from her internship in Wisconsin, and our son is here, too. So, yay! Whole family aboard!

My daughter is treating me to a "sip and paint" on Sunday afternoon for a late birthday present. Really looking forward to that!

This past week, I've been working on clearing some profiles out of my personal categories, which I don't visit often enough. I've managed to source and connect several profiles and release them into the wild in the hopes that a closer family member will be able to add to what I've found. In the process, I've gotten my watchlist back to a more reasonable size.

On a sad note, I just returned about a week or so ago from a 3-week hiatus due to the death of my father. Got to spend several wonderful days with him before he passed, which was a true gift and blessing. I brought home three bins of old pictures he had and will be slowly working my way through them to see what's there. Unfortunately, I can't video chat with him anymore to ask "Who's this?"

I hope everyone has a peace-filled weekend doing what makes you happy! heart

by Julie Ricketts G2G6 Pilot (309k points)
Condolences on your loss, Julie.
Both kids at the same time! Great! We seldom get a simultaneous visit from our two.

So sorry about your dad. I hope you can make the identifications among those photos. Thanks for stopping in, Julie. It’s always good to hear from you.
So sorry for your loss, Julie, but glad to hear that you had some quality time with your Dad before he passed.
Condolences to you and yours, Julie. =(
Sorry about the loss of your father. It was nice that you got to spend time with him.
Thanks, everyone. I really appreciate your kind words.
Ditto to what everyone said here.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Memorial Day Weekend Chat.
My  Condolence on the loss of your Father.
Thank you so much, Sandra.
Heartfelt condolences for the loss of your father, it was a blessing you had a few days with him before his passing. Enjoy the visit with your children and have fun at the sip and paint. Thank you for all you do at WikiTree and for stopping by the chat.
Thank you, David!
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Oh wow, is it the weekend already?  Seems that the only way I know Friday is here is that this thread appears on my feed!

Still working those "M" profiles for the Bio Builders challenge - have made some DNA inroads on the Mullins family and trying to get a lot of them added for this month's challenge.

I'm still impressed by Pip's flood videos - every week when we have nice weather here, I think of those vids.
by SJ Baty G2G6 Pilot (766k points)
SJ, you are a busy boy! Fortunately for us, the April “showers” did bring May flowers. Very nice weather here lately, but it’s starting to get too hot.

Keep bio building! It makes our Tree all that much better!
Ditto to what everyone said here.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Memorial Day Weekend Chat.

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