Question of the Week: Who in your family lived the longest?

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Who lived the longest?Who in your family lived the longest?

I have a great-uncle who lived to 107!

P.S. To help with this, Jamie Nelson added a feature to her ancestor stats app. Click here to see which ancestor of yours lived the longest.

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Apparently my 7th great-grandfather, Marten Janse van Alstyne lived to be 110! Didn't know I was Dutch until I found this lineage :) 

My husband’s uncle, Kenneth Dill, lived several months past is 100th birthday party.
that's an easy one for me: my grandmother  Drika Willems.

She was 100 years and a month when she died in 2002. I loved to talk with her about her life especially the periods during the two world wars. Stories about smugglers, cattle illnesses, emancipation of the farmers, how to evade german controllers etc. etc.

Hopefully me. Time will tell.

My grandmother Zelda Prinsky Brandt was 101 when she died.

My great aunt Johnnie O (Aunt Cosie) Ogden lived to be over 109 years old. 1890 - 2000.
My mother, Maxine Jeffrey, 103 years.  Three months after a hot-air balloon trip!  Up, up and away, a beautiful, generous musician.
Katherine, I'm sad to say that the 110-year lifespan for Marten Janse Van Alstyne probably is incorrect. There is reason to believe that two different men from different generations of the family have been conflated. However, that lifespan is not impossible. My husband's great-grandmother (not my ancestor) lived to 110.

Mary Ann Stillwell 100.

Not excited about the average lifespan of 69 years.

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Thank you,
My great grandfather William Sherman Fruits lived to be the oldest at 90.
Thank you for this cool AP My Father Ronald Charles Goss lived the longest in my family 99yrs.  I notice his ancestors [i.e from his Great Grandparents and the ones further back lived to an older age than many of their counterparts.]  not always a blessing in England - no work and needing care those days for many it was the Workhouse..

Comfort (Curtis) Seymour (1718 - 1819).

I seem to recall that I did a profile for a former enslaved person who was more than 115 years old. He was interviewed in the newspaper at something like 106 years old and I was shocked when I discovered how much longer he lived.

My 4th great grandmother apparently got to 106.

The second oldest I'm aware of is one of my Great Grandmothers, she was 89 or 90. We aren't sure on her birth year.

My Grandmother and her Sister are looking likely to outlive her though. 

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My great great uncle, Dempsey Dugger lived to be 114.

He had two sisters, one lived to bee 100, the other 101.

Teresa Langford
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My Fifth Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Hensley Bennett Demonbreun Durard, lived to be 110. On the 1850 TN. census she is listed as 105 years old. She was the  wife/mistress of Jacques Timothe Boucher Demonbreun, and wife of Joseph Girard/Durard. She was said to be Choctaw  Find-A-Grave Memorial 8304888. She is buried at Carney Cemetery, Marrowbone, Cheatham County TN.
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My fifth Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Hensley Bennett  aka Demonbreun, Girard/ Durard, born 07/24/1745, died in Feb. 1856. she lived to be 110. She was  the wife/mistress of Jacques Timothe Demonbreun and wife of Joseph Girard/Durard. She was said to be of the Choctaw tribe. She fought beside Timothe at the battle of Buchanan Station in 1794. She owned a stagecoach relay station called Granny Rats Bar in the Joelton TN. area She is buried in the Carney Cemetery in Joelton, Cheatham County TN. based on Find-A-Grave Memorial 8304888. She is one of my Family Hero's because she lived her life her way and she didn't back down.
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To the best of my knowledge, my mother Constance, who, God willing, turns 97 this Friday.
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First cousin twice removed Mildred Lewis lived to 102. People who knew her told me she retained all her marbles and good health up until about 6 months before she passed. I once visited her church where her parents and my great-grandparents were founding members. When they celebrated their 100th anniversary, members made a timeline which was hanging on the wall. The first event was "1904 Mildred Lewis born". She was 5 when the church was founded, and if I am remembering correctly, playing downstairs while the adults met. She lived her whole life in the same town attending that church and was much loved and remembered very fondly by the congregation. She never married or had children, but became very close to a family who rented an apartment in her home whom she adopted in spirit. I remember visiting cousin Mildred's house when I was young. My family lost touch with her some time after my great-aunt (her 1st cousin) passed away. There were many times I thought to contact her, after I heard she was still alive and "sharp as a tack", but never did. :(

I have a living first cousin twice removed (my grandmother's first cousin) born Nov 1916. Still mentally with it and healthy aside from having lost most of her hearing and the usual things people her age tend to have issues with. Her younger sister is also still living and close to hitting the century mark herself. They had an older brother who died young at age 80.

My grandmother (1st cousin to the siblings mentioned in the previous paragraph) lived to 97. She could barely walk due to arthritis and didn't see well, but also remained mentally sharp to the very end. She outlived her husband, one daughter, and a grandson.

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Here is mine fourth great grandfather

It says he lived to 102 here but I believe that it was actually 104 years , 7 months on his death certificate.

On his 92nd birthday he skated several miles on the frozen rivers in the mountains 

His father lived to 93

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Since answering before, I've come across (only this weekend) an even older relative. She's not a direct relation, but is my 2 x great aunt Beatrice Annie Rowe's mother-in-law. 

Catherine Sarah (Burn) Wright was born in 1812 and died in 1914 at the ripe old age of 101. She lived through the reigns of 6 British Monarchs, from George III to George V - and that includes Victoria's very long reign of 63 years and 217 days! 

Catherine's husband Henry was reputedly the godson of William IV of England and General Karl Bauermeister, the Hessian Ambassador at the Court of St James - not that that had anything to do with Catherine's longevity!

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In the connectathon I created profiles for my grandmaternal family as I have no problems there with the sources. One of the profiles I created was a woman born in 1669 which has written in her church book death entry: "Anna Elisabeth, widow of Wilhelm Moritz, was buried 9 Sep 1773, being 104 years and some months old." I immediately put her in the Centanarians category.
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My husband’s uncle, Kenneth Dill,m lived to be 100. He lived in Augusta, Kansas, USA, a town of about 9,000. The family had a large party for him in his church hall. My husband flew out to Kansas from Connecticut for the party,  and he met many relatives he had never known before that day.
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Ann Bricker 108 Years Old - fancy that!
by Jonathan Wilson G2G6 (7.7k points)
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My husbands 5th Great grandpa,Jacob"Jake" Elias Stines. He lived to be 117 years old. From 1796-1873.
by Teresa Davis G2G6 Mach 2 (28.5k points)

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