Links don't show up in the public or private modes - but DO show in the preview.

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Is there an issue with trying to post an Ancestry link to a digitized document with the caveat "requires a subscription?"  The links for Levin Matthews reveal for FindAGrave and Fold3 (which also requires a subscription) - but the Marriage, Probate and Postmaster links don't show up in either the public or private views.  They DO show up when I click preview in the edit mode.
WikiTree profile: Levin Matthews
in WikiTree Tech by Robyn Adair G2G4 (4.3k points)
retagged by Ellen Smith

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Adblockers interfere with displaying Ancestry links.
by Herbert Tardy G2G6 Pilot (569k points)
Thank you very much.  I have never had this issue before, but yesterday I updated Firefox and now (since you pointed it out) I see all kinds of sites have been activated with AdBlock.  I have a LOT of work to do....arrrghhhh.  Thanks again.
This ad-blocking of Ancestry started a few days ago. To make things worse, the whitelist in my adblocker app was blanked out a couple of days ago, possibly when Firefox updated.

Put Wikitree on your whitelist.
This is very interesting....I was printing something (wifi) and left my computer on to run to mail what I printed, and when I returned, icons had changed on my desktop - my first clue "something" had happened.  When it did, all my icons were slammed to the left, I could not get links to work (some I've had for years) and some of my unique bookmarks I keep on my Firefox toolbar were missing and moved around.  I have since looked at the Firefox update and don't think that was it....they and Windows ask me before updating.  "Some program" updated itself (or hacked me) and wormed its way through Mcafee.  The thought of going through ad-blocker or checking every site I visit is another task in a bucket list already too full.....but glad I posted the question on Wiki because I would not have associated invisible links (which used to show and work fine) specifically with adblocker.  Thanks everybody!!
One more thing....I know how to click on My Feed....but I find ALL the additional topics in this thread to be interesting and would like to read them later when I have time.  If I save the the URL at the top, in the future, will it always bring me here...including the related search topics at the bottom of this exchange?  If can I save this entire collection of topics?
Robyn, if you bookmark the thread URL, it will always bring you back to this question, but there's no guarantee the Related Questions will stay the same.  I think the best you can do is add the topics of interest to your Favorites by clicking the blue '+' next to the title.  There is a link to 'My Favorites' at the bottom of the G2G screen.


  • Since you asked the question, you can find it again by opening your G2G profile and clicking on the "All questions" tab at the top.
  • You can print the current version of this thread using the Print function in your browser, and save the printed copy (I would "print to PDF")
  • The G2G tags on this thread should help you find -- and related threads -- in the future (helping people find G2G items in the future is one reason why I re-tag other people's G2G questions)
  • If all else fails, you can use Google with to search for keywords in this thread
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You can tell Adblock Plus that it is blocking too much and they will change it. I personally have Adblock Plus turned off for this site, because there are no ads. To do either, click on the red Adblock octagon in your browser heading and choose either to switch it off for the website you are on, or choose "report issue" and follow on from there.
by Gillian Causier G2G6 Pilot (227k points)
I have just tried turning on Adblock and got the same problem, so I reported the issue to them. Hopefully they will look into this. I have an Adblock issue status report page open that will update automatically when they tackle the problem. I'll report back.

Thanks Gillian,

I also reported this issue to Adblock Plus on 6/1 (status still marked as "unknown"). In the meantime, as Ellen indicated, an individual can disable the ad-blocker for the WikiTree site (though that's only a work-around on a user-by-user basis).

I typically use non-subscription sources in WikiTree profiles when available, but that's not always possible. When adding links to source citations here, using an Ancestry external link template prefixes the link with WikiTree's affiliate link, which appears to avoid the issue at this time. Using such a template can also "future-proof" the links in case Ancestry changes their URL structure in the future - the template can usually be updated to resolve all the resulting broken links that utilize the template.

Having said that, I believe that the best way to include a link to an record/image in a source citation here is to use an Ancestry publicly sharable link, which subscribers can use to share records/images with non-subscribers (I use the Twitter option just to copy the link so I can use it elsewhere). There's not an external link template here for Ancestry shared links (I'm not sure there's anything meaningful in the URL, as there is for other links). Like the other links, the shared links would also be hidden by the ad-blocker due to the current problem. But I've found that if I prefix the Ancestry shared link with WikiTree's affiliate link (copied from what an Ancestry template generates), this also appears to avoid the issue at this time. This can be done by adding the following snippet to the beginning of the Ancestry share link:

Almost all Ancestry links on WikiTree (not just the ones created by the Ancestry External Link templates) are now prefixed with Ancestry's affiliate link, and the domain of that affiliate link is on the EasyLIst filter list that's apparently the default filter list for most ad-blocking apps.

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