Confirming the Parents of Smith Alexander Stills

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Smith Alexander Stills was raised by William Henry Stills and Nancy Tarlton.  This I know directly from Smith's Daugher-in-Law, my Grandmother Bertha Naomi McCoy. They are not his biological parents.  Bertha never told me who his parents were.

I have a lot of circumstantial evidence that Smith's Parents were Uriah Ricker and Martha Smith.  But I have no records to prove it.

So Questions:

1. What DNA test do I need to get? FYI, my Father is still living.

2.  Bertha Mcoy and her Husband (son of Smith) Melvin Virgil Stills are 3rd Cousins through the Ricker Line. How does this affect the DNA testing if at all?
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Have a direct paternal line descendant of Smith Alexander Stills take a Y-DNA37 test from Family Tree DNA.  Also have a male with the Ricker surname who is related  to Uriah Ricker take a Y-DNA37 test.  If they match each other on about 35 out of 37 markers or closer then that is very strong evidence those two direct paternal lines share a Ricker ancestor.  However there remains a slight possibility the Ricker you test was not really the son a Ricker.  Few things in life are perfect ;-)

If two male direct paternal line descendants are not available then there is autosomal and X chromosome testing you can employ but it is more difficult.

WIkiTree also has a new DNA feature - The Ancestor Confirmation Aid which identifies which descentants should take which DNA test in order to confirm a particular ancestor.
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Robert, just to clarify.

My line is ME > Maynard Stills > Melvin Virgil Stills > Smith Alexander Stills > Uriah Ricker > Elijah Ricker > John K Ricker > Peter Ricker (German Immigrant).

Betha McCoy (Wife of Melvin Virgil Stills) > Julia B Davis > Mary Emma Cutshall > Nancy Ann Ricker (Sister of John K Ricker) > Peter Ricker.

Smith is "adopted" and raised by the Stills, his father Uriah only had one child, Smith.  So I would need to find a Male Ricker descendant of Elijah Ricker for the Y-DNA37 test.

I do not have to worry about Bertha's Ricker mix as that would not show up in the Y-DNA37test.  And I should have my Father Maynard tested.  I will study the Confirmation Aid futher.  It looks intersting and helpful  Thank you.

If you suspect your direct male line is really Ricker, then compare your father with and a known Ricker male using Y-DNA37 tests.  

For Y-DNA you could test yourself instead of your father but it would be better to get a sample of your father's DNA in storage so at a later date you have the option of running a mtDNA and autosomal DNA testing on him.

Sincerely, Peter

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