What to do about "bogus" questions?

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Thought I'd see about gaining some brownie points by answering user questions. What do you do with questions that appear to have nothing to do with WikiTree, like this:


There was another question that seems to have been deleted that asked a very vague question.

Related: what's the purpose of the "Flag" for G2G questions?



(who's wowed to get 300 points and a new designation for answering just one question! that's quite the incentive program!)
in Genealogy Help by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (838k points)
If you don't want points, use "Comment" instead of "Answer".
Under what conditions would one not want points?
Points can be gained by giving any/all questions an "UP" or "Down" on the Green Answer block, or by giving a question a star. These are gratuitous, self assigned. Points like "Best Answer" or Up points given by others are meaningful points. I know of the meaningless points I have, and wish I didn't have them. These are points I do not want.

Sure, I want a Mach 2 after my name, but I want to earn it.
Got it! Thanks for the distinction. (Doesn't seem like one should be able to give oneself points, does it?)

From nonnymouse!

Who will decide the question is bogus?  It appears in this case that this person is looking for info/ family members attending a reunion - maybe he/she is a genealogist that wants to connect.

Sorry; didn't realize that any question of a family nature is acceptable here.

Jillaine also asked "Related: what's the purpose of the "Flag" for G2G questions?"

I'd also like to know, who is the flag for? and what should be flagged?

Would someone explain or point to the relevant help page.


Hi Peterson. "Flag" is to alert a sysop (me, actually) that a message may need to be deleted. I get an e-mail when you flag a question. Then I check it out and either delete the question or remove the flag. If you see spam, vandalism, or something inappropriate like a personal question or answer about a living person, flag it! Thanks.

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If you think a question is actually 'bogus' you would probably contact one of the WikiTree team listed at:   http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Contact_us  and let them know your concerns. 

Although, that may not be necessary at all as I have found that they are usually pretty diligent/competent in weeding out posts that are offensive, improper, distasteful etc.  on a regular basis, as happened recently a barrage of posts about hotel reservations and airline flights.

That particular post you reference has been up for quite some time, so maybe other's didn't have issue with it being here on WikiTree. 


by Chris Hoyt G2G6 Pilot (792k points)
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