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I previously posted a question about a PPP profile not attached to a project that has an obviously wrong father attached that cannot be removed by mere mortals.  No responses.  What is to be done if no leader takes an interest or responsibility?  I directly messaged a likely leader about it many weeks ago without a reply.

WikiTree profile: Susanna Shelton
in Policy and Style by Kerry Larson G2G6 Mach 9 (94.2k points)
I'm not convinced that the Virginia project is yet sufficiently "staffed" to track g2g. Nor is the project yet included as profile manager on the protected profile.
To re-phrase my question, what is Wikitree's policy or procedure when a parent change needs to be made on a PPP profile that is not managed by a project (whether that is removing the PPP or making the change)?  My understanding was that posting to G2G was the procedure.  But what is the procedure when no leader takes responsibility for it?
I don't know if there's any defined policy on specifically that but you've done the right thing to post it here.

As soon as you said Massachusetts man, I took a look. John Jackson qualifies for PGM so I took a closer look and yes, he had no children.  And if he had they wouldn't have been born in Virginia.  So I went ahead and detached Susannah as his daughter.

He's still got a couple of children attached that cannot be his.
I'd add that posting a comment on the profile itself would also be important. I see that this relationship was detached back in 2017 but one of the PMs added it right back.  This could happen again. I added a disputed origins section to Susan's profile.

I've posted a query to the Project Leader discussion group seeking Virginia's attention to this matter.

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Don't have an answer to the question, but while you are waiting, add a

== Research Notes ==

section and explain the evidence/reasoning for the correct father with source citations so a leader would be sure you had the correct father identified. You might contact the last Project leader who modified the profile (and added the PPP). She is still active.
by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (339k points)
selected by Terry Wright
I have no idea who the father is.  I'm just confident that he's not the childless man from Massachusetts.
Kerry, see the just-added Disputed Origins section as a model for what to do.
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What about using the Unresponsive Profile Manager form? Both these managers seem to be active but if you have sent private messages to one or both of them with no response, then I would take the first route mentioned here.
by Virginia Fields G2G6 Pilot (269k points)
Only a Leader can make a parent change on a PPP profile, or remove the PPP so that others can do it.

Edit:  I stand corrected about PMs being able to change the parents.
The profile manager can edit parents on a PPP profile, even if they are not leaders.

In addition, leaders and project coordinators can edit parents on a PPP profile they don't manage.
An unresponsive report on a project managed profile will return a message that you need to contact the project & project leadership.

Posting the question on G2G and adding the project tag is always the best way to go and will bring visibility to your question.

Occasionally, WT emails go to spam boxes - bringing it to the G2G usually gets the spotlight on it.
And a review of the Change history of Susannah's profile indicates one of the profile managers added this parent back right after it was detached two years ago so it could very easily happen again.  

Hopefully these two g2g threads and the disputed origins section will encourage discussion before it happens again.

Kerry did exactly that but the project did not respond. Hence this thread.

I guess I should have made my post more clear as I was orating to the community, I guess I should have said, "yup, you did exactly the right thing, and for anyone else reading, anytime you don't get a reply, do the same by creating a G2G topic."  blush

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